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Episode 2 Wendigo

Three siblings sat in the familiar 67' Chevy Impala. Dean the eldest was as per usual driving; Sam the middle child was snoozing away the afternoon in the passenger seat, and finally the youngest and only Girl Michelle attempted to navigate from the back seat as her twin brother Sam had long since out grown it.

"It's the next left up here" Michelle said as the family drove down the highway "you sure this time?' Dean asked with a raised eyebrow "yes I am one wrong turn and no body lets it go" Michelle complained. From the passenger seat their brother jerked awake "you okay?" Dean asked unable to

take his eyes off the road "another nightmare?" his twin asked "I'm fine" Sam said stealing the map from Michelle "so where are we? "He asked looking at the map in the backseat Michelle pouted. "Just outside grand junction" Michelle said "or at least we should be" Dean said making a jab at his sister "you are so lucky you're driving right now" Michelle stated,

Dean simply smirked. "So Sammy you want to drive for a while" Dean asked, Sam suddenly look as though Dean had two heads "our whole lives you've never asked me that" Sam said shocked "I just thought you might want to never mind then" Dean grouched.

Sam looked around the car and saw the concerned looks of his family "I am perfectly okay you guys right as rain" he said "Bull" said a voice from the back seat "I know that look Sam you guys looked around Stanford for a week and found nothing" she said

"I know but I feel like we should have stayed but" Sam began "Dean we're gonna miss our turn" Michelle said but was ignored "we need to find dad 'Dean emphasized

"yes we get it' Sam said for the next five minutes the Impala was quiet "Dean you missed the turn" Michelle said "Son of a bitch why didn't you tell me!" Dean exclaimed "I did you just didn't hear me" she answered "Bull shit it's your shitty navigation skills that did this!" Dean argued

"Navigate yourself then dick head" Michelle said putting her headphones in effectively shutting off any conversation coming her way "what's her problem?" Dean asked "No idea" Sam answered "Maybe she's on her rag" Dean suggested

"Dude among the top ten things I did not need to know about my baby sister" Sam said disgusted "at least you never got sent on tampon runs" Dean said.

A few minutes later the three Winchester siblings arrived at the Rangers station. "Black water ridge is very remote…local campers mostly but it's got rough terrain, dense bush, and abandoned silver and gold mines everywhere "Michelle said looking at the life size model the station had "guys come check out the size of this bear" Dean said

"and not to mention the dozen or so grizzly's in the area" Sam finished. "Wow! That things huge" Michelle said look at the picture dean was pointing at, Sam nodded "hope we don't run into any of those out there" she added while Dean glared at her "you three ain't thinking

about heading out to black water ridge are ya?" a voice said before Dean could open his mouth "no sir we're environmental majors from U.C. boulder just doing some research for a paper" Sam lied smoothly "recycle man!" Michelle said Dean added a little fist bump "bull" the Ranger said "you're friend with that Hailey girl aren't you?" he added directing the question to their younger sister

"is it that obvious Ranger…Wilkinson" Michelle said with a little nervous smile, "a little and I'll tell you what I told your friend, her brother signed a back country permit saying her wouldn't be back until the twenty fourth so it isn't exactly a missing persons case now is it" the Ranger said

"tell the girl to quit her worrying I'm sure her brother's fine". "Sir do you mind if we could get a copy of that permit, I'm sure it will put Hailey's mind to rest" Michelle asked for a moment the Ranger looked like he would say no but Michelle pulled out her ultimate weapon the puppy dog eyes it worked the Ranger crumbled

"not a problem I'll be right back" the Ranger said heading to his office "wow never thought I'd see the day I'm happy for the puppy dog eyes" Sam said "Yeah way to go sis" Dean said "it's a talent "Michelle said

"you're still not coming up with us "Dean said "Dean I got better med skills then either of you let me come for that reason" Michelle reasoned "no I promised dad you wouldn't get hurt ""I won't" "you can't promise that" Dean ended the argument as the Ranger came back "here you are and again tell your friend to stop worrying" the Ranger said

"I'll do my best sir Thank you" Michelle said taking the paper and following her brothers to the impala "let me see that" Dean said taking it from his sister's hands "ouch…hey!" Michelle said putting her paper cut in her mouth glaring at Dean

"alright let's head to this Hailey chicks house see where we go from there" Dean said "Dean..." Michelle started but backed down when Dean gave her the look "get in the car you two" he said getting in himself the twins sighed but did what they we're told.

