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Chapter 14

2:03 p.m., Ben thought. It's been over fifteen hours. How much longer I don't know. Gosh, I've got to get to sleep. Ben found it hard to stay awake, and all of the Sohma's understood. He had been in the hospital just as long as Kyo and Tohru.

Seven months later, Ben, Kisa, Hiro, Momichi and the rest of the Sohma gang are all eagerly, and nervously, waiting. The only two Sohmas not present in the room are Kyo and Hatori.

Ben was the only one not sitting, instead pacing back and forth across the hospital waiting room. And for what? To know if it was going to make it. Ben, Kyo, and Tohru had been living together for just over five and a half months, and they were like a family. Ben hadn't managed to find a girlfriend yet though, which made Kyo and Tohru laugh every time he brought it up.

A doctor came in the waiting room and called out, "All visitors for Tohru Honda, come this way." The whole gang, who filled up the room, stood, and followed the doctor down the hall.

"It's been hours," Momichi whispered wearily to Ben, as he walked down the long, white, sterilized hallway. "I wonder if she's okay."

"Momichi, it generally takes a while to give birth," Hiro replied, overhearing the whisper.

"How would you even know?" Haru asked critically, hitting him with his elbow. Everyone whisper-laughed at Haru's tone.

"My mom gave birth about a year ago. I would know."

"No, you shouldn't know," Shigure teased. Hiro was about to fight back when Kisa tugged his arm.

"Can we not fight, for once?" she asked him, giving him that look nobody could resist, especially Hiro. He turned to give Shigure a hate-filled glance, but he turned back to Kisa and nodded.

After many twists and turns down long, bland hallways, the doctor leading them finally stopped. She pointed toward a door. The door was slightly cracked open, and Ben was the first one to peak in. Ben had told the other to stay out, just in case Tohru didn't want them all there yet.

There was a short "hallway", and then the walls opened up to the room. Tohru was lying on the hospital bed, sitting up, chipper as ever. She was talking to Kyo, who was sitting in a chair next to her. Kyo looked up when Ben knocked on the corner of the room, and Tohru turned her head a few seconds after Kyo stopped talking. "Ben!" she said, smiling even brighter then before. He smiled and walked over to her and gave her a hug.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, staying at the side of her bed, across from the ex-cat.

"Good, thanks for asking."

"Kyo, you?" Ben asked, trying to be considerate. Kyo rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair.

"To be honest?" Kyo replied, looking Ben in the eye. Ben nodded, and Kyo continued. "I was freaking out for a while, but I think I'm okay now."

"Am I interrupting anything?" A strong, deep voice asked as he walked to the foot of Tohru's bed. Everybody shook their heads. Hatori smiled at Tohru and said, "Are you feeling okay?" She nodded, and Hatori walked over to Ben's side of the bed. He reached for her hand, and he quickly took her pulse. He put his hand on her chin and turned her face toward his. He looked into her eye for a while, and then he dropped his hand. Tohru gave him a questioning look, and Hatori explained. "I just wanted to make sure what color your eyes are." He then smirked, gave a little chuckle, and continued, "It looks just like you." Then he turned around, and he left the room, closing the door quietly when he left.

"So," Ben asked, after a few moments of silence. "Do you know whether it's a boy or a girl."

Tohru smiled, and replied, "Well, I remember them telling me, and I remember looking at it, but I don't remember what gender it was. Sorry." She giggled, and she turned to look at both of the boys. They each let out a laugh.

"If it's okay with you, I'm going to go get the rest of the 'family,'" Ben said. Tohru nodded, so Ben went out into the hallway.

"Are you sure about this?" Kyo asked. "You know the Sohma's they're pretty crazy. Don't let them overwhelm you. You don't have to let them in if you don't want to."

"I know. I want them here. I always feel better when they're here. All of them. And, yes, they can get crazy, but if I get to overwhelmed them I'll tell you. You can yell at them for me. I just need something to make me smile."

"Well, I'm here. And you'll have a little kid here to keep your happy. But if the family will make you happy, then I'll be happy too." Tohru smiled and sighed.

A reckless group of Sohma's were waiting in the hall, and when Ben poked his head out, they all quieted down and looked at him. "How's Tohru?" Kisa asked, as soon as Ben shut the door.

"I hope she's alright," Kagura thought out-loud.

