Hello all, I hope you enjoy my take on Kathryn and Jenny's journey. While I am 100% heterosexual, I thought that these two were cute and I just had to give them more of a story. They didn't get enough attention in my opinion and so I added some things in there that weren't in the movie. BUT I do recommend watching the movie before reading this.

And please, if you don't approve of a girl/girl relationship then don't read/comment about it okay? I would rather not be flamed just for that. Respect my views and I'll respect yours.

Disclaimer: I own nothing! Some of the dialogue belongs to the writers of the film. (I'm sure those who have seen the movie can tell what I borrowed.) Thank you and enjoy!

Contains adult themes in later chapters. Note: Light smut only.

The sounds of a softball game being played rang out across the field, along with shouts of encouragement from the spectators. The rattle of the chain link fences and the soft thud of the ball being hit didn't register to a woman practicing her swing off to the side.

She had a look of determination and focus as she swung the bat at an invisible ball, the motion causing a strong blast of air to radiate around her body. It was then that she heard her husband calling her. He was standing on the sidelines behind her and was being very persistent about being heard no matter how hard she tried to block him out. "Hey Honey!"

With a sigh she took another swing with the bat and then turned to look behind her. "This is Mr. Stevenson. Harry, this is my wife Kathryn." Bradley said as he introduced her to a distinguished looking black man to his left. Kathryn quickly shook his hand, "Nice to meet you." She said without much diversion of her focus.

Stevenson was pleasant enough though and returned the gesture before she resumed her earlier position. Kathryn thought she heard her husband rambling on about Harry being a regular at the coffee shop called Jitters that they owned, but it fell on deaf ears as her team called her up to bat. Stevenson watched her go with amusement. "She seems very determined." He commented. Bradley smiled. "You have no idea."

As his wife reached home base to take up her stance he yelled out, "Wait for your pitch sweetie!" His advice wasn't needed. Kathryn swung and her bat slammed into the incoming ball, sending it flying across the field: A triple. She was already off and running and managed to make it to second base. Her eyes were on third but a feminine voice caught her attention. "Don't even think about it."

The voice belonged to a woman on the opposite team and she had pitched the ball back to her fellow teammate before giving Kathryn a warning stare. She had long dark hair that was pulled back into a pony tail and sweat gleamed on her lean muscles. Her green eyes not only held a bit of dominance but also a hint of mischief and lax confidence. Unperturbed, Kathryn ignored her and slightly lowered her body into a crouch. The next hit would bring her home for sure.

The ball was pitched and Kathryn's teammate uttered a grunt as it struck the bat and sailed through the air. Kathryn ran for third but it was in vain. The women who had told her not to run had caught the ball and dove forward, smacking Kathryn on the rear end with her glove: Out. Kathryn winced and uttered a groan before skidding to a stop. "Don't say I didn't warn ya."

Kathryn looked up to see the dark haired woman from the opposite team giving her an easy smile. For some reason that smile caused her heart to skip a beat. The woman then turned to jog back to her team but Kathryn was still looking in her direction, unable to tear her eyes away. As if she sensed it, the woman looked back over her shoulder.

Their eyes met and Kathryn lowered hers shyly to the ground. The woman's smile curled into a sly grin and she chuckled breezily before running back to her team to celebrate the win. Meanwhile Kathryn couldn't shake the feeling that somehow this woman knew something that she did not.