for chi, because she's my fellow sexy bitch, and she deserves the best birthday ever. ;)

regrets and mistakes,
they're memories made

She supposes they're something like a fairytale, with her long sparkling black curls and the twinkle in his eyes that he never seems to be able to morph out. And besides, fairytales sometimes have forbidden aspects, and who's to say that there doesn't need to be a fairytale with a couple that are too in love to realize that they're both already married?

And when his wife is too perfect to admit that she doesn't love him and when her husband is too broken to admit that he loves her, there's a definite justification in their relationship. It's so open and free and she knows he loves her and he knows she loves him, so anyone with half a brain could tell why they do it. It's not wrong.

So, when he throws a rock against her window, she lifts a candle and daintily steps into a pair of heels and a gigantic ballgown. He doesn't shout for Rapunzel, but that's okay, because her hair's not that long anyway. Checking to make sure the person on the other side of her bed is asleep, she quietly opens the window and slips out. "Jump!" he calls, holding his arms out. "I'll catch you!"

He doesn't need to tell her twice, because they have a you-jump-I-jump relationship, and she doesn't need reassurance that he'd catch her. He will.

Taking one last look at her husband, {he's lying heartbreakingly still, and just for a second she wonders if she's making a mistake} she jumps into his waiting arms. He catches her and holds her against him and murmurs things into her ear until finally she pulls away. "Teddy," she laughs, spinning in a circle with her arms in the air, "will you be my prince?"

Walking closer to her, he bows and takes an offered hand. "It would be an honor, Lady Molly," he replies, a grin teasing at the corners of his lips. "You're far too beautiful to dance there all by yourself."

She giggles again and they begin to waltz throughout the snow that covers the ground. And when she trips and falls and he falls with her, they lay in the snow, watching the stars, content to let the glittery winter wash over them.