"Tohru's fine. She wants you guys to come in." They all perked up and started toward the door. "Just," Ben spoke, loudly to make sure everyone heard him. "Don't scare her. Don't fight, and don't cause any problems. She's fine, but a little slow. She's tired too, so just be calm and quiet. Okay?" Everyone nodded their heads, and Ben turned and opened the door.

"I just think-" Kyo was saying as the noisy family came banging into the room.

"Tohru!" Momichi shouted when he saw her. She smiled brightly at her whole "family". They all filed through and hugged her like non-other. The greeted her with "how are you"'s and "how are you feeling"'s. She answered them all the same. The family sat and stood wherever they could, and they talked together, without fighting.

Tohru's tiredness started to show through, and it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. The family tried to keep her awake, but her eyes just wouldn't stay open.

"Tohru? Do you want us to leave?" Shigure asked, shaking her awake.

"No, I don't. I want you guys here, to-" She faded off.

"Leave," Kyo demanded. Everybody turned to him, but nobody listened. They all went on with their conversations, remembering that Tohru didn't want them to leave. Kyo stood up and walked over to where Shigure was standing. Kyo stood on his toes, and spoke right into Shigure's face. "I said leave, dammit!"

"Look. Tohru didn't want us to leave, so we aren't leaving," Shigure said, pushing Kyo back down. "Your either going to accept that, fight me, or leave. I would chose for you, but then you'd be gone faster then you could think about it. So chose for yourself." Kyo looked at his cousin with hate in his eyes, and he angrily folded his arms.

"Fine. Stay for all I care."

"Way to go, Kyo, being a man. Don't let that big canine get to you," Yuki said, smile beaming. Machi giggled next to him, and he chuckled along with her.

"Dammit, you stupid rat!" Kyo yelled, throwing a punch in his direction. Yuki caught his fist easily, and threw it down.

"Kyo, do you have to be so stupid? Tohru doesn't want-"

"I don't care! I want to kill you!" Kyo yelled, throwing another punch, and, after those being blocked, a couple kicks. By now, the whole family had turned to watch the cat and mouse fight going on in the hospital room. Hatori walked into the room just as Kyo was launched, hitting the end of Tohru's hospital bed, making a loud crunch sound on the wall, shaking Tohru awake.

"Now you two, what did I say about fighting!" Ben said, as Hatori hastily walked over toward Tohru's side.

"Sorry," both replied, glaring at the other. Kyo, as is suddenly being woken up from a dream, stopped the glare with Yuki and walked over to Tohru. "Tohru, I'm so sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to."

"Oh B.S., of course you meant to," Yuki replied, adding fuel to the fire already in Kyo's mind. Kyo glared at him, and was about to say something, when he felt a soft hand on his forearm.

"Please don't fight him. Don't fight anyone."

"Seriously, Kyo, know more fighting. Tohru's heart rate is above were is should be," Hatori said. Then, turning toward Tohru, he said, "Pleas try to calm down Tohru." She nodded and leaned back on her pillow.

"Why hasn't there been a doctor in here, it seems like it's been so long," Kyo asked, rhetorically. Everyone chuckled at the question, which made Kyo angry.

"Kyo," Hatori said in his usual calm voice, "I am a doctor."

"Oh, right," Kyo replied, slumping into the chair he had been sitting in. He'd been up for a long time and, now with his beating from Yuki, his drowsiness was just starting to set in. Hatori turned, said something to Shigure and Ayame that nobody else could here, and left the room again.

"Oh, Kyo!" Tohru said, like coming out of a haze. He turned to look at her, and she continued. "Happy Birht-

Just then, someone opened the door again. All the guests turned and saw a nurse walking in, carrying a bundle of cloth. The bundle was crying, and the nurse was doing it's best to calm it down. She looked a little surprised at all the people who has accumulated in the hospital room, but she dropped that look quickly. She walked over to Tohru, and Kyo followed.

Tohru's face light up even brighter than ever. The nurse handed over the bundle of cloth, and Tohru took it instantly. The baby stopped crying as soon as it was safe in Tohru's arms.

The whole family turned and watched as both Tohru and Kyo looked at the little child in their arms for the first time. A tear ran down Tohru's face, and a smile spread across Kyo's for the first time in a while. She looked up at him, and he looked down at her. They laughed, and Kyo kissed the top of the new mother's head.

Tohru snuggled the baby close to her face, and she kissed it.

"What are we going to name it?" Kyo asked, after the initial shock wore off.

Tohru looked at Kyo, and said, "Kazuye."