I am happy to say that I can now be sure that I am writing as myself. (I will create and send a copy of the holograph to Robert, later this week. Also, I will try to repair the portrait of Albert that Hyde destructed) If I have anyone to thank, it would be my old friend, Gabriel John Utterson. If he had not taken the key to the Lab, Hyde would not have torn down the door, and therefore Hyde would have poisoned himself before Utterson could have cut off Hyde. Me and were friends at school, and at college.

I was born in the year 18—. When I was young, my only living parent became very ill. I was motivated to cure him, and this was what led me to begin my search for the key of duality. It was not entirely what led me to test my formula on myself, for several other circumstances led to that occurrence.

When I had no one to take care of me, I was cared for by the Danvers family. Me and Emma often read together. We were really good friends, and I was attracted to her very quickly, and she had ended her relationship with Simon, and we were engaged in about two years.

After my proposition was rejected by the Board of Governors, my friend, Dr. Lanyon became estranged to me, for he disagreed too with my ideas. I decided that I had to work alone.

I headed back to my home, and pondered my next step. If I was missing anything, then my formulas would have no use. It was then that I came to the truth, that man is not truly one, but truly two.

After I made a new change to the formula, I went to my engagement party. I will not elaborate, at least for the moment on the engagement party, as I do not need everyone in London to know of the embarrassment of my tardiness, and the drunken jealous remarks of Mr. Stride, but I will say that it was otherwise a very good party. I will next write of the bachelor party in Camden town, which I would not describe, as the latter occurrences of Hyde might make it seem more depraved, however, it is best that I not forget, so that I will not make the same mistake of Hyde later in life.