Angel: This is the new idea I had earlier today and one I thought I would share with you. Sorry that it's not what you were expecting, but I would really like your opinion on this! What do you think about it? (*Rachel will have her mother's (and father's) smarts, as well as a love for weapons (and she knows how to use them!) Sorry Shelby fans, but she's not here, since there was no need for her here*)


Angel and Glee crossover.

Instead of Fred/Gunn in the beginning, there was Fred/Wesley. And around the time Darla got pregnant, or a bit after, so did Fred. And a bit after Connor was born, maybe a few weeks to a month, Fred went into labor and gave birth to a baby girl, who she and Wesley named Rachel. Things were happy at Angel Investigations, until Holtz ended up taking not only Connor, but Rachel as well, to the Hell Dimension, (insert name).

And so it was a dark time for a while afterwards. Until a girl and boy escaped a portal in the hotel. It was Connor and Rachel, now named Stephen and Samantha. And the two saw each other as siblings and Holtz as their father. Things went on as they did in Angel, all the way to the point where Angel made a deal for new lives for the both of them.

They both went to loving families and had no memory of the Angel crew or each other. Connor and Rachel ended up meeting again when his family decided to come to Ohio for a 'family trip'. The two met and reconnected, and stayed in touch. And for, whatever reason, Rachel was in LA at the same time as Connor and got her memories back. In the end, she did reconnect with her father, learned of and accepted her mother's death (and made peace with Illyria (who grew fond of her because of her relation to Wesley, among other things)), but decided to return to Lima and her new family.

Connor pops in occasionally. He didn't really have a great first meeting with Finn though.*)

Rachel straightened in her seat before the piano. Placing the sheet music she had selected before her, she started pressing a few keys and performing a few vocal warm ups. Once she had finished, she took a deep breath, and started singing, following the notes on the sheet music before her to play the song on the instrument that stood before her.

As soon as she had finished, she smiled happily, returning the papers to the folder she had brought with her. And as soon as that was accomplished, she glanced over her shoulder at the young man standing in the door.

"You know, there are other ways to greet people," she teased. The young man smiled back.

"Yeah, there are, but they're not nearly as fun," he countered. Laughing, she stood, running over and hugging him.

"Conner! It's wonderful seeing you again! When did you arrive?"

"Not too long ago. And I thought I'd stop by and see you before finding myself a hotel."

"No, that won't do at all! You'll stay with me and my fathers."


"You know I won't take no for an answer."

"…fine. You're kind of bossy. Did you know that?"

"I have been told that my methods are…sometimes arguable to others."

"Rachel?" they heard someone say. Turning, they saw Mr. Schue standing there, along with Finn and Kurt. Mr. Schue motioned to the young man she was still hugging.

"Would you mind…introducing your…friend?" he asked. She nodded, releasing her 'brother' in favor of grabbing his hand with her own, unaware of the jealous stare of Finn. But it was something Connor noticed.

"This is my very good friend, Connor. Connor, this is my teacher and the head of the Glee club, Mr. Schuester. And this is the one I share the co-captain position with, Finn Hudson and my friend, Kurt Hummel."

"So…is he your boyfriend or something?" Finn asked, fighting to keep the jealousy out of his voice (and failing miserably). Rachel's eyes widened, and she shared a shocked look with Connor before they both gagged like they had tasted something awful.

"No! He's nothing of the sort! He's my…well, you could say that he's in many ways my brother. Well, minus the part about us not being related by blood and all, but still!"

"I think they got it, Rachel," Connor informed her, placing a hand on her shoulder. The girl blushed.

"So, not trying to be rude, but what are you doing here?" Kurt inquired.

"I had a break from school, and decided to come see my little sister."

"You're not that much older than me."

"But the truth remains that I am older than you."

"You'll never let that go, will you?"

"Hm…probably not."

Angel: So, what did you think? I'm thinking of trying to write this myself...or if I can't, I'll put the idea up for adoption. We'll see...Let me know what you think of it!