Chomper noticed Roary was playing with a couple of long neck yearlings off in the distance. He could hear laughter emanating from them as they were running all over the grassy plain. Chomper beamed. Looks like Roary didn't waste time in making new friends. He thought to himself. He roared "Time to go, Roary! Your mother's waiting for us by the river for supper!" "Okay, dad!" Roary roared back.

The big bright circle was just sinking below the horizon when they finally sat down by the riverbank for their meal. Although V'Leck took enough meat for the three of them off of Topsy's corpse, Chomper preferred to have another meal of fish. Roary had a mixture of both, while V'Leck polished off whatever threehorn meat was left. No green eaters came to join them. It was a private dinner between the three of them. It was the season where things were still quite warm, even thought the bright circle was low in the sky.

"So where are we gonna sleep tonight?" V'Leck asked as they were washing themselves in the river.

"I think Little Foot's gonna arrange some type of accomodations for us."

V'Leck let out a rumbling laughter.

"What?" Chomper asked.

"I just find that nickname so funny... 'Little Foot'..." V'Leck laughed again. "He doesn't have any 'little foots' anymore, does he?" V'Leck teased.

"Only his closest friends call him that." Chomper smiled.

"Just like they call you 'Chomper'?" V'Leck replied.

Chomper nodded. "Yes."

"Well..." V'leck began as she slided up to him. "I think I'll call you 'Teekie'."


V'Leck seductively nodded. "And you can call me 'V'leckie'." She said as she stroked his cheek and ran a clawed finger across his jaw.

"Whaddya say... big boy?" V'Leck teased as he strided up close to him.

"I could get used to it." Chomper said as he took her in his arms from the small of her back.

"Okay! If you two are gonna get frisky..." Roary said with just a hint of annoyance.

After a moment, Chomper and V'leck laughed. Roary joined in.

They heard a bellow from upstream, and looked to see the large form of Little Foot come up to them.

"I believe I've found a place you can stay in!" Little Foot said with a smile.

A short time later, the four of them were gathered at a cave entrance just outside of The Great Valley. The bright circle was almost gone from the horizon. Chomper was inspecting the inside.

"I know it's not much, Chomper." Little Foot began. "But it's the best we could do, for the time being."

"It'll be fine!" Chomper said after he'd finished his inspection.

"It'll only be temporary, until we can find a larger cave."

Chomper chuckled. "No, Little Foot! It's fine. Really!"

Little Foot smiled. "I'm glad." After a moment, he asked. "Any idea what your responsibilities are?"

"Chief Berserker told me before we left that he'd be sending messengers from time to time with news about what's been going on in the Sharptooth Provinces, and that I'm to send reports of happenings out here back to him."

Little Foot nodded. "Well, get some rest, Chomper. We've got a big day tomorrow. We've gotta name Topsy's successor on the Council; and as Foreign Ambassador, you need to be present for the proceedings."

Chomper smiled. "I'll be there."

Little Foot felt a hand on his right forelimb. He looked down to see the smiling face of Roary looking up at him. "Tank you." he managed in the green eater language. Little Foot beamed as he bent down to stroke Roary's cheek with his muzzle. Roary closed his eyes and made the purring sound his kind always make when they're happy. It sounded almost exactly like the sound he remembered Chomper's mother made when she stroked his cheek back when he was a hatchling, and he and his green eater friends were stranded on that island.

Little Foot bade them good night as he left. After waiving to him, Teek and his family held each other lovingly close as they entered their new cave dwelling to retire for the night.

The next morning, the Council of The Great Valley of Peace was in session; and the first order of the day was naming Councilor Topsy's successor. The job went to a threehorn male who happened to be a few days younger than Cera.

There was an awkward moment as Ducky stood up and blurted out. "Why doesn't Cera get named to stand on the Council! She's the oldest threehorn in the valley! Plus, it was her father's job. She has a right to inherit it, doesn't she?"

"But Cera is female! No female can serve on Council!" Petrie, who was sitting right beside her, got up and told her.

Cera, who was sitting on the other side with Wendyk, was stunned momentarily; but then vehemently told Ducky. "Yeah! I couldn't serve on the Council, even if I wanted the job! Which I don't!"

"Well... You'd get MY vote! You would! You would!" Ducky said.

"HEY!" a male threehorn sitting not far from them yelled. "If you're not gonna keep quiet, LEAVE!"

Ducky look embarrased. "Sorry!"

This brought about a brief fit of laughter here and there from many who were attending. After it died down, the proceedings were allowed to continue.

Later on that day, Cera was called to a dwelling to offer medical aid. A threehorn youngling had come down with a high fever, and would not eat anything, for he had a big tummyache, or so his mother claimed. Cera held her breath, fearing the worst, as she examined the sick youngling. As it turned out, it was not "Bloody Tummy". It was just a mild case of the "sneezies and achies". She just recommended plenty of rest, lots of water, and a healthy dose of the blue flower medicine plant. She told the mother he would feel better in about a couple of days.

The bright circle set on another warm day in The Great Valley of Peace. The future looked very promising indeed for all those who lived in and around it.