I Don't Believe In Fairytales

*AU. Magic, royalty, romance, friendship etc.

Every girl has dreamed of being a princess. Every girl has dreamed of falling in love. And every girl has dreamed that her prince would come and sweep her off of her feet.

Except me, Quinn Fabray.

I have read fairytales, come on, what kid hasn't? But I thought they were unrealistic and awful. They're pretty much telling girls that they should be as desperate as possible to get a guy. No man would ride up on a white horse and ask you to marry him. No man would ever do such a thing. Trust me I would know. I've had my fair share of heart breaks, and I'm only 23.

First there was Jesse St. James. We were together for a while, if you consider a year a while. He had been cheating on me almost the whole time, with more than one girl. I knew Rachel (my best friend) was right about him.

Then there was Jeffery Kale, we didn't last long, but it still hurt when he kicked me to the curb.

And finally, the most recent, Finn Hudson. He told me he loved me. I believed him. I opened up to him, and he used that against me. I told him I loved him more than anything, and then he broke me. He had broken up with me for Rachel, even though Rachel didn't want him, and then once he realized she didn't, he came back to me. He begged for my forgiveness. And guess what, I gave in. But only a week after that, he did something that made me never want to forgive him, ever again. He stole something from me that I will never have back.

Yes, he raped me. You're probably saying to yourself, 'But she was in love with him', and I know that. I did love him, but I didn't want to lose my virginity, I wanted to stay pure until marriage, but he took it anyway.

But that was a year ago, I'm mended now. I think…

I just can't get involved with men. They'll only end up hurting me. Well except for my father, he promised to never hurt me.

He lied.


I remember the day so clearly. I had been with Rachel when my father walked into the room.

"Quinn, I have to tell you something" His face was emotionless; he didn't have a look of despair or one of happiness. It was blank.

"Yes, daddy?" I had asked

"You've been sold"

"What? What are you talking about?" I held my breath, awaiting the answer.

"The king is paying me for giving you to the castle as a slave"

I had jumped up, furious. "What?"

Rachel sat there silently, I don't blame her. I would've done the same thing.

"How'd this happen?" I asked softly, trying to hold back tears

"We're running low on money and I must have money for my alcohol"

"Of course" I said under my breath

"You'll leave in the morning" He said, his face still emotionless as he walked out of the room

"You….you… BASTARD!" I screamed as I walked out of the room and saw him calmly walking down the stairs. "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? I'M YOUR DAUGHTER!"

He spun around, his face was angry, but I didn't care. "HOW DARE YOU YELL AT ME! I'M GLAD I SOLD YOU! ALCOHOL IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOU, YOU LITTLE BITCH!"




"DON'T SPEAK OF YOUR MOTHER!" I felt his hand collide with my cheek. I looked up at him with fear in my eyes.


Those had been the last words I had said to him. After that, I went up to my room to pack all of my stuff. Rachel helped, as she cried silently. I was going to miss her.


And here I am, at the castle, a year later.

It was awful here. The head guard had told me that my father said to punish me every day. And that's exactly what he did.

I have marks all over my body. They had whipped, they had hit me, kicked me, even got out their swords and cut my skin.

I hate it here. I want to escape, that's all I've wanted since I had come here. I want out.

But that will never happen…


I woke up to darkness one morning. It wasn't even 5 am yet. But I had to prepare breakfast for the special guest today.

Prince Samuel was coming back today from visiting his cousin.

I had never met the prince. I had heard a lot about him though. The other slaves here said that he was incredibly sweet. But how could someone royal be sweet? They are all monsters.

I looked over at my roommates. I smiled at them as I walked over to their beds. There were 5 girls here including me.

There was Mercedes Jones, the one who usually made her 'slave clothes' more glamorous.

Then Brittany Pierce. She wasn't the smartest tool in the shed, but she was one of the nicest.

Then there was Tina Cohen-Chang. She was definitely the quietest out of all of us. She didn't talk back, and she didn't talk sass. She was silent for the most part.

And last but not least, Santana Lopez, the sassy Latina. She was the one that mouthed off the most, but she took her punishments. She was my best friend here and I loved her like a sister.

I quickly woke them all up and we got ready and we headed to the kitchen to prepare the food.

It had to be perfect or else we would be hurt.

None of these girls deserved to be here. I do though. I'm a horrible person. I let Finn take my innocence and never told anyone, not even Rachel. I should've, but I couldn't.

