As I open the door, I get this creepy feeling – as though there were some unknown creatures in this house, running around and rummaging in my wardrobe, but the moment I entered, they all hid and now can come out and kill me any moment. I shrug this off – no one is here, this is just a normal, average house, no matter who my neighbor is. I slowly walk in and shut the door, then go to the kitchen to eat something before I head out again.

I must admit, I'm a little scared. I wasn't scared before, I actually felt very brave, but now that I'm aware of the fact there's no way back, I can feel my stomach tightening into a knot, and I'm not able to eat anything. I take a deep breath to calm myself down, then look out of my kitchen window. When I've seen my neighbor's house for the first time, I was actually shocked. Sure, I know that people can ignore obvious things sometimes, but this is just too much too ignore. It doesn't even look like a house. And what happened to that thing about psycho killers living in average little houses and being average little humans?

I sit on the chair and stare at that house for a long time, trying to notice any kind of movement inside. It's silent as a grave – ha, ha – and I sigh. It's been two days and he still hasn't gone out at all. Does he still live there? What if he doesn't?

I shift in the chair to make myself more comfortable and cross my arms. I have to watch him – the whole point of moving here was to watch him. Aunt Rose was terrified when I told her I was moving – she clearly wasn't expecting that, even though she should have. I'm already an adult, no? And I have enough money to rent a room here, working in Aunt Rose's friend Mrs. Harm's antique store. I actually like it – the store itself is nice, with all those ancient things. People rarely come in and hardly buy anything, but if they do, they get something really expensive. So that's okay, I can afford a room – besides, no one else lives in this house for some reason, so it's all mine.

Not that I actually wanted to move out of there, though. But I had to.

It's already getting really late, and I'm about to leave when I suddenly see that house's door open. I freeze and stare at it intently as a young man walks out of it. I immediately recognize him; of course, he has changed, but not that much; still looking anorexic and – what's that word? – wacky! I frown deeply and wait for him to walk far enough not to notice me. Then, I put on my shoes and head out to follow him.

I am a stalker.


I'm trying my best to stay unnoticed. Freezing every second, hiding in the shadows. If in the beginning he was oblivious to my presence, now he's apparently suspecting something – he even turned around to see if someone was there a few times. I actually was about to run home, but I've decided against it – what if he'll just hide in his house again and then die? He looks like he hasn't eaten a thing in a month. And if he dies, I won't be able to watch him nor kill him.

I must admit, I'm scared – we're on some particularly creepy street, and it's already dark. I can feel my stomach tightening into a knot and my hair stand on their ends at the mere thought of what might happen if he sees me.

It's probably quite stupid of me to choose to do something like this. I…don't want to die, do I? And I am stalking someone who has blown up a huge building with people in it in broad daylight. Does he still do those things? Does he have a bomb in his backpack? And… was it really him who did this, or was it an accident? What if he's a terrorist? What am I going to do?

He turns around a corner, and I'm about to follow him when all of a sudden I hear a painfully familiar voice: "Hey, Suzie!" I jump from surprise and turn around to see my… friend Kelly approach me with a huge smile on her face. "What are you doing?" She stands in front of me, her grey eyes sparkling with causeless joy.

"I'm just walking," I grumble, taking a step back, hoping she'll be satisfied with this answer.

"No, you're not!" she says a bit more loudly she should. "You're stalking someone! Who's that? It's a guy, isn't it? It's a guy!"

A guy? Really, what's so unusual? There are about… four billion guys on Earth, no? Why can't I stalk one of them? Kelly keeps staring at me, her eyes are now as large as saucers, and she is awaiting an answer, hoping I'll say something for her to giggle about. But there's apparently nothing giggling-worthy; Kelly doesn't know that, though. I've never told her about that person I am going to kill. She probably thinks I am following someone because I like them, which is ridiculous, obviously, but not for Kelly – for her nothing is too ridiculous, actually. And she is still staring at me.

"I'm not stalking," I tell her firmly.

"You are!" she protests. "You're stalking! I know you are! Why are you lying to me?"

For a moment she looks like she's about to start crying. I'm rather used to her behavior – it still irritates me to no end, but doesn't surprise me – but I certainly don't need her weeping in the middle of a dark street when that killer can return any moment. Kelly doesn't cry, though, she frowns and shakes her head.

"I thought we were friends… You can't lie to me. I know you! And you know what? I'll keep an eye on you!" She turns around and walks away, looking quite self-satisfied.

What was this even about?

I am about to follow my Soon-To-Be-Victim when all of a sudden, there's a rather loud shriek, and it sounds like it's coming from wherever he has gone, and I must say, I don't actually want to follow him anymore.

I need another plan.


I approach Johnny C.'s house – which looks even worse today for some reason – trying to ignore all the signs of the person there being insane. Let's see – the windows are boarded, the yard looks as thought he'd set a fire there multiple times – which can be true – and I won't even start talking about those nice notes he has left on his door and about the whole damn ridiculousness of this.

It doesn't even look like a house, it's… I don't know. Okay. Okay. No grass, okay. Windows boarded up, alright. Sure, whatever.

I press the doorbell.

I hear a scream.

Oh. Okay. Never mind.


Then, footsteps. Loud footsteps. Really weird ones, not just footsteps. Clicking of …metal? Click, click, click. What's that?


The door opens just a little bit, so I can see one of the man's black bloodshot eyes.


"Hey," I say as calmly as I can, then gather all my strength to smile at him, although I really want to do something. Punch him, stab him, skin him and dance on his bones. But I can't. Yet.

"I'm your new neighbor. I live over there," I point at my house. My hand is shaking; the other is clenched in a fist. "I rent a room there. Just came to say 'hi'".

He stares at me a moment more, then slams the door closed.


Okay. That's okay. I'll probably keep stalking him, but I'll also talk to him… maybe. I need to find out more about him, plan out my crime, make sure I won't fail and he will die on 5th November, the day he killed my parents and the others.

I have to wait just about… three months.

And then, murder him. Brutally.

That's easy.



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