Screech and Thud were making their way towards their cave dwelling, still in shock over what happened to Red Claw just a few minutes ago.

"That was CLOSE!" Screech said in the sharptooth language, referring to how Red Claw was taken down.

"TOO close!" Thud said in return. "Why do we keep hanging around him ANYWAY?" Thud then asked. "Every time we try to capture those miserable flatteeth, we always end up failing and having to eat scrawny mammals instead. I'm SICK of it, I tell you! SICK of it!"

"Hey! Red Claw's family did A LOT for our family for GENERATIONS. We owe him our LIVES."

"Humpf! Well, if this keeps up, our lives will soon be FORFEIT!"

"BAAAH!" Screech dismissed his brother's complaints with a wave of his hand.

As Thud settled down to the floor of their cave home, Screech went and pulled out a skull from the pile of rocks it was stored under. He frequently liked to inspect it to make sure it was still intact.

"Why do you keep that old skull anyway?" Thud groaned. "Why not just get rid of it?"

Screech got up to approach his brother. "Hey! This isn't just some 'old skull'!" he said as he waved it in front of his brother. "It's an important relic that's been in our family for many generations."

Thud sighed. "Yes, Screech! You've told me that story a thousand times!"

"And I'll tell it to you AGAIN until you finally understand its meaning!" Screech insisted.

Thud sighed again. "Fine!" he said as he crossed his arms in front of him and glared at his brother.

"This 'old skull', as you so blatantly call it, once belonged to a tyrant who only wanted to enslave all other flatteeth and sharpteeth, and bend them to his will.

"Legend has it that he was a Rainbow Face, just like those flatteeth who knocked out Red Claw with their beams of light today."

Thud listened more intently now.

"He even had a name: Myk'l Wilssohn. It was said that he was very powerful, and had the world at his command. BUT those flatteeth and sharpteeth who did NOT want to be his slaves banded together to defeat him. It was apparently the only time in our prehistory that flatteeth and sharpteeth alike stood together against a common threat.

"In the end, they deposed this tyrant and restored freedom to the world. As a token of victory, one sharptooth took off the tyrant's head and kept it. Eventually, the head came to symbolize the day that all Saurians were finally free; which is why it was passed down through the generations of that sharptooth's family. OUR family! It serves as a reminder to all Saurians everywhere that no other tyrant should rise up again and make the same mistakes that THIS tyrant made."

After letting it all sink in, Thud nodded. "I understand, now."

This brought a satisfied smile to Screech's facial features. "That's all I need to hear."

Back on board the Enterprise, Captain Kirkland and Mr. Kark emerged from the turbo lift's chamber and stepped onto the Bridge.

"Well, Mr. Kark, I take it that your day on the planet has been a rather interesting experience for you?" Kirkland asked in teasing manner.

"Not any more of an 'experience' than our previous encounter with those young Saurians," Kark said in answer.

Dr. McLelland, who happened to be on the Bridge, came over to join his two friends.

"Why, Doctor! Don't tell me you've finished analysing all of the information you've collected earlier today?" Kirkland said.

"Finished a half hour ago," the Doctor stated. "And I've made some pretty interesting discoveries."

"I eagerly await to hear of your findings, Doctor," Mr. Kark stated.

"Eagerly!?" Dr. McLelland said in mock surprise. "Eagerness is a Rainbow Face emotion, Mr. Kark. You sure you're not—"

Dr. McLelland's question was cut short by Mr. Kark's questioning look directed at him.

Dr. McLelland sighed. "Forget I asked," he muttered as he rolled his eyes.

Captain Kirkland stifled a chuckle.

"Captain," Lieutenant Urbina said from her post at the communications console. "We've just received new orders from Space Fleet. We're to head to Starbase Nine immediately. Some of the ship's crew is to be reassigned there."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Kirkland said in acknowledgment. "Navigator, plot course to heading one six three mark seven, warp factor two."

"Aye, sair," said Mr. Koralenko in his thick Prussalian accent as he executed the programmed the heading. "Prepaired to lweave orbit!"

"Engage!" Kirkland ordered.

Mr. Koralenko pressed a button on his console. The hum of the warp drive could be heard as the ship left orbit towards his new heading. Kirkland switched the viewer on the Bridge to reverse angle so he could watch the departure from Terra, a world that his species once called "home".