Hey everybody here's just a one-shot to keep my mind going. Enjoy

''We really needed you at home, why did you run away?''

''Nala I just don't know. Ok? Why is it so hard for you to figure that out..'' Simba shouted turning his face away from Nala's deep expression. Those eyes, they never lie. No matter what he couldn't resist those turquiose emeralds that glossened under the moonlight, they shone so brightly. Heat rushed to his face as he felt her paw rub against his cheek softly, an slowly. They're eyes were then staring directly into each others.

''Simba I never got to tell you-that-I'' The young lioness chocked on the hard words, her face jolted to the ground a single tear streamed from her left eye an across her cheek. Simba's anger suddenly left himself, as he saw the one girl he trully loved sobbing hiding her beautiful face.

''Hey Nala, what's wrong? Please, I'm still Simba aren't I? Remember..you can tell me anything..since when aren't we best friends? Just because I been-'' Hastily Nala interrupted him, tears streamin like a flood from her watered eyelids. Something was deep in her gut that she needed to say to him but yet somehow she just couldn't seem to get the words out. How could she tell him? After all these years, she couldn't tell him back then how could she now?

''That's what you don't understand what I went through while you were gone-all the times I cried praying that you weren't dead-an-noww-here you are-It's just that-really missed you-'' Immediately she burried her face under his soft fuzzy warm chin by reaction positioning herself an started muzzling him. The young lion's face was glowing hot red. It was like a whole different Nala, still the same in all but more affectionate towards him. Sure when they were cubs she would give him friendly hugs. They were best friends, but she never acted like this before.

''Hey I missed you to-'' Simba said softly an in the most gentle, sweetess tone he could. They're eyes matched again, but yet this time they were closer to each other. For minutes they couldn't help but stare at each other in a daze that seemed to last forever.

''I-I-I love you Simba-an I don't want to just be your best friend. We're not cubs anymore-''

''So what are you saying Nala-an I love you too you know that- always have.'' The daze ended as Nala was staring dead at the ground with dissapointment.

''No you don't get it! Simba! I LOVE you-I-deeply love you-like I don't know I-I just-I-.'' Slowly she felt the gently touch of her companion's golden paw lift her chin to match his amber orbs again. Slowly an passionately he motioned towards her soft lips, matchin himself with hers. In the most passionate, sweetest way for minutes they rubbed lips kissing. Nala's paw moved towards his side, the two wrapped each other together falling to the ground non-stopping from kissing.

''I love you to-an I missed you my princess.'' Simba smiled staring deeply into those beautiful emerald greenish-blue eyes of hers.

''Aww Simba-I-I want you to never leave me again-ever-I want you in my life forever-'' She sputtered hugging him again. Tears of joy rolling off her cheeks. The two just laid under the moonlight, hearing nothing but the sound of they're very own breathing. And the touch of each other's warm embracement. Quietly they slumbered cuddled up together falling into a deep sleep.