"Alright you stay put" Dean said when they arrived at Hailey's house, "yeah whatever" Michelle said keeping her eye on her book; she wasn't in the mood to deal with over protective big brother right now. Dean grabbed the book "I mean it no disappearing acts today" Dean said giving her book back

"very well then" she said Dean sighed and got out of the impala. "Don't worry about him he's just…" Sam started "being Dean" Michelle finished "yeah" Sam said getting out running to catch up with Dean, Michelle sighed and went back to her reading.

As the boys we're admitted into the house she heard the familiar flutter of wings "Hey Cas" Michelle said "Michelle" Cas acknowledged "what's up? "she asked " nothing extraordinary" Cas replied "that's good" she said awkwardly

"It's come to my attention you wish to participate in this hunt" Cas said "nothing out of the ordinary then" Michelle said " I would not recommend it" Castiel said "well I'm not planning on it" Michelle said she had given up on going Dean would throw a hissy.

"Don't give me that look" Michelle said "what look?" Cas asked "the 'oh thank heaven' look" Michelle accused " should I not be relieved you have decided to not put yourself in danger?" Cas asked confused " you know what Cas? You and Dean should make a club the let's not let Michelle do anything useful club you could make buttons and banners" Michelle said turning away frustrated that everyone was treating her like an invalid.

A second later a strong hand grabbed her chin gently forcing her to look him in the eye " one day you will realize your importance but believe me you are not useless" Cas said on impulse Michelle pulled Castiel into a tight hug "Thanks Cas" she said burring herself in his shoulder "your welcome…I must go Uriel is calling" and with the flutter of wings her best friend was gone.

Michelle looked up at the house and saw her brother s coming out quickly she grabbed her book and began to read wouldn't want them getting suspicious now would we?

About 3 hours later the Winchester brothers were sitting in the Bar waiting for their supper while Sam pulled out the research he had done so far. " Like Michelle said black water ridge only really gets local campers due to how remote it is but check this out this past April two hikers went missing …they we're never found" Sam said "anything before that ?"Dean asked

" yeah in 1982 eight people went missing and before that in '59 and again before that in '36" Sam said "every twenty three years like clockwork the authorities just said it was grizzly attacks" Dean nodded for him to continue

"I checked out that guy Tommy's video and check this out" Sam said pulling it up on his Laptop, he fast forward it to the part he wanted " watch this" Sam played the video "see that" Sam slowed it down to freeze frames and Dean watched as something glided across the screen

"that's three frames so approximately a fraction of a second whatever this thing is Dean it can move " Sam concluded "anything else?" Dean asked " yeah in '59 one camper survived a kid ..barely crawled out of the woods alive" Sam said shaking his head "Told you there was something going on here Sammy!" Dean said smugly. T

he boys took a few sips out of their beers and had a few minutes of quiet, " can I take to you Sammy?" Dean asked "sure and don't call me Sammy" Sam said " it about chelle.." Dean started "Nope talk to her about it" Sam said

"I'm staying out of it"

"But Sam…"



the boys finished their beers as the waitress came with their take out "here you go boys" she said " thank you" Sam said as Dean ogled her "let's go Dean" Sam said shaking his head.

Dean and Michelle argued that night as Sam predicted both of them unwilling to budge on their view of the situation Dean pointing out his promise to their Father, Michelle pointing out their Father wasn't there so he wouldn't find out kind of exploded.

"Well maybe I don't wanna be here either" She had said stating she had wanted to go to school like Sam going as far to throw her acceptance letter to Brown that she had kept and that once they found John she was done with hunting had infuriated and Hurt(1) Dean either way it had ended up with Dean telling her he wished she had die in the fire it was something said out of hurt and it was not meant but the affect was immediate Michelle had left and had not returned she had taken her wallet and bag.

Sam could understand both sides they were frustrated Michelle for Dean constantly refusing to let the twenty two year old do anything that involved the hunt unless she barged right in and did it anyway, giving her the assumption that she was of no use.

Dean was frustrated with their sister's refusal to obey orders and to stay safe every cut and bruise and cut on her Dean saw as a failure. It was driving Sam nuts No matter how frustrated the two got with each other neither of them should have said the things they said.

