It had been several months since Darcy's death and William had taken it upon himself to care of Julia. She was in terrible state there was no denying it she needed help desperately. There were days were she wouldn't eat also on a really bad day she wouldn't even utter a word to a soul. Today was one of those days.
She was exactly where he had left her, same exact position, not to mention the blank expression that claimed her features. He hated seeing her like this; in pain and alone. He was desperate to shelter her from the pain the loneliness, in fact from anything that could possibly harm her. She was like a china doll; delicate and precious. He didn't want to break her, he loved her.

He must try to distract her he thought to himself. So he made his way over to her slowly trying not to startle her. Her skin was cold to the touch. Nothingness filled her eyes. As William placed his hand on her shoulder she made no initial movements but just remained still like a doll in its box.

However, the sound of William's gentle voice caused her to be sent hurdling back to reality. "Julia darling we need to get you inside its freezing out here." His voice was calm and soft. As he scanned the grounds he noticed there was nobody in sight and so you know curiosity killed the cat "Sweetheart where are all the staff? They should have been looking after you!"
"I sent them home I thought we could be alone" a smile graced her face and in that split second there was a spark of light,of hope. Although he was happy to see her smiling her words hit him like a tone of bricks. "You sent them home? Just like tha,t and they actually went after everything I spersifically told them not to? (His voice was becoming heated and the softness in his features were whipped clean off as sheer anger took its place.) Julia you're not to be left alone anymore your... He couldn't finish his sentence he just couldn't bring himself to say it.

"I'm what William...Unstable?" her voice was fierce her smile long gone.
"No of course not it's just that..." Before he could finish she interrupted him once more yelling at him. "That what William I'm not to be trusted that I may do something brash and idiotic. That I'm to be treated like a child? Well news flash William I'm NOT a child I'm a fully grown women. Its time you start treating me like one agian!"

His patience had already been worn thin once today by the simple fact that the staff thought it alright to just up and leave after he spastically said not to and having people blatantly ignore his orders wasn't something he would ever grow fond of.
He grabbed hold of Julia's shoulders to keep her in place. "Julia stop it just stop it, this is ridiculous have ever once said anything like that to you? And by the by Julia I'm aware your not a child your far from it. Your a beautiful, intelligent and intreeging young women and you have my complete and up most respect" His voice was calm once more as he could see Julia's eyes start to swell up with tears. She was on the verge of crying when he suddenly, tilted her head up to his and placed a tentative kiss on her forehead and whispered in her ear. "Julia I just worry about you sometimes perhaps to much. But I just care for you and If anything happened to you I couldnt live with myself." The tears had came to a screeching Holt, as she brought his lips back to hers they both shared a tender kiss before William pulled back. He was confused. –William you're her friend nothing more remember, she lost her husband to something you still don't have an answer to. Julia is just upset don't let this get out hand. - His thoughts were washed away as she placed another kiss on his lips and in a seductive tone said. "I missed you William."
"I missed you too Julia. But I'm here now so we can talk all you want"
"I don't want to talk William" a wide grin spread across her face. She was proud of herself he could tell. So he played along.
"Oh you don't want to talk? Well I could always go home and..."William spun around on his heels and bit his lower lip to contain the laugh he was sure would blare out any moment.
"No William, please don't go."
"No it's fine if you want to be alone that's fine I respect that" –Oh crap nice choice of words you cretin-
Her eyes opened and closed several times before she made her next move. "I don't want to be alone anymore William. Please... I need you." The young pathologist arms rapped around her body to shelter her form the coldness of the night.
William's right eyebrow shot up and his chocolate brown eyes began to melt as he looked at Julia. "You do need me don't you missy" –My stars William Henry Murdoch did you actually just call her missy?-

Unexpectedly the colour rose in Julia's cheeks; Icy blue to a luscious crimson colour. She looked so radiant so sensual. He wanted her god how he wanted her.
"I'm sorry" –There you go Julia play the innocent act he looks as though he likes it-
William removes his jacket and places it on top of Julia's shoulders soon followed by the snaking action of his muscular arms. William trailed soft kisses on her neck and took in every moan the Dr. Uncontrollably let slip out of her rosy lips. Julia took a sharp intake of oxygen as William nibbled on the nape of her neck causing her blood to boil. A spark of electricity travelled between them.

