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An Extra Three

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Elements of Harmony

Twilight Sparkle was sure that Nightmare Moon was returning. Equestria rested on her shoulders and she definitely didn't need to be here in Ponyville, she didn't need to make friends, plus that crazy pink pony gasping and running away didn't help.

"So what's the first thing on our list?" asked Twilight.

"Food." Said Spike, her dragon assistant.

"Look out below!" came a shout.

That was when a grey Pegasus with a blonde mane, golden eyes that were crossed and bubbles for a cutie mark crashed right next to her.

"Are you okay?" asked Twilight.

"I'm fine." Said the Pegasus, "Just tripped is all."

"How can you trip in the air?" asked Twilight.

"Have you ever flown?" asked the Pegasus.

"Well… no…" said Twilight.

"It's easier than you think." Said the Pegasus, "By the way, you're new in town right."

"Yes." Said Twilight, "I'm Twilight Sparkle and this my assistant Spike."

"Hey." Said Spike.

"Well I'm the local mail mare, Derpy Hooves." Said the Pegasus named Derpy.

"Is that so…" said Twilight, "Well I have to go."

"Do you need a guide?" asked Derpy.

"No… I'm fine." Said Twilight.

Twilight and Spike walked away.

"I wonder what her problem was." Said Derpy.

That was when the pink pony that Twilight ran into earlier appeared next to Derpy.

"There's going to be a surprise party for her." Said the pink pony who had a fuchsia mane, sky blue eyes and balloons for a cutie mark.

"If there's muffins then I'm in." said Derpy.

The Pink Pony smiled.

Sometime later, Twilight after eating too much at the Apple family's place.

"What's next?" asked Twilight fighting though the stomach pain.

"Flower arrangements." Said Spike, "By Carrot Top."

They got to a carrot patch and a yellow pony with an orange mane, green eyes with carrots for a cutie mark was making flower bouquets.

"Excuse me are you carrot top?" asked Twilight.

"I sure am." Responded Carrot Top, "Oh I'm guessing you're with the Summer Sun Celebration."

"Yes, I am." Said Twilight.

"I need a little more help with these." Said Carrot Top, "I mean honestly. The three that actually run the flower shop heard some weird doomsday prophecies and started freaking out, and so they have me do this. Then last night one of my best friends raided my fridge… again… and my other best friend just giggled. I asked her "How wood you feel if she raided your fridge?" You want to her know response was, "Remember what happened last time. She got sick… you know I don't have a normal diet." Needless to say I didn't have a good night last night."

Twilight and Spike just stared at the yellow pony.

"Sorry… it just that if I meet a new pony I tend to vent out my issues to them." Said Carrot Top.

"I see." Said Twilight, "Um… I have to go."

Twilight grabbed Spike and got out of there.

"I hope Evy has a better time with her." Mumbled Carrot Top.

Later, after an incident with the local weather manager, Rainbow Dash and getting dirty, getting clean then getting her main messy… then running to the local fashionista Rarity and having her give a make over… What was worse was that Spike fell in love with her.

"What's next?" asked Twilight.

"The performance… by… Everlasting Imagination" said Spike who seemed to grow nervous at the name.

"Spike what's wrong?" asked Twilight.

"You haven't have read that book I lent you last year, did you?" asked Spike.

"No I haven't." said Twilight.

Spike face palmed, this was going to be awkward.

The two came across a make shift stage, where a deep sky blue unicorn, with medium blue that had pink streaks, her eyes were also medium blue and dark blue glasses with a cutie mark was a quill writing a book, was watching the play that was being put on.

The play, which had a female Pegasus, a female unicorn (that was wearing fake wings), a male unicorn, and a male earth pony on stage. They watched as it about the "Alicorn" was trying to leave the others because of her immortality and the others refusing to let her leave.

"Even, if there was no to going back to being a unicorn, Crystal will still have friends. And even when they're gone. She will still have her memories of them. Because they were that important to her." Said the deep sky blue unicorn watching who was also apparently the narrator of the play.

That was when she heard applauding, she turned to see Twilight and Spike watching.