"Q, could you taste this?" San asked breaking me out of my thoughts. I nodded and walked over to her.

I took one of her muffins and took a bite. I moaned in pleasure. "These are amazing, San"

She smiled half-heartedly "Thanks"

Santana had always wanted to be a baker. She wanted to open a bakery and be famous. But her parents did the same thing my dad had done to me.

I saw she had lost focus, she was looking at something on the other side of the room. I followed her gaze and my eyes landed on Brittany who was placing a stack of pancakes into the oven to keep warm.

"You need to tell her" I said as I set my muffin on the counter.

"I can't"

"Why not? I know she loves you back. She even told me"

"If the guards found out that we were…different, we'd be screwed. They'd probably chop our heads off. I'd rather us both be alive and be just friends, then be together and dead."

I gave her a sad look. "It'll work out" I give her a one armed hug and then go back to warming up the syrup.

The door to the kitchen swung open. There stood the head guard. I stiffened, was it time for my daily beating?

"You better be almost ready! The Prince will be here in 20 minutes" Marcus boomed.

The 5 of us started to quicken our pace. I heard his shoes clicking toward me. I tried to remain calm as I took the temperature of the syrup (the King wants it a perfect temperature).

"Awww" He sneered "Good morning, Quinnie" I looked up at him and forced on a smile

"Good morning, sir" I grabbed some parts of my skirt as I curtseyed. It was a rule. We had to curtsy when anyone such as the royals or the guards talked to us.

"We will have to change the time for your daily beating. It will have to be this evening. We can't have you looking gross in front of the Prince. After all, he can take you as a bride in a split second" He smirked "I have a feeling he will" He brushed some of my hair behind my ear. I shuddered internally. "You're very pretty" His yellow teeth shone when he smiled. I had to try not to gag.

"Leave her alone!"

I spun around. What was Santana doing?

"Aww, of course, it was young Santana who said something" His smile was vicious. "How about you get beaten too tonight"

"No! I'll take an extra beating!" I exclaimed. I can't have her do this for me.

He turned his attention back to me. "Really?" I quickly nodded. Santana was shaking her eyes from behind him. I gave her a look, but it seems Marcus didn't notice. "Well, instead of an extra beating, how about we do something else" I shuddered visibly this time.

I don't want to be raped, but I have to help Santana, she was just trying to help me.

"No! I deserve my punishment. Don't rape her! I'll take my punishment" Santana exclaimed.

"Very well" Marcus sneered one last time. "Better be out there soon, the King doesn't like the wait" He spat then he walked out of the kitchen.

"Santana, why'd you do that?"

"I can't let him touch you like that. I don't care if I get whipped or hit or even killed, I won't let him do that to you"

I smiled slightly "Thank you" I hugged her. "Thank you" I whispered

"Come on" she said as she pulled away "We should get to work"


10 minutes later, we were placing all of the food on the dining table when we heard voices coming from the front hall. We had to hurry, the Prince was already here.

Finally, we were done, and we stood off to the side as the King and Marcus walked in. Marcus smirked over at me, and I stiffened and looked away.

But then a young man with shaggy blonde hair walked in. His eyes were blue and they were shining. His lips were big, but he pulled it off. He looked fit as I saw his muscles straining against his outfit.

"I forgot what this place looked like" Prince Samuel exclaimed as he looked around the room. I couldn't help but stare. Santana elbowed me and I looked at her. She smiled softly and I smiled back. I had been caught.

"Marcus, did you…" The King's eyes trailed over to me and Marcus shook his head.

"No, your highness" he bowed "I figured it'd be better if I did that tonight"

Santana placed her hand on my back and rubbed it slightly in comfort.

"What's going on?" Prince Samuel asked

"Nothing that involves you, son" The King turned to us. "Chairs, ladies" Brittany and I stepped forward and pulled out their chairs so they could eat.

I smiled at the Prince as I pulled out his chair and he sat down. He scooted back in and he smiled "Thank you"

I curtseyed "You're welcome, your highness"

"Don't thank her!" The King barked "She's a servant, it's her job" I walked back over and stood by Santana.

"Father, I do believe that they do deserve some thanks"

"No they don't!" The King shouted and banged his fist on the table, causing most of us to jump. "They barely deserve what we give them! They are such brats!"

I looked at the Prince and he looked upset. I wonder why.

"Slaves, leave the room…now!" The King ordered and we quickly obeyed.

I hate it here, but the Prince just made it a little bit better.