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'The remains of today are still shimmering; sleep is tedious - only tossing and turning. Are you listening? Catch alight for me.' aKing ~Catch Alight for Me.

"Ya, know kid? You remind me so much of Gol D. Roger. Such vigour and vitality..." The old man trailed off as he placed a glass of milk in front of the youngest of the Portgas brothers. Luffy's eyes were trained on the white liquid as it reflected his image back to him. The fevered flush was now noticeable as were his hazed black eyes but his ear was trained on the story the older man was telling him. Without knowing it the older man was setting Luffy at ease with the story of his father's last night spent in this bar. Smiling to himself when he was told he was sitting in the exact same seat.

"But Kid? Are you alright? You look a bit sick?" Luffy was caught off guard by the question and forced himself to merely nod and say he was fine; it was better not to get involved with his health at the moment - besides he was feeling a bit better than when he had first walked in here to find some shelter from the harsh sun.

"Such a man died whilst smiling and still spitting in the face of the Government." Luffy himself was captivated and wanted to hear more but the heaviness of those words were enough to cause him more pain than was necessary. After finding the sting in his eyes too much Luffy finished the last of his milk and thanked the old man before slipping back into the streets and allowed his mind to lead him towards the platform. A silent film of tears clouding his vision; he had no idea how his father had managed to die for them whilst still being happy. Luffy would have felt better if his father had been angry at them or hated them for causing his death; it would have made dealing with this pain a bit easier. He thought to himself; he was after all nothing but a second hand soul that knew too much for his good.

Wiping at the sting in his eyes and biting his lip to stop the inner pain that swept through him; Luffy counted his blessings as he followed his own trek through the city. He was too quiet in his contemplativeness of what he learned so far; never noticing that a presence seemed to follow him and it was not his beloved Ace. An unregistered whimper passed his lips as Luffy finally started paying attention to where he was going. A deflated sigh left his lips; it seemed that he couldn't even seem to enjoy a few minutes to wallow in his own misery before he had already reached his destination.

After procuring a bunch of marigolds and black roses Luffy made his way towards the centre of the town. Stopping at a Takoyaki stand to eat some of his favourite food. Luffy knew he was avoiding the inevitable but he couldn't stop himself; he had been craving the little dumplings since he had stepped foot in the port town and the food being dished out to him was nice. Not only that; it was a noticeably good distraction from his true intentions. Chuckling to himself as he enjoyed his impromptu lunch; maybe he should ask Sanji to make more of this when they travelled the Grand Line. He could hardly wait to start a new adventure but his first obligation was to finish saying a proper goodbye to his father and hoping that he would eventually be forgiven. Also; Luffy needed to deal with his sudden guilt complex and that alone was not going to be easy. He had always been exceptionally hard upon himself and when he failed his own expectations it only got much worse.

"Such an unusual bunch of flowers; kid. Who're they for?" Luffy stilled at the voice that caressed his ear; someone had slipped into the seat next to his without him truly knowing about it. Luffy tensed; he wasn't used to people invading his space nor them asking such personal questions.

"A family member." Luffy said vaguely to the man next to him. Going completely still when he caught sight of white hair, white jacket, two cigars and the unmistakable feel of Marine. From the Jutte on the man's back to his countenance; Luffy knew that he must have been a higher up. He choose to ignore at the moment as to not cause a scene.

"Oh? A brother, father, sister or mother?" The man inquired softly and Luffy found himself confused; did this man know who he was or was he just trying to make conversation? Well; he wasn't one for taking chances. Grabbing the last of his Takoyaki; he laid some money on the counter and tipped his straw hat towards the Marine.

"I won't answer that; Marine-Ossan. It's too personal. You don't even know my name." Luffy said accusingly before dashing towards the centre of the town; or what he thought was the centre of the town. He somehow ended up at the outskirts of the town with the port not far away from him where he could see their ship anchored. Back peddling; Luffy headed back into the port town - he had a feeling that trouble was coming and it was coming fast. It wasn't helping that his head was spinning and he was far too cold in the humid weather. After he was sure he had lost the Marine who had been tailing him; Luffy took a breather and leaned against a white wall. The execution platform finally in his sights as he breathed a sigh of relief. Luffy reeled when an overwhelming feeling to run overcome his body; gasping softly when he found himself pressed against the wall; the Marine from earlier invading his personal space as he was completely boxed in. One hand pressing his chest to the wall whilst that jutte was pressed against his neck painfully. The Marine gave a twist of the metal object and a cough worked its way up to Luffy's lungs and spilled forth. He could taste blood...