"Take 5 everyone!" said the deep sky blue unicorn she walked over , "I take it you're from the Summer Sun Celebration."

"That's right." Said Twilight, "That was quite play you were putting on."

The unicorn stared at Twilight.

"She hasn't read any of your books." Said Spike.

"I should have known with that reaction." Said the deep sky blue unicorn, "I guess I should introduce myself though, I'm Everlasting Imagination but my Friends call me "Evy". I'm a popular writer, the play is based on "Alicorn's Heart", my first big hit."

"Never heard of it." Said Twilight.

"Flora's Flowers?" asked Everlasting.

"No…" said Twilight.

"Soul of a Dragon?" asked Everlasting.

"I know I heard that title before." Said Twilight.

"That's because I loaned it to you." Said Spike.

"Oh yeah." Said Twilight.

"You want to hang out?" asked Everlasting.

"What?" asked Twilight confused.

"You see, whenever I meet someone new its always "Oh I love your books!" or "Your books are bad and you should feel bad." But having someone who's never heard of me… well that's new."

"Sorry… maybe another time, we still have to look at the music." Said Twilight.

Twilight walked away.

"Um… if I sent you my copy of Soul of a Dragon…" said Spike.

Everlasting smiled, "Sure, I will." Said Everlasting.

Spike squeed before joining Twilight.

Hours later Twilight, Spike and Fluttershy (the Pegasus in charge of the music, she was light yellow with pink mane, cyan eyes and three pink butterflies for a cutie mark) got to the library, Twilight managed to shake off Fluttershy.

However she didn't know about the surprise Party run by Pinkie Pie, the local party pony.

Pinkie began to talk her ear off, Twilight tried to tune her out until Pinkie said "Now you have lots and lots of friends" and all the ponies she met thought the day showed up.

Or maybe it was when she grabbed a drink which turned out to hot sauce.

Either or…

Twilight wasn't seen though out the rest of the party, staying only in the sleeping quarters.

"I wonder what her problem is." Said Carrot Top.

"She's just freaking out because of a prophecy involving the return of Nightmare Moon." Said Spike who had a lampshade over his head.

"I'm tired of hearing that." Mumbled Carrot Top.

"What do you mean?" asked Spike.

"This isn't the first I heard about it…" mumbled Carrot Top.

"The three that were in charge of the flower arrangements, heard about, ran away screaming "The Horror, the horror" and the Mayor put Carrot Top in charge." Said Everlasting.

"So…" said Spike.

"They freak about everything." Said Rainbow Dash, a sky blue Pegasus, with rainbow mane, maroon eyes and a cutie mark that was a cloud with a tri colored lighting bolt coming form it.

"Even if it rains on the wrong day." Said Applejack, who was an orange pony with a blonde mane, green eyes and three apples for a cutie mark, she also a woke a brown hat.

"Don't worry, everything is going to fine." Said Rarity, who was a very light shade of grey, with a very curly purple mane, blue eyes and three diamonds for a cutie mark.

"She worried about the prophecy too." Explained Spike.

"Really?" asked Everlasting, "She went to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns… so she probably had read a lot books about prophecies… she seems smart and unlike the flower girls… maybe it's true."

There was an awkward silence.

"Evy… please stop wishing for an adventure like in your books…" said Carrot Top.

"NEVAH!" yelled Everlasting.

"Wouldn't it be exciting that it will happen." Said Derpy.

"Seriously Derpy?" asked Carrot Top.

"So…" said Spike watching this conversation.

"Derpy is the one that empties the fridge." Answered Pinkie.

"I see." Said Spike.

Spike tried to reassure Twilight before the start of the actual start of the celebration.

Sometime later it was time for the actual celebration, just when Celestia was going to reveal herself, she was messing and a black Alicorn was in her place.

Nightmare Moon!

Rainbow Dash tried to attack her but Applejack stopped her.

"Wow… I can't believe the Flower ponies were right about this." Said Carrot Top.

"I can't believe that you said that sentence." Said Everlasting.

"That's a sentence that should never exist." Said Derpy.

"You got that right." Said Carrot Top.

