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Marissa POV

I pace back and forth in the living room of the Shiba house waiting for something… anything to happen.

"'Riss stop pacing, you'll wear a hole into the floor." Mike chuckles. I look at him and smile.

"Fine ill stop. " I say continuing to pace.

"He's right you know." Someone says grabbing me from behind. I turn to see Jayden. I smile and give him a kiss.

"Whatever." I roll my eyes. "I'm so bored; I just wish something would happen."

Suddenly the gap sensor goes off. "Ask and you shall receive." Jayden jokes. The seven of us run out of the house heading to see where there's trouble.

"GO,GO SAMURAI!" Jayden, mike, Kevin, Mia and Emily say together, changing into the original five samurai rangers.

"Samurai Morpher: gold power!" Antonio says changing into the gold ranger.

"Samuraizer: white ranger!" I call transforming into the white ranger.

"What the hell?" Mike exclaims. Giant moogers are appearing out of gaps here and there. I summon my wolf and hawk Zords combing them to make the samurai hawk wing. Antonio uses the claw Zord, and transforms it into the larger version. The others make the Megazord with the samurai battle wing attachment. I combine the Hawk wing with the claw Zord. Antonio and I look at each other and we begin to take down what seems like an army of giant moogers. The Megazord takes to the air and they begin to handle the flying moogers. We use the sword to slice and defeat mooger after mooger. They seem to just keep coming and coming.

"It's like never ending moogers." I say to Antonio.

"You got that right Marissa." He replies. We take another few moogers before I hear Jayden's voice.

"Marissa! We need help over here!" he calls. The Megazord is being held by two giant moogers with one ready to take the final strike. I nod to Antonio and we head for the Megazord. We take out the one ready to kill the other rangers. Then we move on to the rest.

I realize while in the middle of the fight that something can't be right. Moogers don't just keep coming…it's like they multiplied or were cloned…

"Antonio, let me take the lead." I tell him. He shrugs and I take control. I lead the Claw Zord through the army, destroying moogers as we go along, heading to the back where I know I will find my answer. Sure enough there is one mooger standing doing nothing with moogers splitting from it, on either side.

"What the!" Antonio exclaims.

"I knew it!" I say. "Antonio we need to take it out. Once we do all the moogers will disappear."

"You got it." He replies. Together we slice at the clone producing mooger and he actually fights back. It slams its blade against ours and we shove it off. I slice again but it deflects our hit easily.

"Jayden! A little help please!" I call defending against the mooger.

"Comin'!" he answers. He swipes at the mooger and the hit actually does some damage. Good we're getting somewhere now at least. I think.

I take a turn and swipe at the mooger and it damages him again. It focus's back on me again while the Megazord gets in a good hit. The hit knocks it down, where I take the final strike and defeat the mooger.

"Rangers, victory is ours." Jayden says as the mooger army disappears.

"Time to head home guys." Kevin say relieved.

The seven of us head home and return to find ourselves not alone any longer.