I redid it!

The Battle

The world was in chaos.

Voldemort had control of the Ministry therefore he decided where the aurors went and when they left. The disappearances were occurring daily, as were the attacks, all leading to the final battle between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Harry and Voldemort. All the while the Daily Prophet denied he-who-must-not-be-named was back and blamed it all on Azkaban escapee Sirius Black.

In the Golden Trio's sixth year Hermione was kidnapped by Bellatrix Lestrange, raped, tortured, as well as bitten by Greyback and transformed into a werewolf. All in all Hermione was not the same bookworm she once was, but trained to kill, and hardened by war….

Voldemort came to Hogwarts in the early hours of the morning the sun not even up yet.

Alarms were tripped, students fourth year and under managed to escape through the Room of Requirement to the Hogs' Head, Port Keying to safety while fifth, sixth, and seventh years (minus Slytherins), as well as staff, ghosts, and enchanted statues protected the sacred grounds of Hogwarts.

In what seemed like no time at all death eaters had broken down the barriers and charged Hogwarts, wasting no time with stunners but instead were told to take no prisoners and kill all who got in their way, but left Harry for Voldemort.

It was nerve wracking to watch fellow students and order members die right next to you and not being able to do anything about it which is why Hermione Granger made a vow to protect anyone she could on the side of the Light with her life; she fought side by side with complete strangers knowing one mess up and they were dead as was she.

Hermione was pushing children barely younger then she, that she had never met out of the way of fatal spells, joining order members she had only vaguely heard of in duels. But it wasn't enough; no reinforcements for the side of the light were coming, but wave after wave of death eaters charged onto the grounds.

Everyone she knew was dead or fighting a losing battle somewhere she couldn't see; but she knew for sure that Harry was dead and that the Hospital winged had collapsed killing all the wounded that were trying to return to battle. She fought to get to higher ground; nameless faces littered the once pristine grounds of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Finally reaching the top of the hill, stunners forgotten killing curses in their place, Hermione fought back to back with Albus Dumbledore trying desperately to take as many deatheaters and Voldemort supporters with them, knowing there was no chance at survival for them themselves.

Different colored light danced around them, red, orange, purple, and any every other color imaginable, as Hermione and Albus worked like well oiled machines, dodging, blocking, and firing as the death eaters inched closer and closer.

A green light caught Hermione's eye as it was aimed directly at Albus' back, she screamed out a warning but Albus faced her instead shouting out, "FIX IT!", as a blue light that looked like lightning shot out of the tip of the elder wand in Albus' hand hitting her square in the chest and the last thing she saw before being embraced by darkness was the light leaving Albus' eyes as he hit the ground and the cheers that proceeded; then she felt a tug at her navel and everything went dark as she let out an unearthly scream at the death of her Mentor and slipped out of conciseness hitting the grass lined with the morning dew.