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Chapter 1

Tohru skipped along lightly as she made her way home from work. Today was her birthday, and Shigure said there was a special surprise waiting for her when she returned.

She was so excited that the footsteps behind her didn't even register.

She had almost made it to the spot where Kyo was to pick her up when something hard slammed into her ribs, knocking her into an alley. Tohru flew into the brick wall, feeling something crack in her arm. There was a sharp pain in her skull. Her vision went dark and her head felt hot inside and out.

"Hey, look at this cutie," a voice crooned from the black. She hated to judge, but from the looks of him, he was what Kyo would call "scum." His hair was shaggy and his beard was untamed. Even from the ground she could smell whiskey on his breath.

She yelped as he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her feet, or rather, the air above where her feet should have been. A blade glimmered in the small light from the bar beside them as it swept forward and sloppily cut through his fistful of hair. Tohru began to fall, but he crushed her to the wall, dropping the handful of shimmering brown locks to the ground.

"Please," Tohru whined. "Please, let me go."

He laughed as if she was the most hysterical person in the world. "I don't think so, sweetheart," he slurred. "Because, believe it or not, a girl today made me realize that all girls are bitches that deserve to be used and killed."

Tohru's eyes widened and her breathing picked up. She saw the man smirk and felt his calloused fingers slide underneath her shirt and creep up her back. She choked when her shirt was torn off, buttons scattering and falling amongst the broken bottles and garbage littering the pavement

In the distance she heard a cheer and loud music. She began to scream.

"Kyo!" She cried. "Where are you?"

The time was passing so slowly for her, though in reality it was going so fast. She felt blood rolling down her spine. She sobbed as he ripped off her jeans and had his way with her, all the while leaving deep cuts on her skin with the blade he had procured from somewhere in his pockets.

He pushed himself off of her and picked up a bottle, taking a deep swig and stumbling backwards. He raised the now almost empty bottle and made to throw it at her when a hand grabbed his wrist and wrenched it around his back. The assailant kneed the drunk man in the spine and watched him crumple and cough blood onto the filthy blacktop.

The familiar doctor had an angry gleam in his eye as he pulled the man back up by his skin and punched him in the jaw, sending his nearly naked form sprawling across the ground. He groaned but stayed where he was.

Hatori Sohma stood up and dropped his tense fighting stance. He walked with a fast pace towards Tohru, who could feel herself quickly slipping away. She found herself not able to remember who she was or what was happening.

By the time she was wrapped in a shirt that smelled like someone she knew and was placed gently in a car, tightly wrapped in blankets, the only thing she could remember was that something horrible had happened.


Hatori drove straight passed Shigure's house, which was filled with Sohma's awaiting Tohru's arrival, so they could surprise her with a huge birthday party. He drove, trying not to shake, afraid for the girl lying unconscious in the back of his car. He wanted to be sick.

He pulled out his phone and called the first person on his speed dial.

"Hatori! Where's our favorite person, and why aren't you with her?" the former dog said, laughing at his own peculiar humor. Hatori stayed silent, trying but failing to unlock his tongue so he could produce speech. "Hatori? What's wrong?"

"Call off the party," he said. He knew Shigure would know immediately that because his voice was actually shaking, he was beyond his normal serious demeanor. "I'm taking her to my house. Bring Ayame. And if you can, keep this from Yuki and Kyo. I don't want to have to deal with them."

Shigure didn't even answer. The phone conversation ended with a "click" just as Hatori pulled up at his house, which dwelled right on the outskirts of the former Sohma residence.

He replaced the keys to his pockets and pulled the small girl into his arms. There was more blood than was possible covering her stomach, face, arms, and legs. Everywhere possible. He winced as he awaited the transformation that never came. Once his hesitation was over he ran to the house, trying not to jostle the dying girl in his arms. How he wished he hadn't hesitated. If she died, all he would do is blame himself.

He laid her on his bed and pulled out his medical kit. He removed his shirt from her body and cleaned her wounds. Her eyes snapped open and she shrieked at the top of her lungs at the burn of alcohol and other sanitation methods as they assaulted germs and debris. She began to thrash violently, sobbing, slapping Hatori, blood spraying over his shirt and bed.

Shigure and Ayame entered. They stared dumbly, mouths agape, until Hatori yelled out for them. "Hold down her arms!" He called. "She'll die if I don't stop this bleeding!"

A spark ignited and the two men bolted towards the bed. Ayame took her ankles and pinned them to the ground, while Shigure plastered her arms to her sides. She continued to scream and sob and writhe as Hatori stitched and bandaged her. When he had finished, Tohru passed out on the bed, and the three men stared, dumbfounded, as they wondered why such a thing had happened to the poor, innocent girl they cared for so deeply. (Written by DominoTyler)

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