I think this chapter is some kind of HRE x Chibitalia special…I dunno…
so it says "she" or "her", its Chibitalia…you know, since HRE thinks Chibitalia is a girl..
probably everyone knows that Chibitalia is a guy, right?

anyways, ENJOY!

The snow fell down from the sky, kissing their warm clothes. It didn't look much of the best winter wonderland, but It was a night of colors.

HRE was just walking down the street hearing people talk about the Christmas festival tomorrow.
"Are you going to the festival?", a person asked."When is it?", the other asked. "tomorrow", the person replied. "of course I am! Who are you going with?", the other asked. HRE stopped listening to them and told himself, "Whats so great about that festival anyways?", as he passed people talking about it. The he saw Chibitalia and Hungary near the fountains talking, so he hid behind the lamp post (you know…the old lamp posts) to listen to them.

"The Christmas festival is almost here!", Chibitalia said, reminding herself.
"oh that's right! Who are you going to the festival with?", Hungary asked.
"oh~! Umm…I don't know yet…how about you?"
"if Im lucky enough, id be going with Austria..", she said blushing. Then she added, "though I'm too afraid to ask"
"oh…good luck then! I doubt would wount fall...I-i-i mean fail..", she said, smiling cutely.

The pure-white, crystal snowflakes blending with the blurring colors in the sky, shone from the lights and lanterns ,hanging on the stores. Flickering and fussing together, in perfect harmony. The people were in colorful clothings of different shapes and sizes. The stands, in the middle of the streets selling different varieties of food, toys and drinks . You could say it's a festival. A festival, indeed.

HRE was sitting on a bench on the sidewalk, beside a lamp post which lighted up his place, alone.
He was wearing his normal clothes; the navy blue coat with matching colored hat, pants and boots but with a long scarf on his neck and mittens on his small hands. He was, holding in his hands, a yellow stylized lily, in a transparent box tied up with a gold and ruby-red ribbon. The flower rested on its beautifully shaped leaves and buds. Apparently, the only decoration needed was the beauty of the flower alone which was matched up with another.

He was enjoying the festival; but the high light in his eyes, hasn't arrived. 'To think that, she would come', he thought, "tsk.." . He had that annoyed, at the same time, disappointed look on his face. After the long wait, he thought of going home ,partner less, letting the fact be, that he would be the only one not celebrating the special day; the most grand of the seasons, Christmas.

But it only took one person, one voice, one word to stop him, and create a miracle:

Chibitalia was just cleaning the halls as she was watching the broom sway back and fort; when she heard a sudden crash from the other hall. She putted aside the broom she was holding, and went to where the crash came from. When she arrived, she saw HRE of the floor with a broken flower vase and a small table beside him. Chibitalia ran beside him for her concern and asked, "are you okay, Holy Roman Empire?" . HRE was unconscious. She ran to the kitchen to get some ice.

She came back with the bag of ice on her hand then gave it to HRE; placing him on the was to lean on. When he finally got his consciousness back, she asked again, "A-a-are you okay?". He didn't reply; he just took Chibitalia's hand, making her scared and asked, "w-w-will y-y-you come w-with me t-to the f-f-festival?". "If that would make you feel better, then..okay!", she replied letting go of HRE head, and making it hit the wall he shouted in pain. "O-oh! Im sorry!"

HRE is probably enjoying the moments…

He was now near a stand, still alone though, until: "Holy Roman Empire!", a voice called out. He heard tiny foots steps, crushing the snow in the ground from behind. He heard panting sounds and the high light of this memorable night for him, has finally arrived. His heart felt warm to the sound of the voice, ringing in his ears. He only wished he could listen to the voice all night, and also in his dreams. But it all had to end when he turned around and she was near. He didn't know what to do. His heart was beating faster and faster, in each step she took He just looked around, thinking if he should hide or stay frozen all day.

As he maked up his mind, it was to late. He was already tackled to the ground, ruining to perfect texture of the snow. His hands letting go of the box, the stylized lily; giving exposure of it to the world. He felt his face burn up, red, quickly. All he could do was try reaching for it and hide it from view.

