Tom Siddell owns Gunnerkrigg Court, JK Rowling owns Harry Potter. I own neither. And I have to admit, sometimes the resemblances are striking though the differences are always more so.

This takes place between Chapters 33 & 34.

Kat was in the library, rereading the Harry Potter books. Sometimes she was strongly reminded of her and Annie's adventures, but other times she was either grateful or wistful that Harry's life was very different from theirs.

Like Hogwarts, Gunnerkrigg Court had four houses. Kat had noticed that the colors kind of corresponded: yellow Hufflepuff and Queslett, blue Thornhill and Ravenclaw, red Chester and Gryffindor, and finally green Foley and Slytherin.

Kat supposed that made both her and Annie Hufflepuffs, which was nice considering how infrequently Hufflepuff showed up in the Potter books. Actually, Kat reconsidered, most of the people she interacted with were Hufflepuffs then. They were the mixed bag house, maybe, considering how different everyone was.

Kat knew her mom had originally been in Chester with Annie's mom before shifting to Queslett. Why they had changed she didn't know. But that made them a kind of hybrid between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor then.

Zimmy and Gamma were Gryffindors through and through though. Zimmy, Kat grudgingly had to concede, must be very brave to endure everything her powers caused. And Gamma was just as brave if not braver for sticking with Zimmy throughout her breakdowns.

Then there was Ravenclaw's counterpart Thornhill. That'd be Parley. Parley was headstrong, but she was smart. Not in the traditional sense like Kat herself, but she was. And frequently Parley let her head rule her heart- not always as sound of a decision as it might appear.

Was Foley as bad as Slytherin? Yes and no. Where Slytherin was obsessed with blood purity, Foley consisted just of emigrants from Gillitie Wood. It must have taken ambition to leave the Wood and enter the Court, Kat mused, as well as the reverse like in Ali's case. Foley students didn't interact much with the other three houses like Slytherin as well, preferring to stick together.

Looking at the clock, Kat got up to put away the Harry Potter books. It was almost time to meet up with Annie, Parley, and Smith for preparing to confront Jeanne. Kat had to wonder if it meant anything that the three Gunnerkrigg Court Houses that paralleled the three benevolent Hogwarts houses were symbolically combining forces to free Jeanne.