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Chapter 2

A lot of time had passed since the incident with Antigone. Haemon had gotten a fever in the hospital wing after he had been patched up by Demitrius, Creon's most trusted healer. The king and queen had panicked, for a while until the fever passed and Haemon woke. For days after the incident, Haemon glared at Creon constantly. At meals Haemon barely ate and spent most of the time staring either at his foor or angrily at his father. If they passed in the halls they would either look down or away. They never spoke and anyone in a room with them could feel the tension in the air.

Haemon had begun to slip into a dark depression. He no longer lived, he just...was alive. Creon had lost his loving, trusting son and had been given this shell of him, and he knew it was his own fault. If he had just let Antigone live, if he hadn't let his pride cloud his better judgment. Judgment. What a stupid concept. There was no judgment, no law. Anything still considered 'law' was corrupt. Corrupted by him. His pride and his anger. He was a failure of a man who let his own son fall so far. What had he done to help him? Kill his fiance? He knows he should be there for him. Be there to get him through this time of stress and depression his son was going through, but he couldn't. He couldn't stand the constant shame and guilt he would surly feel. There goes his pride again, denying his son comfort because of his own fears. He was such a weak man, unable to help the people he loved. He had failed his son, his sister, his wife, and his nephew/step-brother. Oh Oedipus, if he could only see Creon now. How far he had fallen, how he had killed his daughter that Creon had promised to take care of.

He was a weak man, unable to keep his own family safe and happy. His son could no longer function correctly, his wife was constantly mourning the loss of her son and niece. He was sure the gods were looking down on him with hate, his family was destroyed and it was all his fault. He was a sorry excuse of a man, and he surely didn't deserve the title he has as king. No, if anything, Haemon had deserved the title more before this whole ordeal than he did. Now Haemon could never have the title. Creon couldn't put his once great kingdom in more danger than it already was. With Haemon in this state, he would surely destroy the kingdom. He couldn't let that happen, he had to do something to stop that possibility, but what...

Haemon had always thought of his father as a great king, one worthy of all the praise he was given. Now, he was no longer his father, he was the fallen king Creon. He would not torture himself by thinking of him as a father. If only he had let him perish in the stone tomb his beloved had been lost in. Antigone, such a beatiful woman, lost to the world now, taken away by Hades all at the fault of Creon. Such a world it shall be without Antigone. He could still recall the first moment he had layed eyes on his love after being announced he would marry her: it was in the castle garden around noon when the sun was high and the flowers in bloom. He had seen her before, spoken to her, ate meals with her, but had never really seen her. She was always just uncle/cousin Oedipus' daughter, never his bride.

He had been roaming the halls of the great castle of Thebes, just thinking. Thinking about the marraige and his father. He had been subconciously walking, going nowhere yet everywhere at the same time, when he was pulled out of his pondering by the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He found he was walking the open halls in the courtyard when he heard it. Haemon followed the noises down a closed hall to the gardens, cared for by the many servants of the house. When he rounded the corner his heart stopped, he lost controll of his breathing, his eyes went wide. There in the garden was the most beautiful sight; Antigone stood in the midst of thousand of soft flowers. They were a light pink color that looked marvelous next to the glowing skin of the godess as she petted them and picked a few. The soft breeze blew her hair and caused the flowers to brush her beatiful red gown she was dressed in. Her wonderful strawberry blond locks were brushed from her face by elegant fingers. The leaves from the Valonia oak in the center of this part of the four part garden of the castle swayed with the breeze of a mid summer day.

The beautiful woman glanced up to Haemon, her amber eyes glistening in the sun as she gave him a smile. Haemon's heart started beating twice as fast as her soft red lips turned upwards in a smile and her eyes crinkled, a sign of a true smile. This thought made Haemon smile as well and pushed him to walk over to her. He was careful to walk around any and all flowers, as he knew it would probably anger her if he were to destroy the wonderful garden. As he walked over, she moved slightly behind her to sit on the stone bench and watch him. They sat for a moment, both mulling over what to say. Weather? No. Food? No. The garden?

"The garden is simply beautiful this time of year, isn't it?" Her voice surprised him. He stared inter her eyes and realized she had been singing earlyer, which was what he heard. "I often come to pick flowers and just...think. It's so peaceful and lovely." She turned her head back to look into the blue sky.

Haemon continued to stare at her when he spoke, "Why yes, simply amazing." She turned back to him and smiled.

Haemon continued to think of Antigone after that meeting. The conversation had gone wonderfuly until a small servant boy came to tell them that their evening meal was ready. They had walked back to the dining hall in a comfortable silence that turned into meaningless small talk after seating themselves at the table with Ismene, Creon, and Eurodices. Their love had grown since then, and they both accepted it. When Creon had told Haemon that he had sentenced Antigone to death, he was submissive, as any son is to their father. Yet, after much thought, Haemon came to the conclusion that Antigone was too much a part of his life to be lost. She was much to important to him to be tosseda aside by his sensless fool of a father. The man never had much tact.

Oh where the feet take you in moments of tumoil. As Haemon returned to himself, he saw a familiar sight. The same beautiful passageway he walked down what felt like years ago. He could already smell the flowers he knew to be in bloom at this time of year. As he rounded the same corner he stopped dead. There before him was a sight he thought he'd never see again. Strawberry blonde hair fell over fragile shoulders. Graceful fingers plucked those same flowers she had. The image dissapated soon, but what was left in its wake was an even more peculuar sight. Strawberry blond turned to gold, the woman got shorter and where Antigone had stood was now a beautiful girl, one not much younger than Antigone herself would have been, had she been alive.

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