"C-chibitalia! G-get off of me!", he said, struggling to break free to take the box just inches away from his finger's reach. Chibitalia noticed it and reached for it. He placed in his delicate hands, looking at the flower with awe. 'oh no!', HRE thought, ' what am I going to do now!'.

"Wow, Holy Roman Empire! Its so pretty! Are these for me?", Chibitalia asked, seeing the gift tag with her name. HRE was just frozen as he looked at Chibitalia . Chibitalia was wearing a long dress-like red coat, knee length with full length sleeves; on the ends of each sleeve, at the end of the coat and on the ring of the attached hood, were this fluffy fabric of some sort. Just like the one on Santa's—only fluffier. She was also wearing small shiny boots and puffy pants. Dangling on the pair of strings, which acted as the tightener of the coat; there were neither buttons nor a zipper just the strings which tightens up the coat, were two snow-white cotton balls. She was wearing a string, hanging on it was a small bell, ringing as she moves. 'all of my doubts..." he thought, 'Suddenly goes away somehow'.

It was the night of the festival, and Chibitalia was getting ready. While Hungary was cleaning of the hall, she spotted Chibitalia and called to her. He looked a bit shocked and said, "Why are you wearing just that?". Chibitalia was wearing her maid clothes; she wore the green dress, her white apron and white handkerchief tied up on her head. Hungary took her hands and they started walking towards a room. "Where are we going?", she asked. "We are going to fix yourself.", Hungary replied. She was one step closer to opening the door of the room.

Chibitalia noticed HRE frozen, and asked, "ho~? Are my clothes ok?". "Hungary made this for me!", she added.

Hungary was finding something from the closet, while Chibitalia was sitting on the bed, looking confused at Hungary then looked at her clothes and asked, "aren't the clothes Im wearing okay?Do they look ugly?". "No, its not that. Its just that in occations like this, you really need to look your best", she said, still looking at the wardrobe, pushing away the hanged clothes. 'especially now that your with Holy Roman Empire', she thought to herself. "Ah! Here it is!", Hungary shouted, holding out something in her arms. Chibitalia, in her curiosity, looked from behind. Hungary turned around to show Chibitalia. At the moment she saw it, she said, "Woow! That's sooo pretty!". Hungary giggled and said, "thank you, I made it myself at my free time, you know! This is for you!". "R-r-really?", Chibitalia asked, surprised. "uhuh! Merry Christmas! I thought of making it for you to wear it on your special day!", she bursted out. "special day? I know its Christmas, but why is this my special day?", she asked as she held up to her face the dress. "Oh! You'll have to see for yourself!", she replied with a grin.

"Ummm…no-no! Y-y-you look, amazing…", HRE replied, blushing – feeling embarrassed that he was wearing his normal clothes, compared to what Chibitalia was wearing.

"Do you think Holy Roman Empire would like it?", she asked curios. "Of course he will; he'll love it!", she said. ' Holy Roman Empire, doesn't know what going to come to him..', she thought. Then of of Chibitalia's worries have died.

In his view, the surrounding they were in just faded away. It was just him, her, and the snow. HRE captured every glimpse of cuteness and joy in his eyes that Chibitalia showed…not compared to what he sees everyday..Then suddenly a flash appeared out of no where. And the emptiness broke; it was destroyed.

They both looked at each other and look at where they think it came from. The she asked, "w-what was that?", looking at HRE, waiting for an answer. He just froze there , then answered, "I don't know, too..". Then he remembered the flowers; while she wasn't looking, he tried reaching for it, since Chibitalia was still on him. And at last! He finally got hold of it. Chibitalia felt it and looked at her hands and said, "huh?". Then she saw the snow falling down her hands; she looked up and stood up. HRE, too, stood up, brushing of the snow off his clothes. He looked at her, who was looking up and looked at the same direction.

While looking up, he heard sounds of crushing snow and saw Chibitalia running towards the bottom of the lamp and twirling around under the light, with her head held up high saying, "Its soo beautiful!" then she giggled. HRE blushed at the sight and thought to himself, 'not as beautiful as you are…'.