Every pony watched as Nightmare Moon vowed to make night last forever… and Twilight the only pony knowing who she was.

Not even the royal guard could stop the Alicorn, who after causing problems left. Rainbow Dash tried to follow her but she was too fast.

Twilight also left with Spike who passed out during the problems.

And so all of the ponies that Twilight met during the day all went to the library. Needless to say Rainbow Dash wasn't happy.

"Are you a spy?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Whoa there." Sad Applejack, "I don't think she's a spy, but she sure does know what's going on. Don't you Twilight."

"It's the same stupid prophecy Rose, Daisy and Lily have been ranting about the last few days." Said Carrot Top, "Seriously, haven't you paying attention to them?"

There was an awkward silence.

"No… I thought not." Said Carrot Top.

"Why were you listening?" asked Rarity.

"Because they made me take their job." Said Carrot Top.

"Oh… right…" said Rarity.

"Twilight…" said Everlasting, "Please tell me you know how to stop her and it involves an exciting adventure that we have to find magical items or gain abilities that will stop her."

Twilight inched away from the writer.

"The only way to defeat her is with the elements of Harmony, but I don't know what they are or where they are." Said Twilight.

"Elements of Harmony a Reference Guide." Said Pinkie looking at a book.

Twilight tacked her, "Where did you find it?"

"It was under E." sang Pinkie.

"Oh…" said Twilight.

"The 9 elements of Harmony, only 8 are known, Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty, Creativity, Patience and Heart. The 9th is unknown will appear when a spark is ignited. Their last known location is in Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters which is in the Everfree Forest." Explained Twilight.

They got to the Everfree forest in all of it creepiness.

"Thank you for showing me here." Said Twilight.

"Your welcome." Said Derpy.

Twilight blinked, "But I can do this on my own." Said Twilight.

"No… we're all going on an adventure! And it's going to be fun and excising…" said Everlasting.

"Uh… are you suffering on writer's block again?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"No." answered Everlasting, "Just my dream is all."

"I see…" said Rainbow Dash.

"We're going to be sticking to you like caramel on a candy apple" said Applejack.

The ponies went in to the forest Twilight couldn't help but to stare at Pinkie when she made a comment about Candy Apples being in there.

"So…" said Twilight, "Have any of you ever been in here?"

"No." said Rarity, "I mean have you looked at the place, it's awful."

"They say it doesn't work like Equestria." Said Applejack.

"What do you mean?" asked Twilight, as they got to a cliff.

"No body knows." Said Rainbow Dash, "You know why…"

"Please… every pony in Ponyville knows how it's like." Said Carrot, "So stop spreading rumors."

"You are such a buzz kill!" said Rainbow Dash.

"If I'm a buzz kill, then may this cliff suddenly collapse!" said Carrot Top sarcastically.

That was when the cliff suddenly collapsed, causing the 6 that weren't unicorns to fall. The ever quiet Fluttershy caught Rarity, Derpy caught Carrot Top and Rainbow Dash grabbed Pinkie. Everlasting, took out a katana from… somewhere and plunged it into the rock wall. Applejack caught onto a branch, but saw that Twilight was about to fall off. She let go and managed to hold on twilight's hooves.

"Applejack, what am I going to do?" asked Twilight.

Applejack saw something.

"Let go." She said.

"What are you crazy?" asked Twilight.

"No I mean, let go and you'll be safe." Said Applejack.

"That's not true!" yelled Twilight.

"It's the honest truth, let go and you'll be safe." Said Applejack.

Twilight didn't know why but she did, she let go… she prepared herself to be a unicorn pancake, but then she felt her self being carried. She looked to see it was Rainbow Dash and Derpy.

"Everything's going to be okay!" said Derpy.

Twilight breathed a sigh of relief as the two Pegasi placed her on the ground. Applejack on the other hand, jump down from ledges I the cliff.

"Oh no what about Evy?" asked Derpy.

They watched as Fluttershy brought Everlasting to the ground… well sort of… the two fell to the ground.

"Sorry." Said Fluttershy getting off Everlasting.

"It's okay." Said Everlasting.

The group continued on their way, while Rainbow Dash explained how she and Derpy rescued Twilight.

