Angel: My disclaimer is I don't own, you don't sue. I only own my ideas. So here I am...and with a crossover between Angel and Glee of all things~ I really wanted to try my hand at this, and an idea was messing around in my mind about it, and this is what came out as a result. Basically, this has the Angel gang at Wolfram & Hart, acting as the leaders. Cordelia is gone...uh...well, she just is. I guess it could be like what happened towards the end of the series? Fred is not Illyria here (though I do like Illyria). I have no idea if she will be or not. Connor...well, he'll probably make an appearance later on. No idea when that will be, or if it will be sooner or later. Spike is there with the Angel gang too.

And pairings? Hm...we'll see...the Blaine/Kurt one is still there. As for Rachel/Finn...well, I really don't think that will happen. And this is set after Season 2 of Glee. Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Rachel released a quiet sigh, leaning back into the comfy padded chair, briefly stretching her arms above her head. Taking a glance at a nearby clock, she noticed she had been sitting there, working with the papers and files sitting on the desk before her for nearly two hours.

Moving to her feet, she peeked out of the office she was in, glancing around. The lobby of the building was empty, none of the others were walking around, and she couldn't here them nearby either. But it was to be expected. Puck was getting some pointers from Angel about various fighting techniques that would be helpful when in the field. And, last she heard, Blaine was going to be working with Wesley and Gunn, learning more about the various weapons and learning which he would be more suited for (and may become one of his primary weapons).

Humming a random tune to herself, she walked out of the office, stretching once again and wincing when she heard and felt something pop. She made her way to the kitchen, stopping to greet Lorne with a smile (which was returned) as he exited. It was hard to imagine, but she had grown quite used to life where there were various monsters, demons, vampires, etc. It was a huge change from her reactions from the first time she had arrived here, earlier that summer.

Angel had heard of her talent (through some contact he had, or something like that) and had approached her during the previous school year. He needed her talent as a Seer, now that his friend and previous Seer was gone. The man had offered to stick around for a few days, to help her and teach her a few things before he had to return to Los Angeles. And thanks to him, she now had a better grasp on things.

Unfortunately for her, it seemed as though one of his many enemies had heard of her and had decided to send a few minions to deal with her. And they had cornered her at the school one night, as she was getting ready to leave (being one of the last to do so). But Angel had stopped them, and he had protected her. And the entire event had been witnessed…by Puck and Blaine. This was also why they were here with her now. Both had refused to let their friend go off with some strange man to a far off city without them, and now here they were.

It had been decided that they would come out for the summer, to learn and to work. The two boys had been so determined to be of use, so now they were training, learning what they could. She was the same, and the others had taught her as well.

And as for today, it was a rather slow day. No new cases were coming in, so it was a relatively free day. Or so it was until her cell phone rang, Brittany on the other end of the line, happily informing her that she had somehow caused a unicorn, of all things, to appear in her room. Although, she added, it was just a really little one that had used to be one of her little figurines.

It looked like she would be making a trip back to Lima to see her friend. And one of the others would more than likely decide to come along as well…maybe Angel or Wesley…or both. Oh well, as long as she didn't have to deal with Finn or any of the others when she arrived, she would be happy. She really didn't want to have to explain just what she was up to that summer, just who the two men were, and what was going on. It would just cause problems for everyone.

Angel: So, what did you think? Honestly, I had a hard time deciding if I should make Brittany a demon (or part demon) or something like that, but I just settled for having her with magic. And she might meet up with Willow later on. But she will be coming back to Los Angeles with the gang and helping out. And maybe strike up a strange friendship with maybe Lorne or Fred? Or a little sister kind of relationship with Wesley? Who knows? The Glee gang are kind of the little sibling figures of the Angel gang, from what I can see so far. (not counting Connor...may have a Rachel/Connor relationship later...who knows). Anyway, Review and let me know what you think!