I lived for a reason- I live as misunderstanding's work of art, A master piece of hidden pain and sorrow. I am loneliness' greatest creation… I am not the son evil- I do not bare the symbol of 6(x3). I am just a mere imagination, a nightmare never to be opened for I am locked up in my own heart rotting with it.

it also is not my fault that others are blinded by the thought of my being.

Am I real? Or another unwanted creation from the snowy path of Mother Russia?

Let me tell you a memory my heart once reminded me of. Oh, I'm Russia by the way, but my human name is Ivan. Proceeding to the story…:

It started as an average day in Russia; cold, snowing, the snow clinging in the tree branches, and normally, I would be tortured to death by those stupid Tartars from hell…but instead, I'm walking to the snowy meadow, supposed to be freezing to death, as packs of snow hits my face with my body still in pain after the last time I was tortured when I was conquered by those Tartars.

I was sitting under a tree; I was alone in that place- only depending to the companionship of the many trees around me, the snow comforting me, and the tree branches giving their only warmth from the pity of me.

The wind blew stronger and colder than before, and my scarf with blood stains and holes which was a reminder of my weakness, was flying around with the wind- most likely dancing with it, so I had to fix it. But the next thing I knew, it flew away.

" I have to get it back", I told myself; It was from my sister, Ukraine.


It was snowing, but not that hard. And it was just the three of us in the middle of a meadow of…umm…-snow (the same meadow were Russia was, chasing his scarf). It was quiet, before I broke it.

" It's really cold, isn't it?", I said

"yeah…", Belarus replied.

"I have an idea! Give me a second!", Ukraine told us. Then she ran.

She came back and said, "Here you go Russian". In her arms was a long scarf, like a lavender colored one. She went infront of me and rapped the scarf around my neck while Belarus was clinging on my hand with a look that says, "he's MINE!", or something like that.

"Here you go", Ukraine said. "Now you wont have to be so cold", she smiled as Belarus was still clinging on my arm but tighter.

"Isn't this scarf precious to you, Ukraine?", I asked.

"No!", Belarus butted in, pulling out the scarf from my neck but failed.

"You can repay me by making me the successor Kievan Rus'!", Ukraine replied with a grin.

"That's not fair, Ukraine!", I said surprised.

I cased the flying scarf to the limits of what my little aching legs can do; I didn't care if it hurts, it hurts more of seeing myself lose that scarf. It had a common bond with me- it was like the missing piece in my life I never knew I needed. I didn't know why…

My scarf started to drift away faster, making me force the limits of how fast my wounded little feet could carry me. But as I was running, I suddenly tripped on, not something- but someone. As I lay on the frosty meadow of thick snow, I shouted, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-!" as I watch it fly away with the wind up high- higher than the highest tree in the meadow, well I think it was. I didn't know if I was crying or it was just the melting snow flowing down my wounded cheeks. Maybe it was bought; it was probably both.

When I looked at what I tripped on, I saw a boy- it was neither Russian nor Asian. The boy was European; 'maybe he's an Italian', I thought, ' I don't even know if he's a nation or a human. He must be lost'. He was freezing to death, that was what I observed. His skin was turning blue , even his nails were like in a blue shaded color of some sort. He was like a perfectly carved ice sculpture of a frozen Italian.

I didn't know what to do…

-Narration- (its not Russia talking anymore, to make him more involved)

When the Italian opened his eyes, he saw himself in a small cottage. It had a fire place warming the room, but not to warm to occupy the whole room. There were little whole, big enough for the frosty air to enter. He was sitting on a small rocking chair big enough for him and the huge, thick, warm blanket rapped around him like a cocoon.

At the other side of the room, he saw a Russian boy lying down on a carpet. He was war wrecked, seeing the bandages on him and the holes and blood stains in his coat. The curled up like a cat, get more of the Italian's attention on him than the room full of antiques of all sorts. It didn't look dusty, it looked like it really was furniture, cleaned. ' He looks kinda cute, sleeping like that', he thought, creating a little blush on his cheek.

The Italian suddenly sneezed, making the Russian wake up in concern. He ran to him and asked, "Are you okay? Are you sick? Oh god, don't tell me you're sick-"

"n-n-no, I'm alright, it was just caused by the dust-", the Italian replied. Suddenly he saw him cleaning and dusting the room as fast as he can. "No, please! Stop what your doing. You need to rest yourself. Don't worry about me. I'm fine.", he said softly to the Russian, making him stop what he was doing. "Please. Sit with me here", the Italian offered, tapping the other side of the sit when he notice that the Russian was a little shaking. "No, thanks. I'm Russian. I've been here in this cold country my whole life. I already got used to this sort of temperature", he replied.

"But, ve~, It would make me feel better if you do so", he smiled lightly. So the Russian sat sat beside him, being offered with the half of the blanket.

"How did you ended up lost here in Russia anyway"

"ve~, I don't know. The last thing I remember was that I was still with my brother at our siesta time. The next thing I knew that happened, was me being here inside."

"….so you don't remember you freezing to death? I just brought you inside, when I tripped on you while I was chasing my scarf…it was from my sister, da."

"Oh~ I'm so sorry. Its all my fault. Maybe if I wasn't in the way, you wouldn't have lost it-"

"No, its not your fault. It was probably what the wind wanted to happened. What's your name by the way?"

" Its Italy ~ve. My human name is Fleciano. Ve~ how about you"

"I'm Russia. My human name is Ivan"

"I'll call you Ivan then."

"Ok, Feli~".

I am lost, like dust in the wind.

I lived my childhood alone, if I am not with my sisters…. But things has all changed, after I met you, a stylized lily ( Italy's national flower, according to the internet) that grew in the middle of winter.

What is that destiny was with me all along even If I don't hear it, answer it, or notice that it was breathing behind my neck from the begin of everything…?

No….it was the magical wonders of 'love'

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