I wrote this story shortly after disovering the original 1988 theatrical release, the 1994 sequel and the 5th installment- where Chomper played a more active role in helping the five main characters.

This was also written before I saw the TV series on the same website. Therefore, in this story's plot, Chomper never met Ruby, never had confrontations with Red Claw or the fast biters/velociraptors; nor did he go live in The Great Valley while he was still young. Instead, he stayed with his parents and grew up among the sharptooth, thus learning all of the survival tools of his kind.

Yet I felt it was important that he remembers all of his old friends from The Great Valley, as well as their language, to form the basis of the plot of this story. I also felt it was important that their bond of friendship grow ever stronger as the storyline began to develop. Finally, I wanted Cera the threehorn to be more open to new ideas and new ways of thinking; and that she would look past her differences to become the key hero who conquers the odds and vanquishes the tenacious "villain", as a true story's hero always does.

The reason I wrote this story was so other fans of the cartoon can see what I imagined them being like all grown up, what kind of adventures they'd have as grown-ups, and what they would do to stay alive and go through other adventures. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.