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A few months later Kathryn had finally begun to relax. She had officially moved in with Jenny and everything seemed to fall into place. Bradley had actually made amends and was now friends with them as well. He and his new wife had taken to attending their softball games to cheer them on while Kathryn and Jenny met them for dinner some nights.

Both women made no attempt to hide their relationship and the softball teams among so many others respected them for it. It was nice to be accepted by people for once. Each was also the captain of a team and Kathryn would feel a sense of nostalgia every time Jenny tagged her out. They always played on opposite teams as an unspoken rule. Jenny claimed it was good for them but Kathryn suspected that there was a dirty ulterior motive. Life was good.

One night Kathryn woke from a light sleep and kissed the arm draped over her body. Jenny mumbled something and shifted her hand to rest lower on Kathryn's waist. "Hey, are you awake?" Kathryn asked in the dark, reaching her hand back and tugging Jenny's hand to her lips. The dark haired women finally stirred and her cool breath tickled the back of Kathryn's neck.

"What's on your mind?" She said with a yawn. "We should go somewhere." Kathryn told her. Jenny pressed up against Kathryn's back. "Name it and we'll go there." She answered and kissed her shoulder blade. That was one of the many things that Kathryn loved about her. She never denied her anything and was always ready to jump on any idea thrown at her.

"What about Hawaii? Or New Zealand?" Jenny laced her fingers with Kathryn's. "Would it be cliché to say that I don't care so as long as you're with me?" "Jenny, coming from you, nothing sounds cliché."

The room seemed to grow warmer as Kathryn rolled over to face the one she had fallen in love with. With them, each time seemed liked the first time. She couldn't see her face in the dark, but Kathryn knew she was smiling when she said, "Adventures with Kathryn and Jenny." Kathryn touched their foreheads together. "Jenny and Kathryn." Then they sealed the deal with a slow and tender kiss. Just like the first time.

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