"Bastard! It's tipped with sea stone!" Luffy muffled voice spilled into the small alleyway; he didn't like this position and with his spinning head he knew his consciousness wasn't going to last long. He cursed his weakened body; if only he could...

"It is Portgas D. Luffy; now tell me where your brother is." Luffy snarled; fingers curling in the front of the man's jacket in defiance and in an attempt to find some sort of leeway to the increasing pressure against his neck. He wouldn't give up; he wouldn't give in and he sure as hell would never sell out Ace even if it mean dying.

"Never." Luffy spat; gasping when the pressure against his neck increased and caused pain to travel through his body. Blood welled in his mouth; he was unused to the taste of blood as Luffy was very rarely hurt in such a manner. The flowers falling from his lax fingers before slipping to the ground uselessly. His breaths were coming in pants and he knew he was going to pass out soon but stubbornly clung to the last thread consciousness.

The Marine's words went over his head; the man's voice fading in and out of his hearing just like the times where that strange power bubbled into his body. A wave of nausea filled Luffy to the pit of his stomach; was this it? Was this how far they would get before he died? No! He didn't want this; his veins thrummed in desperate tumult of emotions as his nail sunk into the man's skin. Before that power could be released in a torrent of anguish and pain; Luffy slid down the wall in pure exhaustion. Just barely able to make out the flurry of movement as the Marine was ripped from his body and bright orange flames swirled in the dim alleyway.

"A-Ace..." Luffy trailed off; fighting at the dark edges that swarmed his vision. He wouldn't fall into unconsciousness after this; no he would fight as long as he could. He refused to give into his body's demands and after a few precious seconds he felt the darkness recede and Ace was leaning over him; that gentle smile that was always reserved just for him making his heart swell.

"We need to move Lu my Kasai Sekei (1*) won't last long; he's also a logia." Ace murmured quickly before helping Luffy to his feet unsteadily. "Come grab the flowers; we're going to say our final goodbyes." Ace's was talking fast and Luffy nodded; he understood the dangers of the situation they now found themselves in. Luffy did as he was told; his body too off balance to move properly but luckily it seemed that Ace had already guessed his situation and Luffy now found himself clinging to his brother's open shirt; a scowl across his features. He hated being carried like this; it was extremely embarrassing but he let it slide when he buried his nose against familiar flesh and inhaled Ace's comforting scent.

A heated blush now a permanent decoration to his cheeks as Ace carried him towards the centre of the plaza; the screaming from the citizens and the bullets of the Marines never fazed the brothers. To Luffy it sounded more like a flurry of noise that he couldn't understand but he was fearful of the white haired man he had encountered; something wasn't right about the way those silver eyes had looked at him. Not only that but Luffy had a vague memory from another time when that man had nearly killed him on many occasions or his Nakama for that matter.

"Oro Kyodai Kaizoku (2*)! You are under arrest for piracy; don't move!" Luffy stumbled a bit as he found his feet on solid ground again; lifting dark eyes and flushed freckled cheeks to stare at the last image his father had seen. His hand resting in his brothers as he bowed his head; not flinching when bullets rained through the both of them and remained unaffected. He gave a final sad smile as he let the flowers fall from his fingers; the yellow and dark red petals and flowers spilling across the platform. The Marines had yet to realize that they were both Akuma no Mi (3*) users and had yet to get the truly dangerous equipment. With a silent smile towards Ace; Luffy pulled the straw hat from his head and held it against his chest as Ace did the same. Their fingers entwined as they said a final goodbye with their heads bowed; a small comfort for a life lived in terror of being found out now finally laid to rest. Only a handful of people would be able to guess the reason for their actions and even less would truly know their heritage.

"We should go Lu." At Ace whispered words; Luffy said a final prayer of goodbye before he regained his senses and jumped from the platform with ease with Ace right behind him.

