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Chapter 12: Call of the Cutie

It was just a normal day at Ponyville's School House. The foals were given a class on Cutie Marks. Which most of the class had…

But not Apple Bloom and Dinky.

Though Dinky was younger though…

She was just a lot smarter than a lot of her classmates. Which was why she was in class.

Nut still Cheerilee was telling them about Cutie Marks, even showing pictures of her youth.

Including a rather embarrassing from her teenage years. With every pony laughing at the embracing photo.

However during class two fillies, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were trying to a pass a note using Apple Bloom.

However Cheerilee saw it.

She gave up and let them pass the note but it was blank…

"Remind you of anything?" teased Diamond Tiara.

Apple Bloom sighed.

After school she walked with Dinky and another filly in her class named Twist.

It didn't help that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were talking about Diamond Tiara's Cute-ceañera (a party celebrating the fact she got a cutie) as well as the class and how most of the class didn't need it.

"Just ignore them" said Dinky.

"Oh look at the baby who thinks she's so smart." Said Silver Spoon.

"She gets better grades than you…" pointed out Apple Bloom. .

Dinky giggled while Silver Spoon scowled.

"Whatever… you're the only one who needed the class because you're so young." Said Diamond Tiara.

The two of them decided to ignore the two friends as they did their own secret handshake.

However Apple Bloom just sighed.

"Come on! Let's just ignore them." Said dinky.

"easy for you to say…" said apple Bloom.

Dinky looked at Apple Bloom.

"Sorry…" said Apple Bloom.

"Come on! I made some peppermint sticks!" said Twist, "They should make you smile."

Apple Bloom just counited to sigh.

She ended up going venting to her family after trying to get her cutie mark in selling apples.

It failed badly when she forcibly sold some to a stallion.

Apple Bloom sighed as she didn't get a cutie mark for it.

After all she didn't want to go to the Cute-ceañera without a Cutie Mark.

"Are you sure you'll be the only one…" said Applejack trying to reassure her it will be fine.

"Dinky doesn't have a cutie mark… but… that doesn't count since she's much younger…" said apple Bloom.

"Any pony else in your class?" asked Applejack.

"Well there's Twist." Said Apple Bloom, "she around my age and she doesn't have a cutie mark."

"Then maybe you can go with her…" said Applejack.

"Yeah…" said Apple Bloom.

However when she went to ask Twist as it turned out Twist had gotten her own Cutie Mark.

Later Dinky found Apple Bloom depressed.

"Hey… I heard about Twist…" said Dinky.

"Yeah…" said Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom sighed.

That was when Rainbow Dash showed up.

"Hey someone has a dark cloud over her head." Said Rainbow Dahs.

She did have a dark cloud over her head which Rainbow Dash just got rid of.

"So what's got you down?" asked Rainbow Dahs.

She explained her problems in a single breath about wanting to get her cutie mark. Since she's the only foal her age in class that doesn't have one.

"Your age?" asked Rainbow Dash.,

"I'm in her class." pointed out Dinky.

"Oh yeah! You're really smart." Said Rainbow Dahs.

"Yep!" said Dinky.

"Well if you want to get your Cutie Mark fast I have a way!" said Rainbow Dash.

"My sister says that it takes time." Said apple Bloom.

Rainbow Dahs rolled her eyes.

"IU got my Cutie Mark like that! So I know a thig,." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Really?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Yeah! All you have to do is do many things at once!" said Rainbow Dash.

"I don't know if that's a good idea…" said Dinky.

"But I want my cutie mark! I can't show my face at the Cute-ceañera if I don't." said Apple Bloom.

And so Apple Bloom began to try many things… so many things… like Hang Gliding, Jiggling and Ultra Pony Roller Derby…

Among other things…

But none of it worked…

Rainbow Dash was going through a list of things and it seemed like they tried them all.

Dinky was comforting Apple Bloom.

"Hey! It's okay! It's really okay…" said Dinky.

That was when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon showed up and were talking about how special they were for having Cutie Marks while also talking about the party.

Apple bloom sighed even more.

"Come on! I'll go with you!" said Dinky.

"You're too young to have a cutie mark!" said Apple Bloom.

Dinky flinched.

"I'm sorry…" said Apple Bloom, "But it's different for you…"

Dinky sighed… she really wanted to help her friend after all.

However that was when Pinkie showed up.

"How about cupcake eating!" said Pinkie.

"Cupcakes eating?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Cupcake eating?" asked Dinky.

Cupcake eating?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Cupcake eating!" said Pinkie.

"Later Rainbow Dash! Dinky!" said apple Bloom leaving.