"I know, I was there." Said Twilight, "And thank you for saving me… but…"

That was when a Manticore showed up and roared.

"It's a manticore!" yelled Derpy.

"Thank you, for telling us that." Said Carrot Top.

"You're welcome!" said Derpy.

Rainbow Dash tried to spin around it creating a tornado but it used it's scorpion tail to knock her away.

"All right! My turn!" yelled Everlasting once again taking out her katana using her magic to lift it, "Let me and Yuki-Chan take care of there!"

"Yuki-Chan?" asked Twilight.

"Her sword." Said Carrot Top, "And it's a girl…"

"What…" said Twilight.

"It's weird… really weird." Said Carrot Top.

Everlasting ran towards the Manticore with her sword. She tired to swipe but it dodged then it punched her.

"Evy!" cried Derpy, "That's it! MUFFINS!"

She flew to the Manticore only to be kicked away.

That was when Applejack jumped on it's back and rode it like… um… something…

Please don't me say it…

However the Manticore bucked her off.

Twilight was about to charge, but Fluttershy who kept crying "Wait…" but no one heard her… finally yelled it out.

The yellow Pegasus, approached the Manticore slowly and looked its paw, turned out there was a thorn in it.

"Oh you little kitty." Said Fluttershy.

"Little?" asked Rainbow Dash causing Carrot Top to nudge her.

"This might hurt for a second!" said Fluttershy.

She pulled out the thorn, causing the Manticore the roar at her, then started licking her.

At the Manticore was now tame it let them pass.

"That was amazing!" said Twilight, "How did you know about the thorn?"

"I didn't, sometimes all we need is to show a little kindness." Said Fluttershy.

They continued on their way.

"So…" said Twilight deciding to start a conversation, "Why does Everlasting have a sword?"

"Many reasons… Protection, self defense, breaking up flame wars at cons." Said Everlasting.

"What was that last one?" asked Twilight.

Before Everlasting could answer, there was a rumbling. That was when a giant rock monster up.

They looked at it…

"All right here goes!" yelled Rainbow Dash.

She flew into the giant rock monster…

Let put this way again: She FLEW into the giant ROCK monster.

Not very smart.

In fact Carrot Top began to sarcastically applause.

"Thank you." Said Rainbow Dash in a daze.

"What are we going to do?" asked Twilight.

That was when Everlasting saw a large tree, as well at some vines.

"Distract it! I have an idea!" said Everlasting.

The giant rock monster smashed the ground next to Derpy which she managed to fly away just in time.

"You're a big meanie!" came Derpy's response.

"If I am I wrong… and we live though it, then Carrot Top gets to clean my fridge and Rarity my house." said Everlasting.

"And you have to eat properly for a month." Added Carrot Top.

"We'll wok out the details later, just distract then load on to the thing when it's read." Said Everlasting.

"All right!" yelled Rainbow Dash who seemed to come out of her daze.

"I'll help!" said Derpy.

The two began to fly around the rock monster distracting it, while Everlasting got her plan ready.

She bent the tree to the ground using her magic, and brought over the vines, then realized.

"I don't have enough vines! I need more!"

Twilight found the vines.

"I need help trying the tree down, Twilight can you hold it down like I am.

"Okay.' Said Twilight.

Twilight too over in bending the tree while Everlasting tied it down.

"Now you guys!" yelled Everlasting.

They saw that they made a makeshift catapult.

Derpy and Rainbow Dash tricked the rock monster into groin on it.

"Please let this work for the sake of my diet of instant noodles and whipped cream." Said Everlasting.

She cut the vines and it had enough momentum to send the rock monster flying.

"We did it!" cheered Twilight, "That was amazing Everlasting."

"Thanks… it was no problem." Said Everlasting, she turned to Rarity, "Looks like my slob of a lifestyle gets to live another day."

"Don't worry… we'll get her next time." Said Rarity.

Carrot Top nodded.

They headed more into the forest, as it did it started getting dark.

"The palace could be right in front of our faces and we wouldn't' even know it." Said Twilight.

As they tried to find their way in the dark, there was this conversation.