Luckily Sam knew his Twin she hadn't left the property let alone the town she probably grabbed another room and they'd see her in the morning and everything would be sorted out after the hunt…he hoped.

They hadn't seen her in the morning now Sam had a very clear idea where his Twin had gone. "I don't know I don't think we should be leaving with Michelle missing " Dean said pulling up to the trail that lead to black water ridge

" she's got a key to the room Dean she'll be fine" Sam said dismissively since when are you so eager to leave her behind?" Dean said "Cause we're not" Sam said mysteriously "what do you mean?" Dean asked "Take a look" Sam said and low and behold(2) there was Michelle talking with Hailey , Ben and another older man "son of a bitch" Dean said angrily getting out of the impala

locking the door and grabbing his duffle full of weapons with Sam hot on his heels. Forcing himself to be calm Dean approached the group "room for a few more " he asked "Hey your friend here said you were coming" Hailey said "you're Rangers?" the man behind Michelle and Hailey said "yes sir" Sam said "and your hiking in biker boots and jeans " Hailey said looking at Dean "oh I don't do shorts sweetheart" Dean said flirtatiously walking past Hailey grabbing his sister and dragging her off a small distance

"what the hell are you doing here?" Dean whisper/ shouted "Relax I'm here for first aid that's what I told her I made supply run last night" Michelle said softly "that's not the point" Dean started

"look I don't care about your promise to dad but I'm tired of waiting for you to come home injured or worse cause I wasn't there I'll stay out of the way" Michelle said pulling her arm out of her older brother's grasp and stalking over to her twin.

"We're gonna lose day light let's get moving "Roy said heading up the trail "son of a bitch" Dean cursed following the group into unknown danger. They'd spent about four hours on the trail now in a few minutes they would be at black water ridge everyone was sweaty, hot and nearing exhaustion "so Roy you spend a little hunting?" Dean asked

"more than a little" Roy said smugly "what kind of critters do you hunt?" Dean pressed "buck sometimes bear" he replied getting a little annoyed "did yogi or Bambi ever hunt you back?" Dean asked. Roy suddenly grabbed the back of Dean's shirt and pulled him back a few steps "what are you doing Roy?" Dean asked anger in his voice.

Roy picked up a big stick and jabbed it into the ground where Dean had been about to step activating a bear trap " watch your step Ranger" Roy said sarcastically letting Dean go and walking a head of him, Dean looked at his siblings and smiled "it's a bear trap" he said happily the twins shook their heads and continued after Roy

. As they moved forward Hailey pressed up through the ranks to get to Dean "you've got no provisions, you're carrying a duffle , you're not a Ranger so what the hell are you?" Hailey accused, Dean looked at the twins and nodded for them to keep going "Michelle, Sam and I we're a family we're looking for our dad he might be here we don't know so you and me we're in the same boat" Dean explained

"why didn't you just say so?" Hailey said "I'm telling you now and it's the most honest I've ever been with a woman ever" Dean said "DEAN STOP FLIRTING AND HURRY UP" Michelle shouted back "little sisters" he mumbled but started moving.

"Here we are black water ridge" Roy said "hey what coordinates are we at?" Sam asked "35 at 111" Roy answered "you guys hear that" Dean said "not even a cricket" Michelle said "creepy" "I'm gonna take a look around" Roy said "nobody should wander off alone" Sam said to Roy "awe your worried about me" Roy said sarcastically and pushed through the bush.

"Ok everyone stays together let's move" Dean said as they headed off in Roy's direction "Hailey over her!" Roy shouted a minute later they all ran as fast as they could in the same direction

. Roy had found Tommy's campground, it looked like a war zone , tents we're slashed and torn apart and food was thrown everywhere "looks like a grizzly" Roy said to Hailey who sat her backpack down "TOMMY!" she shouted "TOMMY!" she tried again "shh" Sam said "why?" Hailey asked "something might still be out there" he said "Sam!" Dean called from a little ways away "I'll be right back" Sam told the girls and walked over to his brother "yeah Dean?" Sam asked.

"The bodies Were dragged away from camp the tracks stop here" Dean said "I'll tell you one thing this isn't a skinwalker or black dog" Sam said as they headed back to the group." I'm sure he's okay" Michelle said as Hailey picked up her brothers bloodied satellite phone "don't give up hope".