"Oi! Zoro! Sanji! We're leaving!" Luffy yelled; grabbing the attention of their two crew members before they ran towards the docs. Streams of Marines chasing after them but both Ace and Luffy managed to thwart them at every corner and continued on. He could see that Zoro had questions to ask about their actions; he had after been there to witness the whole thing by coincidence.

"Ghah; A-Ace please I don' fel s' good!" Luffy complained with slurred words. Clinging to his brother's back as Ace ran the last of the stretch towards the ship; the anchor already pulled up with Zoro and Sanji there waiting for them. They had gotten sidetracked by the Marine Captain Smoker who Luffy insisted they had to fight and now Luffy was on Ace's back and complaining about feeling sick. Ace felt his eyebrow twitch; he didn't like the fact that in their veins ran the unshakable will to never turn their back on a fight and he also didn't like the fact that Luffy was clearly sick from the night before. Yet he was finding his emotions were all over the place; not only with worry but with excitement as well.

"A-Ace!" Luffy whined and promptly bit down into Ace's shoulder; making the elder of the Portgas brothers jerk at the slight pain. A frown marring his features; Luffy rarely did that unless he was fighting to keep his consciousness and Ace had no idea why he was always the one being bitten those times. Ace sighed and shifted Luffy's body against his back so that Luffy didn't get jostled too much; smiling softly when arms squeezed his neck tighter in search of comfort.

"Luffy! Calm down would you? We're almost there." Ace shouted and concreted very hard on keeping his footing; they had been lucky that a strange man had saved them from the man Luffy had now renamed Smokey. He could have sworn he had seen the strangest of tattoos on the man's face as he prompted them towards their ship. Where he had come from Ace didn't know but he was eternally grateful. Neither he or Luffy were strong enough to actually fight another Logia type seriously even though they had the upper hand.

'Go; younglings. Your time is only just beginning.' The strange man had said before Ace had picked up Luffy and ran; his mind screaming at him to stop and fight as his blood repelled. It was something else inside of him that compelled him to move as fast as he could if only it was for Luffy to be alright then he would defy even the roar of his blood and the moral code that had been passed down from his father. They could thank the man at a later date when they met him by chance on their journey but right now it was more important to get Luffy to the boat and to safety. Ace wanted nothing more than to just get out Logue Town and away from the painful memories and reminders that their father was no longer there for them. He needed to move away from the dangers ahead and then he could comfort Luffy despite his needy feeling to keep his brother comforted and safe. Ace knew that first he had to get rid of the pack of Marines that were blocking their path towards the ship.

"Lu; can stand by yourself for a bit?" Ace asked over his shoulder he needed his balance for this but when in the corner of his eye he caught the small negative shake of Luffy's head to the answer to his question. Ace winced when he felt Luffy's forehead scalding him through the back of his shirt. Before he could curse violently he became acutely aware of Luffy tensing against his shoulders. The strange tingling across his skin of that dangerous power Luffy possessed creeping across his skin in the caress of a lover's touch. Desperate emotional turmoil rose in his chest as if being pushed their by Luffy; the feeling was making his breath hitch in his chest rather painfully. He knew that feeling and just prayed that Luffy would be alright afterwards because even if he was alright now he would certainly not be alright after using the 'King's Disposition'. He had experienced that feeling more than once and with a reluctant nod to his brother's unspoken question; he braced himself for the violent lash of emotions coming over his shoulder.

"Stop!" The strength in Luffy's voice rippled across the ranks of Marines; stunning them in place before they tumbled to the ground as their will was overridden with pure power. The moment the first body hit the ground Ace took off, leaping over falling bodies as if he did not carry a burden on his shoulder and with feeling of his brother's weight now sagging heavily over his back he knew that Luffy had lost it. That show of immense power had taken the last of Luffy's strength and Ace knew that his little brother would be in quite the state when he finally awoke from the fever and stress induced exhaustion. He hoped he could find a doctor before they set sail across the Grand Line seriously. With a final impressive bound across the wooden planks of the jetty he reached the deck of the moving ship; his boots skidding against the deck as he faught for his balance valiantly.