"What just happened?" asked Rainbow Deash.

"I have no idea…" said Dinky.

Dinky sighed and eventually when the Cute-ceañera. Derpy was there to be with her daughter and Dinky was telling her mom what had happened.

"It's okay Muffin. It's fine…" said Derpy.

"But I really wanted to help Apple Bloom." Said Dinky.

"You tried." Said Derpy.

"I know…" said Dinky, "I just wished I could have helped more…"

"I'm sure you'll figure everything out." Said Derpy.

"Yeah…" sighed Dinky.

She began to look around the party.

Just to see if Apple Bloom did show up after all.

That was when she saw two fillies under a table.

"Hi there…" said Dinky.

The tow fillies flinched, one was a white unicorn with lavender and pink mane and tail and the other an orange Pegasus with a purple mane and tail.

"Are you okay?" asked Dinky.

"Don't tell any pony we're here." Said the orange Pegasus.

"Why?" asked Dinky.

That was when she noticed why… both of them lacked a cutie mark too.

"You don't have a cutie mark!" said Dinky.

The Pegasus shushed her.

"It's fine! You have to meet my friend… don't worry…" said Dinky.

"She won't make fun of us, will she?" asked the unicorn.

"She won't! I promise." Said Dinky.

She began to look around and see if Apple Bloom was there.

That was when she saw Apple Bloom was wearing a dress while claiming she had a cutie mark under there.

But Dinky couple tell she was lying.

She was telling Diamond Tiara that she was hiding because of how amazing it was.

She walked away however she tripped and every pony now knew she was lying.

"Wow… that is an amazing cutie mark…" mocked Silver Spoon.

"Nice try!" mocked Diamond Tiara.

Dinky walked over trying to figure out how to help Apple Bloom.

"Blank Flank." The two mocked.

"You got a problem with Blank Flanks!" yelled the Pegasus.

Every pony turned to Scootaloo in shock.

The two fillies immediately took Apple Bloom's side. Mentioning that it was that she full of potential.

"Why are you taking her side! This is my Cute-ceañera." Said Diamond Tiara.

The two fillies did show off their lack of Cutie Marks.

"No way! I thought I was the only one." Said Apple Bloom.

"Well besides this little one." Said the unicorn

"I'm the smartest foal in class." Said Dinky, "And I'm in Apple Bloom's class…"

"Oh…" said the Pegasus.

Twilight who was there said "I for one thing their very lucky Fillies."

"How are they lucky!" demanded Diamond Tiara.

"They still get thrill of the experience to see what they're really meant to be." Explained Twilight.

"And they have all the time I the world and not an entire afternoon." Said Applejack

"They can also find other things to do involving their cutie marks…" said Derpy.

The other foals in the party began to swarm the three fillies saying stuff about how awesome it was to discoverer their cutie marks still.

"Name's Scootaloo." Said the Pegasus.

"I'm Sweetie Belle." Said the unicorn.

"Apple Bloom." Said Apple Bloom.

"And I'm Dinky." Said Dinky.

After enjoying the four foals decided to talk.

"So I was thinking now that we're friends… wait we are friends right?" asked Apple Bloom.

"How can we not be… we're totally alike… we don't' have Cutie marks plus Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara drives me nuts." Said Scootaloo.

"I know right!" said Dinky.

"Totally nuts." Agreed Sweetie Belle.

"Well now that we're friends we can work together and learn who we are meant to be." Said Apple Bloom.

"Can I help… I know I'm too young for a cutie mark, but I can always help." Said Dinky.

"Oh what if we form our own secret society!" said Sweetie Belle.

"Oh I am liking that idea!" said Scootaloo.

"Let's do it." Said Dinky.

"But we need a name for though." said Apple Bloom.

"Super Cutie Mark Force?" asked Dinky.

"The Cutie Mark Four?" asked Scootaloo.

"The Cutastically Fantastics?" asked Sweetie.

"How about the Cutie Mark Crusaders?" asked Apple Bloom

"All right!" said Dinky.

"Perfect!" said Scootaloo.

"This is going to be so great!" said Sweetie.

"All right! We're going to be unstable!" said Apple Bloom.

"Let's celebrate with eating some delicious cupcakes!" said Scootaloo.

"Not the cupcakes!" said Apple Bloom.

"What happened with you and Pinkie?" asked Dinky.

"You don't want to know…" sighed Apple Bloom.

And who they decided to celebrate their friendship with cookies and with the it was the formation of the Cutie Mark Crusaders… a group of friends that would be bonded in a very unexpected way.

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