"HELP!" a voice thundered through the clearing, Roy grabbed his gun and took off in that direction followed by Sam, Dean and the rest of the gang. "Help!" the voice screamed again as they all ran through the dense bush they stopped through, they stopped in a clearing not too far from camp and listened they heard nothing "back to camp!" Sam shouted.

When the group returned to the camp, everyone's packs we're missing "our packs' Hailey said shocked while Roy mumbled to himself "what's going on?" Hailey asked "it's smart it wants to cut us off… so we can't call for help" Sam mumbled to Himself

"you mean some wack job came and stole all our gear" Roy said "I need to speak with you" Sam said to Dean "in private" he emphasized and the two walked down the path a little. "What's happening?" Hailey asked Michelle "I have no idea" Michelle said honestly she didn't know what this thing was "what do you mean you don't know?" Roy asked angrily "it means I do not know what's going on" Michelle said.

Roy turned her around and pushed her towards her brothers "well go find out" Roy said, Michelle glared at Roy and went to join her brothers "what's up hardy boys?" Michelle said "any ideas?" "A few" Dean said "no just one a Wendigo" Sam said. "A Wendigo aren't they further north?" Michelle asked "that's what I told him' Dean said 'but it all fits though think about it, the claws, and the way it mimics a human voice?"

"Damn now this is useless" Dean said waving his gun around, Sam shoved their father's journal into Dean's chest" let's get them out of here" Sam said walking over to the rest of the group. "Alright everybody time to go things got more complicated" Sam started "don't worry kids whatever's out there I can handle" Roy said "it's not me I'm worried about… you shoot this thing you're just gonna piss it off we have to leave now" Sam said.

"Okay your talking nonsense, you're in no position to be giving orders" Roy argued "Relax" Dean started "we should have never let you come out here in the first place we're trying to protect you" Sam said "Kid I was hunting these woods while your Mama was still kissing you goodnight" Roy taunted "this things a damned near perfect hunter and its

gonna hunt you down and eat you alive if we don't get your sorry ass out of the woods" "you're crazy you know that" "you ever hunt Wen…" "Sam enough!" Dean said helping Ben pull Sam away while the girls pulled at Roy.

"Look Tommy might still be alive and I'm not leaving here without him' Hailey said with finality, Sam and Dean looked at each other "alright it's getting late if we're gonna stay, we need to settle in and protect ourselves "Dean said "How?" Hailey asked.

"One more time it's" Hailey started "Anasazi symbols, Wendigo's can't cross them" Dean said drawing the last symbol in the dirt while Roy laughed "no one likes a sceptic Roy" Michelle stated as Dean walked over to talk to Sam. "You can't honestly believe this crap can you?" Roy said looking at her like she was nuts "unfortunately yes" Michelle said

"my brothers and I were raised in this we've seen more than we care to but somebody's gotta do it" "or what?" Roy said sarcastically "a lot of people die" Michelle said poking the fire lazily. "HELP!" the voice was back Roy cocked his gun, aimed and was ready "PLEASE" it shouted again

"it's trying to draw us out stay cool" Dean said with a pointed look at Roy "I know stay in the magic circle" he said sarcastically. "HELP!" it shouted again "HELP ME!" there was a sudden roar and the voice screamed and went quiet, there was a rustling of bushes as the Wendigo came closer to the camp "it's here" Michelle said,

at this point Roy began to fire shots at the creature "I hit it" Roy exclaimed rushing after it "Roy no!" Dean shouted as he and Sam ran after him. The boys came back a few minutes later, the Wendigo didn't come back that night and neither did Roy.

"This…this isn't supposed to be real" Hailey said that morning "I wish we could tell you different "Dean said "how do you know it's not watching us?" Ben asked "we don't" Michelle said watching Sam who was a little ways away.