"Do you feel any better Dr?"
"Well Detective now that you mention it my shoulders how been giving me a little trouble"
"Ohhh...Well Dr. We can't have that can we? He looked so smug. There was no way he was going to be keeping that look on his face anymore. the thoughts left her mind as William began to rub her shoulders making her moan softly.

"Hummmm...How about yourself Detective. I bet you've a trying day haven't you. All that paperwork and such. Must take a lot out of you." – There we go you smug sod not so smug anymore are we?
"I'll have you know I've been on the streets of Toronto all bleeding day with George tracking down a murderer." He's so cute when he gets all defensive Julia thought to herself before she let out a playful giggle.
"Awww is that so Detective... (Whilst talking Julia brought her hand to his face and played with his hair as she continued) Well aren't you a brave man ay?

Murdoch's face morphed into what Julia found to be a hilarious sour face. Nobody has ever seen William like this before. Bless him she thought he's such a child.
"Would the hero like a drink of hot chocolate?"
"I'm not a hero Julia just a detective" pausing for a brief moment William tired to make sense of the last few words she had spoken not long ago. –Hot Chocó...late? What on earth is one of those?-
"Errmm Julia I know I'm probably going to sound like and idiot but what's a hot chocolate?"
"Nonsense Detective your too smart to sound like and idiot." She smiled at him with kind eyes gradually alowed herself to continue. "It's a drink that I brought home from Buffalo. Its quite a delicious beverage Detective. Would you like to try some?"
William stared at her before saying "Would it be alright if I just try some of yours? That is if your having one" His sweet chocolate brown eyes wandered to the floor as he began to scratch the back of his neck, like he always does when he's nervous.

"Of course Detective"
"And Julia please would you stop calling me Detective" he sounded a little touchy and it made her giggle to herself.
-What would a wound up Detective William Murdoch look like? Hummmm I wonder?-
"Oh and what if I refuse?" her voice was playful and she proudly presented a her cheeky smile.
"I will have to teach you a lesson" His voice displayed warning causing Julia to feel a slight tingle in-between her legs.
"Oh I'll have to remember that Detect... (His eyebrow shot up signalling her to watch her words) ...William" – Nice save Julia you don't want to test him just yet do you!-

-Meanwhile Julia had just prepared the hot chocolate and invited William out of the cold-
"Here we go"
As he brought the mug up his mouth William momentarily glanced up at Julia before sipping the hot chocolate.
"I'm surprised Julia" said William "Ohhh?" asked Julia
"Yes well I never anticipated it to be this nice" he was cheeky when he wanted to be.
-Julia you have got all day if you haven't noticed it pushing 10pm say it already-

"Well Detective I'm glad you..." William had jolted across the room and grabbed Julia's by her arms violently forcing her to her feet. "I warned you Dr. Didn't I?"
She said nothing instead just watched in astonishment.
"I can do absolutely anything to now do you know that Dr?"
"And whys that Detective"
"Because I warned you not to call me Detective except you still did and you know what that means?"
"I've been bad and disobeyed a Detective and now you have to teach me a lesson?" she fluttered her eyelashes at his in a seductive yet in an innocent manner.
"Wells that's defiantly one way of putting it" sniggered William.

Julia walked passed William who was sat comfortably in the chair. She brushed her hand across his shoulders and leaded forward and whispered in his ear- "What happens to bad girls Detect...ive?"
William stood up and headed towards the Dr forcing her to back up against the wall.
"Well Dr. It all depends on the suspect and just how far they've pushed me"
"Oh really Detective? So theoretically speaking if I was the suspect and I pushed up over the edge what would you have to do to me?" there was an evil flare in Julia's eyes as she questioned the Detective.
"Well Dr theoretically speaking I would have to do this"

William pressed her against the wall and forced his lips on hers. He forced his tongue into her mouth stealing a gasp from the Dr whilst doing so. Eventually when Murdoch pulled back for the lack of oxygen was making his head tingle. "Oh William what else?" questioned Julia her voice shaky.
"Well Julia it all depends on the amount of time you have" a smug smile spread like wild fire on the detectives face. He loved everything about her and tonight he could do anything he wanted with her. The best part was that she wanted it.
"I have alllll night Detective!"
Hope you enjoyed guys x