"Sorry Lu." Ace apologized sincerely before he had to leave his little brother alone for a little bit. He needed to take over the navigating of the ship as he they set sail for the Reverse Mountain and evidently the Grand Line where their father ruled not too long ago. An hour later and an exhausted sigh later and Ace went over to Luffy who had yet to regain consciousness. Knowing that they had to begin navigating the reverse mountain soon Ace felt his heart break. Luffy would not be awake to see the sight that would greet them as the Grand Line was spread before them. Cursing the stars for Luffy's sickness; Ace gently picked up his little brother before he carried him below deck. Leaving Luffy in their quarters Ace headed for the deck. A tingle of accomplishment rippled across his heart just as they began their decent into the greatest ocean in the world.

The darkness of the night spread open before the three men on deck and Ace felt his breath being stolen by the sight. In the distance the distinctive flicker of the lighthouse burned as brightly as the sun; drawing the crew's attention towards the first landmark at the beginning of the Grand Line. It was finally beginning and Ace could hardly wait anymore. Their descent down the other side of the Reverse Mountain was something he would never forget and promised himself that he would tell Luffy later.

"We made it Luffy." Ace said softly to the skies.

"We finally made it Dad. Watch over us." Saying a prayer out of the earshot of the Oro Kyodai crew. Wishing that his little brother was here to see their adventure coming. When they laid anchor at the side of the Lighthouse Ace was the first to notice the old man sitting in front of the building reading the paper. Sending Zoro to check on Luffy; Ace proceeded down the gangplank and headed for the old man. Something about the strange flowerlike hairstyle struck him as familiar but for the life of him he couldn't remember where he had heard of it before. Dark brown eyes looked up as Ace's approach before he was gifted with a small smile of welcome.

"I'm Portgas D. Ace," The eldest of the Portgas brothers introduced himself formally with a little bow.

"I've been expecting you little Ace. I'm Crocus, the keeper of the light house. What can I do for you? You don't seem to require information about sailing the Grand Line as you already possess a log pose." Ace nodded before he looked back towards the ship; seeing Zoro there without Luffy made his heart clench.

"Do you know the closest island that had a doctor on it?"

"There's no need Ace. I am a doctor."

The door to Ace and Luffy's quarter's creaked as Ace pushed it open; Crocus close behind him before it was discreetly closed. Ace occupied the seat not far from the bed as the doctor set about checking Luffy over. After several minutes of tense silence Ace's attention was called back to reality by Crocus' throat clearing. The expression on his face was telling in the gravity of the situation.

"Has Luffy always been like this?" Ace nodded and launched into his brother's long medical history.

"My father always assumed that he had inherited my mother's frail health and anaemia." Ace finished distractedly as the doctor gathered a syringe from his bag and set about injecting Ace's little brother with something Ace didn't know. He was frightened for a moments that Luffy was going to be poisoned but he relaxed when nothing happened after a few minutes.

"Your father was wrong." Crocus pointed out calmly as he took Ace's vacated seat and watched as Ace took a seat on the bed next to his brother, comforting fingers running through black locks. The affection that poured between the two of them was something to behold for Crocus and now that he had finally figured just who the two of them were he felt his heart go out to the two brothers. They were most likely here to try and spit in the face of the government and get revenge for the death of their father. He wasn't going to try and stop them; no he was going to cheer them on and wish them the best. With a wary sigh he wondered if Laboon was still around and had returned from his nightly try to escape the Grand Line. He did not feel like reminiscing about the past without his only close friend. There were some things that he couldn't share with the two in front of him, not even as a member of their father's crew.

"What do you mean Father was wrong?" Ace asked impatiently; his fingers buried in luxuriously soft hair as he tried to worm the information out of the old man. He was grateful for whatever he had given Luffy because the younger's breathing had finally evened out to a calm rhythm and the crease of pain in his brow was also gone. Giving a sigh of relief before turning his attention back to the old man in the chair with a pensive look on his face. Just who was this man? Could he have been close to their father at some point? Ace wanted answers and he wanted them now...

"Young Gol D. Ace. The day I thought I would see you and little Luffy I would be long gone. This was a long time coming and I am glad I got to see you before I myself died." Crocus said honestly. "I know your father told you that Luffy inherited his mother's frail body and disease but it is not true." Crocus pointed out as he shifted his dark eyes behind glasses to the sleeping form of Roger's legacy. A gentle smile touched his lips.