Then she suddenly stopped, with her palms held out, looking at them, letting the snow fall on them. Then she remembered Russia…

Wow Russia! The snow is so pretty!", Chibitalia shouted. " they are, da.", he replied. "But if you've lived here for a long time, its kind of normal to look at.", he added. "yes but, for me I WOULD NEVER STOP LOVING ITS BEAUTY!", she smiled, spinning under the snow. Then stopped and held her hands up to catch the snow. "so pretty…"

"Russia…", she whispered, burying her head down to hide her pale look. HRE noticed this, and ran towards her. Then asked, "is everything okay?". "oh! Umm…of course, of course! Everything is fine!", she replied, happy. "Oh ok, so..shall we go then?", HRE asked with a thoguht in his mind, 'darling..'. "okay!", she replied. Then they started walking. ' Russia…'

From behind the wall, , was Austria, with his hands stuck on the wall, shaking, and Hungary leaning on it too with her hands on her old camera saying, " *phew* that was close ,wasn't it!". Austria, panting, replied, "VERY close…We were almost cought!". "yeah…I know. But they looks so cute together, I dont want to let that opportunity go to waste!" , she replied with her camera held up high. The picture came out. Hungary folded her arms down, they both looked at the camera as Hungary took out the picture. When the picture appeared, she screamed out to her lungs and threw up the camera then ran to the front. On the other hand, Austria ran to catch the camera, which was jumping on his arms and finally got it to stop and stay steady. "You almost dropped the camera!", he shouted. "sorry..! hehehe…", she replied, scratching the back of her head. "Come on!", she add. "We need to follow them!", then she ran off. Poor Austria was carrying the camera and following Hungary, tiredly.

They stopped behind a stand, selling toys then Hungary told him, "give me the camera!". Austria gave the camera and asked, "is this really okay? I mean…spying on them". "Of course it is! We're not spying. We're just hiding and looking at them unnoticed.", she replied. "its just the same",he replied with a dead look behind her, again. "We're now both benefitting from it, anyway", she said, fixing the camera. "You, yes, but how am I benefiting from this?", he asked, with a dead look. "Well….we are enjoying our selves, as we should be..and we are spending more time with each other though…", she replied smiling. "oh, right..", he whispered. "Wait..", she said, "are you afraid to be caught?". "What?", he replied, "o-of course I am not!", shaking. "right..", she said sarcastically.

(back to the two)

"hhmmm! The food here are so delicious!", she said holding a bowl with potato tots. "Yes..", he replied, eating the ones on his bowl. Then Chibitalia giggled. Suddenly a feminine voice shouted, "yes! I got it!". They looked at the stand at their south west, but there was nothing there. Only Hungary, still with her hands up, her camera on the snow, Austria's left hand of her mouth as he was saying "shhh..", with his index finger on his lips. Hungary turned alit red when his face was near her's. Chibitalia and HRE looked at each other, and started laughing. Then started walking again. But Chibitalia stopped again when she saw a flower stand straight ahead, selling sunflowers. Then she remembered something again, staring blankly at the stand. HRE noticed this at looked back at Chibitalia.

they were both walking on the snowy fields one morning. "Come, I want to show you something.", Russia invited. Chibitalia followed him and the stopped infrot of white flowers.

"Wow! What pretty white flowers! Are they daisies?", Chibitalia ask. " They are pretty, da. But they are not daisies or white flowers.", Russia replied. "huh?", Chibitalia was confused. "You see", he replied, "if you look closely", he brushed the flowers, and there showed yellow petals. "hu—woow.", Chibitalia turned from confused to amazed. "Its was just covered by snow", he said smiling at the flowers.
"These are my favorite flowers, sunflowers, da.", he added. "wow..they look so bright. Maybe that's why they called it "sunflowers"; because of the colors.",
Chibitalia said. "hm.. maybe so..".

"I have thought of that ,too" , he added, "maybe that is why i have loved this flowers", then he thought, 'you'; " for so long, da"

"seems like a thousand years?"

" probably, da",

'I loved you for a thousand years', HRE thought

don't worry this isn't the end. I know, it was suppose to be an HRE x Chibitalia special, but it was boken by the reminders of Russia but this IS an Russia x Italy(Chibitalia) x Germany (HRE)!
I'll post the other half tomorrow! I PROMISE!

its dec 30 here in the Phil. I know the Christmas special is alittle bit too late…but I still wanted to make it for the fun of it!