"We're safe in here don't worry" Dean said "so your sister said you were raised into this is that why you know so much about this?" Hailey asked, Dean sighed" I wish it wasn't true but it is" he said ending that trail of conversation. "Hey" Sam said coming out from behind the tree "we got half a chance in the day and I for one want to kill this son of a bitch…who's in" Sam asked

"hell you know I'm in" Dean said "me too" Michelle said " how can we help?" Hailey asked. Sam pulled out their father's journal "alright Wendigo is a Cree Indian word meaning "evil that devours "" Sam began "their hundreds of years old and each and every one of the used to be a man frontiers men or a hunter" Dean said

"how does a man become one of these things " Hailey asked "that's easy during a harsh winter they will find themselves starving and cut off from supplies … they become cannibals to survive often eating members of their tribe or camp …cultures all over the world believe eating human flesh will give you certain abilities speed , strength etc." Sam said

"if you eat enough of it you become this less than human thing … you're always hungry" Michelle finished. "Then how is Tommy still alive?" Hailey asked "you're not going to like it" Dean said "tell me" Hailey demanded

'more than anything a Wendigo knows how to survive hibernating for decades at a time" Dean began "when it's awake it will keep its victims alive …stores them so it can feed whenever it wants. If he's alive he's being kept somewhere cold, dark and safe" Sam finished

"so we got to track it back there" Hailey stated " yes essentially" Michelle said "fun" Ben said sarcastically " how do we stop it?" Hailey asked "torch it' Dean said grabbing an empty beer bottle " the guns are useless " he added. A couple of minutes later the group was ready to head out

"alright let's head out " Sam said as everyone began to file out, Dean grabbed his sister's arm as the rest got out of hearing distance "I know it's not the time but I'm sorry" Dean said "sorry for what hmm we'll talk when this is over" Michelle said" let's go before Sammy wonders where we are" she added running to catch up with Sam who had been acting as a barrier between them for now.

They had been walking for half an hour no sign of the Wendigo yet they had been following claw marks for a while now though hoping it led to its lair "Dean" Sam called from the front "Yeah what is it?" Dean asked coming up from behind him "is it just me or do these claw marks seem very" Sam trailed off "deliberate?" Michelle offered suddenly very fearful "they were almost too easy to follow" Sam said.

There was a sudden roar and the sound of something running …the Wendigo was back, Hailey looked up and screamed as Roy's body fell down near her ,deep scratches were imbedded on his neck and face and his neck was at an odd angle , there was a rustle of bushes close to Michelle's left side and a roar followed a second later.

"RUN! RUN!" Dean shouted grabbing his sister's am and making a mad dash for the protective circle while Hailey and Sam grabbed Ben and made their own way back the ended up separating to draw the Wendigo off Sam and Ben going one way , Dean, Michelle, and Hailey going another.

The Wendigo was after them Dean realized doing his best to get the thing off their tail but it was all in vain as the Wendigo suddenly appeared in front of them and all Dean remembered were Michelle and Hailey screaming before it all went black.

Sam and Ben's heads turned as they heard their respective sisters scream "Hailey!" Ben yelled as they ran towards the screams "Hailey!" Ben yelled again as they came upon the scene, Sam leaned down and examined the now broken beer bottle Dean had been carrying "Dean, Michelle " Sam called but heard nothing in return the Wendigo had got them.

" Sam look!" Ben said pointing to colorful objects on the ground "better then bread crumbs lets go" Sam said as they began to follow the trail of M&M's.

The next thing Michelle remembered was an almighty crash agitating her already sore head "Michelle wake up" a voice said there was a hand on her face "come on wake up" oh now she knew who it was "Sammy?" she asked opening her eyes seeing her twin she smiled as he went to wake her brother off to the side she heard Ben rousing Hailey and she could hear her brothers talking.

Sam appeared in front of her again this time with a knife , he wrapped an arm around his twins waist reaching with his other arm to cut her down "thanks Sammy " she said once she was free , he nodded and when to cut the others down "you guys okay" Sam asked once every one was free

"we're fine" Michelle said "where is it" Dean asked "gone for the moment" Sam said "Tommy?" Hailey said looking in the opposite direction and there hanging was Tommy "cut him down" Hailey said rushing to her brother soon Tommy was cut down and reuniting with his siblings

"guys check this out" Dean said looking on the ground "flare guns" Sam said "that'll do it" Michelle said. Dean handed each of his siblings a gun before gabbing one himself "let's get out of here you guys" Michelle said helping Hailey with her brother so that he could lean on them and The group headed out a minute later they could hear the Wendigo's growl like it knew its prey was being stolen switching with Ben Michelle slipped out from under Tommy's arm.

