Doctor DiNozzo

AN: This fic was inspired by The Gap Theorem by Bacon The Bard. I have often written Tony smarter than how he is portrayed on the series. Also, I have limited medical knowledge. I do know a lot of medical terminology. I can only hope I am using it correctly. PS: I am LOVING Bacon The Bard's reasoning on Tony's 'life' timeline and request permission to use it if I am challenged as to how Tony could do all this in such a short time. And I agree 100%, if Tony wanted to do something he would make 'damn' sure he got it done, whatever it was. A special thanks also to Bacon The Bard for end notes that were almost as entertaining as the story.

Tony had been sleep for 3 hours, though it had seemed like only 30 minutes.

"Dr. DiNozzo, its Shelly. She's asking for you again." Nurse Alison Carter said, sticking her head in the door.

Tony wiped the sleep from his eyes. He nodded, jumped up from the cot in the doctors' lounge and grabbed his lab coat and his stethoscope. He headed out the door.

Shelly had come into the ER with vaginal bleeding. She was a 16 year-old pregnant terrified girl who had not seen the need for prenatal care and had smoked and drank during her entire pregnancy.

Tony loved his second job. He was Very Special Federal Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo during the week and Anthony DiNozzo, MD on the weekends. (NCIS work schedule permitting.) Most of the time the arrangement worked, no one at NCIS was any the wiser as far as his second occupation went. Well, he had accidently let it slip with Ducky. He was talking in doctor's terms with Ducky in regards to an X-ray on one of his bodies. Ducky had misspoken on the name of something, and Tony had corrected him. Tony realized his mistake and said nothing further. Ducky eventually got it out of him, but only after Tony had sworn him to complete secrecy. Besides, Tony reasoned, no one would believe either of them anyway, if they did decide to tell.

"I'm sorry, Tony." Shelly said. She could see that her doctor had had little sleep and she had not helped since she had been there. "It's just that something…something is…happening down there. I…I think I'm bleeding again."

Tony pulled back the sheets that covered the girl's enlarged belly and looked. He then put his stethoscope on her belly and listened carefully, trying to hear a heartbeat. He heard nothing. Tony looked at her and slowly shook his head. "I'm sorry, Shelly."

Shelly burst into tears and Tony took her hand. This was the part of the job he really disliked. He felt helpless at times like this. He had done all he could for Shelly and her child, but it hadn't worked. It hadn't helped. Her child had died anyway. Tony explained she would have to have surgery. The fetus would have to be removed. She could find out the sex, if she wanted to. He had to tell her about donation possibilities of the umbilical cord and other associated hospital business/politics. He hated this part too. It was like he was doing a TV commercial for his local HMO. He just wanted to be able to do his job, help his patients. The politicians could take all that other stuff and shove it.

Tony had discovered his love for medicine while pursuing his Physical Education degree. He had found Anatomy and Physiology fascinating and he found he was really good at remembering the names of the muscles and bones. In general, he just found it fascinating how the human body worked. He amazed himself. He had actually made it through premed with good grades. It had only served to deepen his fascination. He nearly fell over when he received his medical school acceptance letter, and from his top pick, no less. He eagerly accepted the position in the class. He worked hard and he made it through. His proudest days were accepting his degree and passing the exam. He had job offers waiting for him and he had been able to choose the best hospitals in the areas where he had lived. He had decided to make the change to Bethesda after his bout with the plague. He had been very impressed with the level of care he had received and, of course, the reputation of the institution was stellar. He had also been able to choose a very flexible work schedule. He was the only doctor/cop on staff and it had made for many an interesting conversation during breaks and staff meetings. Especially when the other doctors found out Tony dealt with dead bodies on his other job. It was…strange, to say the least.

Tony shook his head. "Shelly…it's…I'll leave you alone, give you some time."

"No, Tony." Shelly said, shaking her head. "She…" Shelly patted her belly. "…I always felt like it was a girl. I…I want to donate her…her body. She…" Shelly started to cry. "Maria… is going to live on. She is going to make a difference to somebody."

Tony nodded sadly. He then started to leave the room.

"I want to thank you, Dr. Tony." Shelly said, stopping Tony in his tracks. "A lot of doctors would have…just lectured me about teenage pregnancy. You didn't do that. You didn't make me feel stupid for the decision I made. I know…I know it was a wrong decision. If I had been older, more mature, Maria would be alive. I know that. I will have to live with that the rest of my life. My baby is dead because…of me."

Tony came back and sat down in the chair beside the bed. "Sounds pretty mature to me." Tony sighed. "You're a smart girl, but even the smartest people make wrong choices. It's not my place or my purpose to condemn you for your choices. It's my job to help you make it through whatever you're going through. And you will be able to have more children." Tony said. "I know you probably don't give a damn about that right now. But you will…when you get older and you get married…it will make all the difference in the world." Tony stood to leave. "Right now though…we have got to get you ready for surgery. A nurse will be in in a few minutes.

Shelly nodded. "Thank you."