Author's Note: Japanese currency is given in dollar equivalent

"Kagome," Hojo begged, "you have to help me out here!"

The help Hojo had in mind was convincing the theater owner that a demon had indeed attacked and was therefore responsible for the wreckage. "All we have to do is bring that kid in during the new moon and-"

"Aren't you worried he might hurt the owner?" Kagome cut in. She knew full well that Inuyasha would do no such thing, but Hojo believed that Inuyasha was possessed by a demon every new moon. He should have been concerned.

"Ah, you're right!" he relented. "What are we gonna do? I owe $6,000 in damages!"

"Well…" Kagome said thoughtfully, "Maybe the ears and the claws will be convincing enough…"

"Ears and claws?" Hojo repeated. "I thought you didn't want to bring him in while possess… Kagome?" he called.

She was already gone.

"Why should I help that stupid human?" Inuyasha whined futilely, running toward the well with Kagome on his back.

"Because you're the reason he's in trouble!" Kagome snapped, "Don't you feel at least a little bad?"

"Hah! When I'm a full-fledged demon I won't go groveling for apologies. If I destroy something people will apologize to me!" Inuyasha replied haughtily.

"You plan on destroying things?" Kagome asked skeptically.

"Um… no."

"…Then what was your point?"

"Ah, shut up! It's not my fault you're too stupid to figure it out!"

"I'm not stupid!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

The conversation continued more or less the same from there until they reached the theater. A short, balding man stood opposite Hojo at the entrance with his back turned, yelling furiously. "How dare you throw a party in my theater! I bet there was all kinds of drinking- how much did you drink? Don't lie!"

"I didn't-! Please, I can prove that there was a demon here!" Hojo looked around frantically and visibly relaxed as he caught sight of Kagome. "See, there they are!"

As the man turned and his facial features came into view, Kagome gasped. "Hojo! This was your father's theater!" she cried delightedly, clapping her hands together, "So that's how you managed to empty it for our date!"

Inuyaha's eye twitched. "That was a date?"

Kagome slapped her forehead. "Idiot."

Hojo's father wasn't at all deterred by their chatter. "These ears are clearly fake!" he declared, stomping over to Inuyasha and he proceeded to yank one, hard.

"Ow! Hey!" Inuyasha snarled, knocking his hand away. The man's eyes widened as he saw Inuyasha's claws.

"The ear… didn't come off…" Hojo's father murmured, "Just what are you up to?"

"I thought Inuyasha was human outside of the new moon?" Hojo jumped in, confused, "What's wrong with him?"

"Uh…" Kagome stalled, searching her mind for a possible excuse, " You see, well… uh..."

"I got worse?" Inuyasha offered impassively.

"Yes! His curse is progressing!" Kagome agreed, relieved. Realizing relief was not the proper response to such a statement she added, "Isn't it tragic?"

Inuyasha snorted. "Yeah, yeah, he saw I'm a demon. Can we go now?" he groaned, turning.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Hojo's father grabbed both Inuyasha's ears and attempted to pull them off together, but only served to annoy Inuyasha immensely. Seeing that he wasn't going to succeed with that, Hojo's father tried pulling on one of his nails. Encountering just as much trouble and being more than little intimidated by Inuyasha's angry face he wisely decided to give up. "Stupid, stubborn costume! Alright. You want me to believe you're a demon, fine. All I know is, if you're the one who trashed the place, you better pay for it. I understand you're just kids but I need the money to reopen my theater. I'll go broke if I don't!"

Kagome's face went ashen. I didn't think that far ahead! she realized, Of course we need to pay for it! But where are we going to come up with $6,000?