"I think I stepped in something." Said Applejack.

"Who ever squashed it tossed it." Said Derpy.

"Derpy!" yelled Carrot Top.

"Gross, gross, gross." Yelled Rarity.

"What… I didn't… " said Derpy.

Before she could finish her sentence. The trees began to glow, not only that but they had scary faces. Every pony began to scream, expect for Pinkie Pie who laughed.

"Pinkie what are you doing, we're about to be eaten." Said Twilight.

"Oh Twilight, don't you see…" said Pinkie.

That was when music started playing and Pinkie began to sing (no… the lyrics won't be put here).

"Tell me she isn't." said Twilight.

"She is." Sighed Rarity.

It was though this song that Pinkie taught them to laugh at this. And that made it all go away.

They continued to laugh as they continued on their way, to find a river in turmoil.

"I think I found the problem." Said Everlasting.

They saw a crying Sea Serpent.

"Excuse me sir, what wrong?" asked Twilight.

Sea Serpent saw them.

"Oh it's terrible, a tacky cloud of smoke, came in and m y beloved moustache clean off." Cried the Sea Serpent, "It just so horrible."

She proceeded to splash every pony on accident.

"Is that what all this fuss is about?" asked Applejack.

"Why of course it is." Said Rarity.

Rarity began to talk to him about how fabulous he was with his hair, his manicure and his scales, she couldn't let such a crime go unpunished, so she cut off her tail and came it to him as a new half mustache… which sort of worked since he was purple.

"Oh Rarity, your beautiful tail." Said Twilight.

"It's not a problem, besides, short tails are in this season, besides. It will grow back." Said Rarity.

"Hey look, the river is good." Said Derpy, "Wait… why didn't we just fly over…"

Because we didn't get a chance to thin f it." Said pointed out Carrot Top.

"Oh yeah." Said Derpy.

The Sea Serpent let them use them as a bridge.

And so over the course of the next hour they continued on their way… seriously…

"When are we going to get there?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"It looks like we passed that tree already." Whined Derpy.

"Will everyone just be quiet." Said Rarity.

"Enough!" called out Carrot Top, "I'm going to take a break… just to sit down and take a rest. I'll rejoin you guys when I can."

She sat down…

"Um… can I join?" asked Fluttershy.

"Sure. "said Carrot Top.

Fluttershy sat next to the yellow earth pony.

"Don't worry we'll rejoin you." Said Carrot Top.

"You can go on ahead…" whispered Fluttershy.

And so the remaining group went on ahead.

Ten minutes later however…

"How did you get ahead of us?" asked Twilight.

"What do you mean we were here the whole time." Said Fluttershy.

"I know." Said Carrot Top, "We've been walking in circles."

"What?" asked Twilight.

"How did you figure that out?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"IT was when we first got stuck here." Said Carrot Top.


Derpy saw something.

"Derpy, what is it?" asked Rarity.

"That bush is shaped like a muffin!" she said.

Indeed the bush due to it shape did in fact resembled a muffin.

"Okay…" said rarity.

(End of Flashback)

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Twilight.

Carrot Top pointed to a nearby bush which was shaped like a muffin… it was the exact one Derpy saw.

"Oh…" said Twilight.

"How come you didn't bring it up before?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"You guys started getting down each other's throats." Said Carrot Top, "I needed a way to prove my theory with out anyone brushing it off."

"I see." Said Twilight.

"If we find another path, I'm sure we can get out of this never ending cycle." Said Carrot Top.

Twilight nodded…

After a little searching they found the way out of the path that just went in a circle.

"Wow I didn't know you were so patient when it came to these things." Said Rainbow Dash.

"My two best friends are a slob and an idiot." Said Carrot Top, "It takes a lot of patients to handle those two…"

"She called you a slob." Said Derpy.

"I know…" said Everlasting.

"And… oh wait…" said Derpy.

As they continued on their way… Applejack realized something.

"Hey Derpy, what about Dinky?" asked Applejack.

"Oh Sparkler was going to make it a sisters day today." Said Derpy, "I'm glad she did too."

"Dinky?" asked Twilight.