"I don't remember ringing the dinner bell how about you guys?" Michelle asked ruefully "you thinking what I'm thinking Sammy?" Dean asked " I think so" Sam answered "I'm not" Michelle said not liking this idea already "alright I need you two to stay with Michelle and Sam they'll get you out of here " Dean said "what are you going to do?" Hailey asked. Dean smirked "something stupid " he said as he ran down another tunnel shouting "chow time ! bring it on I taste good"

"idiot " Michelle said as Sam went to the right tunnel holding the flare gun aloft ready if the Wendigo decided to attack. Michelle Motioned for the trio to go ahead of her and she followed up the rear gun ready and held high "hurry" Sam said as they went through the maze of tunnels .

They made it to another fork when they Heard the Wendigo growl again "Michelle get them out of here " Sam said "Sam no" Michelle said "now go" Sam ordered, Michelle nodded raised the gun and motioned for the three siblings to go ahead.

Sam watched his sister leave, then backed himself against the wall and waited. Sam heard another growl the Wendigo was behind him, Sam turned and there it was, the Wendigo snapped it's jaws and swung at Sam quickly pulled the trigger and the Wendigo disappeared , quickly Sam ran down the tunnel after the rest of the group.

Deep down the tunnel the small group made their way through the maze of corridors they could hear something coming down the tunnel towards them " Sam?" Hailey called and there coming out of the darkness was Sam a look of panic on his face "run" he shouted as he heard the Wendigo growl behind him "crap" Michelle breathed trying to help Hailey and Ben carry their brother.

They turned down another tunnel hoping it would lead to the exit , they had no such luck the tunnel was a dead end "get behind me " Sam said pushing the four towards the wall. The Wendigo came down their tunnel a second later growling angrily the whole time, when it caught sight of them it snarled and snapped its jaws, it seemed to be glaring at them. The creature reared its head back and roared with victory it had finally caught its prey.

"HEY!" it was Dean flare gun held high and like with Sam the Wendigo dodged it easily. It grabbed Dean by the neck and shoved him against the cave wall "DEAN!" the twins exclaimed as Sam struggled to reload his flare gun, Michelle aimed hers and fired.

There was and almighty roar as the flare hit it mark , the Wendigo released Dean and he fell to the ground as the creature thrashed, fire consuming it as it fell to the ground dead. "Not bad" Dean wheezed as he got off the ground, Sam only smiled his face a mixture of pride and relief "let's get you guys home " Dean said grabbing Tommy's legs.

Four hours later Michelle and Ben were telling their story to the police…well the believable version at least "it was a huge grizzly about six feet on its hind legs at least" Ben said to the cop "well thank you for your time " he said walking away

"well that went well" Michelle told Ben "you think so" he said "yeah I've seen a lot worse from the hardy boys over there" Michelle said with a small smile "either way I'm glad it's over" Ben said "I'm glad you're glad" Michelle told the seventeen year old

"is it ever going to be over for you and your brothers?" Ben asked curiously "I don't know maybe not speaking of the hardy boys I should get back to them" Michelle said "good bye Ben" she said before starting to walk towards her brothers , before she could go Ben grabbed her arm

"yes Ben" She asked confused they stared at each other for another minute before Ben pulled her into a bone crushing hug "Thank you so much for helping us" he said "your welcome" Michelle said hugging back "now go see to your brother " nodding her head towards the ambulance, Ben nodded and headed over while she headed over to where Dean was talking with Hailey who nodded as she saw her coming

"I hope you guys find your father" Hailey said giving Dean a kiss on the cheek before joining Ben in the ambulance .

"You know what guys" Dean started

"what?" Sam asked

"I hate camping" he said

"the feeling is mutual" Michelle said as Sam nodded "you guys know we're gonna find dad right?" Dean asked and the twins Nodded

"and in the meantime I'm driving' Sam smirked and Dean tossed him the keys "you know we still gotta talk" Dean told Michelle "I know but right now I wanna sleep so tally ho Jeeves" she told Sam who only laughed as he got into the impala.


Author's note:

XRachelXBrowniex: I'm glad you like the story and thank you for bringing the clumping thing to my attention I have fixed chapter 1 and chapter 2 for you I hope you find them easier to read now.

(1): I know that you guys may not like the way I wrote Michelle and Deans argument but that was actually based off an argument I had with my little sister. She had brought some hurtful stuff during it and I was very hurt and I ended up call her "replacement child" due to the fact mum had a miscarriage before her it's long in the past but she still brings it up.

(2):Low and Behold now I don't know if anyone else's Mom said this but my Mom said it every time she found something I couldn't with her super mummy powers.