"He has in actual fact inherited your father's own health. Gold Roger was a strong man but he was very sickly; I would know because I was his doctor for three years before we disbanded. It seems even the great Gold Roger himself never told his sons exactly why it was that he was rarely home and spent so much time on the ocean. He wanted adventure and to live his life to the fullest for as many years as possible before he died."

"I'm guessing he was glad to protect what was his to the last and to die an honourable death rather than slowly fading on a death bed somewhere. He always said he wanted to go out with a bang." Ace was very still for a long time; milling over the information his mind was replying to him. Some of what the man was saying made sense to him. He had caught his father couching up a storm and blood more than once when he was younger. That revelation also frightened him because if that was true then it meant that Luffy was also very sick and could die in the next few years.

"Luffy suffers from a hereditary disease that Roger was dying of before he was executed."Crocus concluded with a solemn expression.

"How long?" Ace bit out. His hand clenching by his side in a fist. His little Luffy was sick, afraid and would probably be dying soon. There was a light chuckle travelling through the cabin before it was quiet.

"Don't worry so much Ace. Luffy won't die for a long time if he can keep his stress levels down. Is there something that had been chasing his worry up in the past few years?" Ace nodded in resignation.

"He's been very tense lately and he has always suffered from night terrors but not matter how much I try to get him to talk about it, he won't talk about it." Crocus stood before he headed for the door.

"Both of you get some sleep. Before you leave tomorrow I want you to come see me. I still have some sedative for when the pain gets too much for him to handle. Ace, he seems like a crab. He has a very hard shell but inside he is very tender and in need of love. He needs to talk to someone about these night terrors. If he doesn't then he won't live a happy and free life. You are probably the only one he'll talk to so don't give up until he talks." With those final words the man disappeared through the door and closed it softly. Ace was at a loss for what to do. He knew now that Luffy's attacks were directly related to his emotions as Crocus had said and he also knew that getting Luffy to talk about his dreams were not going to be easy. In fact, he might as well have sighed his death warrant.

"Lu? What am I going to do with you? Why won't you ever talk to me? Don't you know that it hurts me to see you like this; knowing that I can do nothing to help ease your pain? Please talk to me." Ace pleaded with Luffy; not minding one bit that his brother was still probably fast asleep and did not hear a word that was being said. He also needed someone to talk to and if he could open the channels than it would come from both sides; whereas before Ace was also very guarded about his own fears and weaknesses. And one of his biggest weaknesses was his little brother's pouts and his little brother period. Because Ace knew he would do anything for Luffy even if it meant dying that exact instinct to make him happy.

After several more hours of sitting beside vigil; Ace too fought off his own yawn and reluctantly climbed into the bed beside his brother. Never hesitating to take Luffy in his arms and holding him hostage. He wasn't letting go, not after what he had been told. Never, he was never letting go. Cooing softly to hum Luffy into a deeper sleep, Ace himself fell into unconsciousness with his lips still placed on a warm forehead in affection and sweet love. There were times where he wondered if his intentions were as pure as his mind convinced his heart. Sometimes he really doubted that but right now his mind was drifting in a black fog of nostalgia and regret.

Sorrow crept over his body in a rush of uncertainty. Ace had no idea where the feeling was coming from but it was so intense that the sting behind his eyes and the lump in the throat could hardly be ignored. For the first time in years, Ace allowed that one single tear to escape with all the sorrow in his body.

"Sleep my precious Luffy. I'll be here in the morning when you awake."

Dark, it was so dark he couldn't see. There was nothing but the immense burn of sickening poison running through his blood stream. Only a single thought crashed through his mind. There was nothing stopping his will power from overpowering his pain. Even if he was dying.

'I will fight without sight, by my hearing and if I can't hear I will fight with smell. If I lose function of my limbs I will bite you to death.' His mind and mouth screamed at the hazed opponent before him. The sickening colour of purple poison covering his entire body in a rush of mind numbing pain and desperation. Trying to claw out his own eyes to get rid of the pain and to feel the darkness burn in his mind. Luffy fought hard to stay awake.

He promised that nothing was going to stop him. Not the pain, not the darkness that crawled around him and the hopelessness of the situation that was beating down at his body.