"My daughter." Said Derpy, "I'm a single mom, but I'm glad that Dinky has her older half sister, because if she didn't I don't know what I'll do."

That was when there as a rumble and many trees fell. Every pony managed to dodge. Well almost, Twilight Stood frozen as a came down towards her.

"Twilight!" shouted Derpy.

She pushed Twilight out of the way, taking the blow her self.

"Derpy!" cried Twilight.

Derpy pinned by a branch.

"You okay Twilight?" asked Derpy.

"Yes, I am." Said Twilight.

"Good…" said Derpy, "Evy… Carrot Top… I want you and Sparkler to take care of Dinky…"

"Um… Derpy." Said Carrot Top.

"Please… and keep her father away form her…" said Derpy, "I don't want to be a bad influence."

"Derpy." Said Carrot Top.

"And… please…" said Derpy.

Carrot Top broke off the branch that was "pinning" Derpy down.

It just said it was a branch… it didn't say it was big.

Not only that Derpy wasn't injured.

"Oh look at that." Said Derpy.

Carrot Top face hoofed.

"Thank you so much Derpy." Said Twilight.

"No problem." Said Derpy, "I'd give anything for a friend."

Twilight blinked when she said that.

As they continued they came across the castle. They started running towards until they hit a canyon to find the bridge across was broken, in fact Twilight almost fell in, But Rainbow Dash saved her.

"What is with you almost falling off cliffs today?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"How are we going to get across?" asked Pinkie.

"Hello." Said Rainbow Dash showing off her wings.

"Oh yeah." Said Pinkie.

Rainbow Dash flew across and went to tie the bridge back up, but as she did, she was approached by a group of even looking Pegasi.

"What's taking so long?" asked Twilight.

That when they saw them…

"Rainbow!" yelled Twilight, "Don't listen to them!"

They watched at the fog in the canyon became thicker.

"So…" said Derpy.

"No… as a writer I'm sure I'm the only one who put together the pieces. She needs to do it on her own." Said Everlasting.

"What do you mean?" asked Twilight.

"You'll see when it happens." Said Everlasting.

That was when Rainbow Dash flew back and cleared the fog having tied the bridge.

"Rainbow Dash." Said Twilight, "You did it."

"It wasn't a problem. I couldn't leave my friends hanging." Said Rainbow Dash.

They went into the old castle and found a stature with 8 stone spheres.

"Those must be the elements." Said Carrot Top.

The three Pegasi began to grab them and bring them to the ground.

Pinkie was continuing them. But found one was missing the book.

"The book said the 9th would be appear when a spark was ignited." Said Twilight.

She laid down next to the spheres.

"Come she needs to concrete." Said Applejack as they left her alone.

However this turned out to be a very bad thing as they heard something happen in there.

"Where did she go?" asked Fluttershy.

That was when Rarity saw flashing lights in a nearby building.

"That must be where she is." Said Rainbow Dash.

They all headed to the building, calling out her name.

Little did they know that thus would be the spark.

"No you're wrong nightmare moon, for the Elements of Harmony are right here." Said Twilight.

Broken shards of stone began to float around Nightmare Moon, all glowing colors.

"Is anyone else confused?" asked Derpy.

"Shh… you're ruining the dramatic tension." Said Everlasting.

"Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt, represents the spirit of... honesty!" explained Twilight Sparkle.

The shard of stone that were glowing orange surrounded Applejack.

"Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, represents the spirit of... kindness!" explained Twilight.

The shards of stone glowing pink surrounded Fluttershy.

"Everlasting Imagination, who used her wits to send a rock monster flying, represents the sprit of… creativity." Explained Twilight.

The shards glowing blue began to surround Everlasting.

"Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of... laughter!" explained Twilight.

The shards glowing light blue surrounded Pinkie.

"Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift represents the spirit of... generosity!" explained Twilight.

The shards that were glowing purple surrounded Rarity.

"Carrot Top, who remained calm when everyone else started to get angry, represent the spirit of… persistence." Explained Twilight.

The shards that were glowing green surrounded Carrot Top.

