Prue took in a deep breath slowly and let it out even slower as she came upon the large wooden door that led to Dumbledore's office, having already passed the stone Griffin. Narcissa had offered to come with her, but Prue insisted it was better she spoke alone with the headmaster. As Prue knocked on the door and entered as she was called; Albus lifted his pale blue eyes to watch his new granddaughter walk in.

"I think we need to have a conversation…" Prue started as she walked closer.

Albus raised his eyebrows as he laid down his quill so that it wouldn't spill with one hand, and gestured to a seat in front of him with the other, "Oh? This is all rather serious don't you think?"

"Well it is a rather big deal, a rather" Prue swallowed starting to seriously consider her actions, "large commitment; on my part at least."

"You're starting to worry me granddaughter," Albus stressed the title to keep the conversation a little less formal.

"Well I guess the simplest way to say it is…. I've met someone. Someone who is incredibly…compatible with my lycanthropy." Prue stated delicately hoping that Albus would understand at least on some level.

Albus blew out a breath of air and then rubbed his hands into his face, "I suppose it was too much to hope for an asexual granddaughter. I am assuming this is a student at Hogwarts?" Prue nodded. "A student whose life you were aware of before the incident that sent you back?" another nod, "Who is it?" Albus attempted to brace himself for the worst.

"It's Narcissa Black," Prue stated solidly gazing at the gilded frames of the past headmasters.

"No," Albus responded shaking his head, "not Narcissa Black… Not the Narcissa Black from one of the most powerful and dark pureblood families. Not the Narcissa Black who has been engaged to Lucius Malfoy since before she could walk."

"Arranged marriages are outdated" Prue responded.

"Prue you are messing with people's lives here, this is not the time to be witty," Albus remarked as he leaned back in his chair, the years suddenly showing on his pale face.

"Oh! And it wasn't messing with people's lives when I was working against Voldemort?" Prue questioned as her knuckles turned white against the arms of the chair she was sitting in.

"Why her? Why not someone from a nice, simple family? Was the war not enough turmoil for you? Do you miss standing out or something?" Albus asked in rapid fire.

"It just happened, as soon as I saw her it was over.." Prue trailed off

"And I am to assume she feels the same way?"


"And how much have you told her?"

"Nothing about my past, but I did inform her of my werewolf condition."

"Of course you did" Albus said quietly then bit the inside of his cheek, "There must be some way that I could dissuade you, something I could say to convince you to leave the girl alone."


Albus' head made contact with his high-backed chair, "What a shame… I suppose that if someone from the future doesn't come back to stop you, how bad of a decision can it be?" The two shared a slight tired smile for a moment until there was a knock on the office door. They both turned at the sound, and Albus beckoned the person forward.

The slight frame of Remus Lupin entered the room, however when his eyes fell upon Prue he hesitated for a moment, "Oh I'm sorry Headmaster I thought you had told me to come to your office today at noon to discuss a change in my arrangements."

"So I did" Albus said glancing between the two students, "I felt it necessary to reevaluate the accommodations of our werewolf Gryffindors."

Remus' eyes went wide as his gaze flung to the only other student in the office.

"So much for gently informing him that he is not alone in his struggle," Prue rolled her eyes and then focused on Remus, "This cycle has been hard on you hasn't it?"

"It isn't like this for you?" Remus asked with ignited interest, "It's absolutely horrid for me every time."

"Well you haven't had anyone to help you through it," Prue said sympathetically remembering how much the Remus Lupin in her time had assisted with her transition. He had told her not to fight it, that trying to retain yourself only made it more painful. Although Remus still struggled with losing himself every month as an adult, he sometimes mentioned that if he hadn't been taught to hate himself as a teen, he may have been saved from a great deal of pain. 'Maybe I can help him like he helped me.'

"Yes well, I doubt you will disagree with me Prue when I suggest that the two of you remain separated during the full moon." Albus intervened, still thinking of alternative locations.

"No, one of us will end up dead if we're both shut up in the Shrieking Shack," Prue remarked, "I'd go with keeping Remus in the Shack and I'll be safe locked somewhere in the dungeons." Prue then remembered specifically who was in the dungeons and how much her wolf would agonize through the night, and immediately revised her statement, "Perhaps it would actually be better if I were as far away from the school as possible."

"Perhaps that would be for the best" Albus responded, "I shall arrange for your transport to an offsite location. The full moon is not tomorrow night, but the one after correct?" at both students nods the Headmaster dismissed them to enjoy the rest of their day.

As the pair walked down the staircase Remus chanced a sideways glance at Prue, "So… Fellow werewolves then?"

Prue chuckled slightly, "Yeah sure."

"Do you really think we'd kill one another if our werewolf selves got close?" Remus asked quietly, not sure if he could stomach the answer.

"Well I'm an incredibly dominate werewolf, and you're male so there would be inherent problems." Prue shrugged not really answering the question. As they stepped into an empty hall; it really was a lovely day outside.

"Are you really going to be able to help me so it doesn't hurt this much?" Remus further questioned.

"I'm certainly going to try Remus," Prue answered, "First step is to try and just let it happen; there is nothing you can do to stop it. That and eat a lot of chocolate afterwards"

"Seems a little easier said than done" Remus remarked.

"It will take time, but I believe in you Remus," Prue smiled, "you'll get through this."

"Thanks, Prue"

A.N: Wow it has been a long time…. I know it's not much but hopefully this will answer a few questions about the werewolf portion. The emotional and physical strain that Remus was experiencing clouded his senses and kept Prue's identity covered. Also Remus doesn't really know what a werewolf smells like? I mean he knows what he smells like but he's never really encountered another werewolf to confirm the scent.