'I will not break!' A silent promise to the gods that he would survive. Would live for only his brother and that even whilst dying he would fight. He would die in his brother's arms and nowhere else. A single promise that whispered across his mind in just as the legendary straw hat rested against his shoulders in a promise of getting stronger.

'I have to save Ace! I need to be strong for Ace this once.' The love that burned through his veins was enough, it was all he needed to push back the pain and stand up again and again despite wearing himself out beyond repair. Nothing would ever be same after this. Nothing...

"A-A-C-E!" A haggard voice that he did not recognize as his own cried out in a show of inner strength and unimaginable turmoil. Gasped breaths that never carried enough oxygen whispered across exhausted limbs. All Luffy wanted was to sleep and die quietly but he couldn't there was still something he had to do. Something he would do for any of his Nakama but especially for his beloved brother. Ace was his everything, his brother, his best friend and coveted unrequited love. A burning tear trailed across poison stained cheeks. The purity of the action washing away the darkness that threatened to overwhelm him as it washed away the pain of the poison spreading through his limb.

'I will save you. I promise you with my entire eternal soul.'

"A-A-C-E!" Poison numbed fingers curled around freezing bars of dread of where he was captured. He was now held captive by his own stupidity, pain and love but despite that he would not give up. Miracles existed and for Ace, Luffy moved poisoned mountains and suffered through the five layers of hell. Only for Ace.

"Stay with me Mugi-Chan! We'll save your Anii-Chan. I will find Iva-Sama." A light of hope sparked in the tunnel of immense darkness. The dying flames of his wavering will kindled by those few words that made sense to him. The determination was lit beneath his heart for an eternity to come. Through pain, love, sweat and tears. Through even death.

'I will save Ace! Not even deadly nerve poison will hold me back!'

Waking up in a cold sweat, a mind numbing headache and dread settling across his heart. Luffy jerked awake with sorrow dancing in his eyes and immense pain cutting through his heart. The dream, no - memory - burned a path though his soul. His breaths coming in hyperventilating breaths that left his mind spinning at dizzying speeds and caused his adjusting eyes flit restlessly throughout the room in search of Ace. Gentle hands folded around his chest from behind. One resting against his fluttering heartbeat and the other rubbing soft circles of comfort on his left hip.

"Shhh. It's alright now Lu. Calm yourself." Words, such kind words. Luffy took several minutes of calming enough to relax back against Ace chest. The sun was muffled by thick curtains but Ace made no comment of the waking up and starting the day. That meant that Luffy had suffered through one of his episodes again. The last thing he remembered before his looping nightmare started was being on the platform where his father had been executed. Another pang of pain flitted across his heart and Luffy bit his bottom lip to keep quiet and shivered in dread.

"W-where are we?" Luffy asked uncertainly. The tingling in his chest increasing when warm lips pressed against his temple.

"The Grand Line, Lu. You were out of it for an entire day." Luffy groaned. He had missed them entering the Grand Line and now he was once again in bed with some kind of health problem. Except that the pain that usually came with his episodes was gone and he didn't feel feverish or drunk. He didn't fight Ace when Luffy was pushed onto his back and into the soft mattress of the bed. A blush decorated his freckled cheeks when Ace straddled his hips and the soft touch of calloused fingers trailed over his cheeks where he noticed for the first time it was wet with his tears.

"Luffy...Stop locking yourself away like this." Ace sighed before he brought the tears to his lips in a show of acceptance and affection. Luffy's soft whine of pleasure went unnoticed by Ace as he leant forward and licked away the wet trail of Luffy's tears. For some reason the taste of that saline liquid on his tongue reminded him of the pain they shared and something much more intimate than being very close brother.

"Sleep now Lu. You're still exhausted and you need your rest. Tomorrow we will talk and you will tell me what has been bothering you for the last four years." Ace warned sternly before he slid of his brother's smaller body and crawled beneath the covers again and wound his arms around Luffy's waist to keep him from escaping his grasp.

"A-Ace I..."

"Shush Lu, Sleep now, we'll talk tomorrow."

1* - Kasai Sekei – Fire Wall

2* - Oro Kyodai Kaizoku – Gold Brothers' Pirates.

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