"Derpy Hooves, who willingly pushed me out of the way of that falling free even if it meant she would get hurt represent the sprit of heart!" explained Twilight.

The shard that glowed white began to surrounded Derpy.

"And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for her own heart's desire represents the spirit of... loyalty!" explained Twilight.

The last shards which glowed red surrounded Rainbow Dash.

"The spark didn't work, you still don't have the 9th element." Said Nightmare Moon.

"But it did! A different kind of spark." Said Twilight turned to the others, "I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you. The spark ignited inside me when I realized that you all are my friends."

Another stone orb appeared glowing in the air.

" You see, Night Mare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the... the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: the element of... magic." Said Twilight.

The Element of Magic glowed as the shard all merged into necklaces on each ponies neck. There came a bright light and a rainbow sprung forth that hit Nightmare Moon and engulfed her.

"No!" she yelled out.

When the light died down, every pony was shaking off the effects.

"My head…" moaned Rainbow Dash.

"Back! Back Every Pony! You are entitled to an opinion, but don't drag me into it!" yelled Everlasting wielding Yuki-Chan, that is until she finally got a sense what was going on, "Oh… I'm not at a con… every pony ignore that!"

"What… what happens to you when you go to those conventions?" asked Applejack.

"Don't ask." Said Everlasting.

"Oh my tail." Said Rarity, who's tail had somehow grown back, "Mama's never going to leave you again.

"Oh Rarity, it's beautiful." Said Fluttershy.

"I know…" said Rarity.

"No I mean your necklace." Said Fluttershy, "It looks just like your cutie mark."

Rarity noticed the necklace, which was a purple diamond like her cutie mark.

"So does yours." Said rarity looking at Fluttershy's pink butterfly.

"Look at mine!" said Pinkie showing off a light blue balloon.

"Why couldn't mine be a muffin?" asked Derpy looking at hers which was a white bubble.

"Then you would have a muffin cutie mark." Said Everlasting slightly showing over which was a blue quill.

"I think my colors got mixed up with Applejack's." said Carrot Top looking at her own which was a green carrots.

"I thought you were just spouting hooey but I guess we do represent the Elements of Harmony." Said Applejack looking at her orange apple shaped one.

Twilight was looking at her tiara which was shaped like a star just like her cutie mark as well.

"You are." Came a voice.

The sun began to rise and Princess Celestia appeared. The ponies bowed to her and she told her student that she knew she could do it, after all the letter she sent said to make friends not that it wasn't true.

"I'm a little lost." Said Derpy.

"Shush… ruining a dramatic moment." Whispered Everlasting.

That was Princess Celesta approached, Nightmare Moon… well actually Nightmare Moon's true form, Princess Luna. A small dark purple Alicorn with blue green hair.

"Princess Luna, had has been 1,000 since I've seen you like this, sister." Said Princess Celestia, "Let us put our differences aside we were meant to rule together sister. Will you expect my friendship?"

"Sister?" asked Twilight.

"Okay… never mind dramatic tension, I'm confused!" said Everlasting.

"Oh, I missed you so much big sister!" cried Princess Luna.

Pinkie began to cry at this big time then realized something.

"Do you know what this call for?" she asked, "A party!"

And so when they returned a big party was underway… Spike woke up and hugged Twilight while Derpy was hugged by her daughter, Dinky.

However… there was one thing.

"My dear student, are you not happy that your quest has been fulfilled and you can go home Canterlot?" asked Princess Celestia to her student.

"That's just it." Said Twilight, "Just when I learned how wonderful it is to have friends, now I have to leave them."

"Spike take a note." Said Princess Celestia.

Spike appeared with a quill and parchment.

"I, Princess Celestia, hereby decree that the unicorn Twilight Sparkle shall take on a new mission for Equestria. She must continue to study the magic of friendship. She must report to me her findings from her new home in Ponyville." Said Princess Celestia.

The 8 surrounded Twilight cheering.

"Oh thank you Princess! I'll study harder than I ever have before." Said Twilight.

And so Twilight began her wonderful new life in Ponyville… with friends.

Next Time: Twilight has two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, but each of them wants to go. Who will she take, and what are their reasons? Find out next time!