Kagome collapsed on the couch upon returning home. $6,000, she thought, great. Mom is going to kill me!

"Inuyasha, you don't happen to have $6,000 laying around somewhere, do you?" she asked tiredly.

"Dollars?" he replied quizzically. Living in the feudal era had not supplied him any knowledge of modern currency.

"Didn't think so," Kagome sighed, sliding off the couch. She took a second to psyche herself up, then ventured into the kitchen. "Mom…?" she began, but was interrupted by her Grandfather rushing in out of breath.

"Kagome, Kagome!" he shouted excitedly, giving her an asphyxiating hug, "My wonderful granddaughter! You're going to make us rich!" Kagome's face pulled into an exasperated smile.

"Ah… actually I wanted to talk to you and Mom about money. You see, I-" she started to explain.

"Look at this article I found in the paper! Feudal Japanese coinage trade value is at an all time high!"

Kagome blinked, taking the paper from her Grandfather's eagerly outstretched hand. 'Feudal Japanese coins have a current trade value of $2,000 apiece,' she read. "Yes! This is it!" she cried, thrusting the paper triumphantly in the air, "Grandfather, I need you to find a place to sell the coins. Inuyasha and I are off to the Feudal Era!"

"So what's the plan?" Inuyasha asked as they walked into town.

"We need to do some odd job to get coins- we don't need that many. Three at the least." Kagome answered.

"Wait. You aren't actually planning to pay for the theater, are you?" he asked incredulously.

"Of course we are," Kagome replied indignantly, "You weren't planning to?"

"Nah. If we just stay here in the Feudal Era, that Hojo bozo and his father can't find us to collect the money."

Kagome didn't bother to reply, she just hit him over the head. "Stupid," she scolded.

"Ow! What did I do?"

"First, don't call Hojo names. That's not going to fix anything. And second, we can't just run away from our problems. If you break it you buy it. You trashed the theater, so we're going to pay for it."

"Psh. Can't make me."


And so Inuyasha found himself on the roof of a stranger's house, a hammer in one hand, a shingle in the other, a nails in his mouth.

"You doing okay up there?" Kagome called from the ground.

"Mmph," Inuyasha replied around the nails. He shifted slightly to his left to test the roof's capacity to take his weight. Reasonably assured, he got up and took a step forward…. straight through the roof. He tried to back up but it was too late. An entire radial section about 3 feet long collapsed around him.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed, rushing into the house. His arm emerged from under the heap of roof remnants, and with a violent swing he cleared himself of the rubble.

The homeowner, whom had until this point been cowering in the back corner, finally worked up the nerve to be angry. "Hey! You kids! I was paying you to fix the roof, not break it more!"

Inuyasha ignored the man and turned defiantly towards Kagome. "I told you this was a bad idea."

"It's not like you had a better one," Kagome shot back.

"Just get out of here, you useless urchins!" the homeowner yelled, arms flailing, as he chased them out.

This was sadly not to be the last of their bad luck. Inuyasha fainted from the fumes painting a fence, Kagome got poison ivy weeding a garden, Inuyasha was trampled by the horse whose stall he was mucking, and Kagome set the kitchen she was cooking in on fire. The day had been exhausting and the pair had nothing to show for it other than excessive itching, burns and bruises. It was understandable that they were a little depressed.

"How are we ever going to pay off our debt now?" Kagome sighed.

"I still think we don't need-" Inuyasha began offhandedly.

"Don't. Say. Another. Word," Kagome growled, cutting him off.

"Sheesh! So determined," Inuyasha replied, "Does this Hojo bozo really mean so much to you?"

"Well!" Kagome retorted, "Not that it's any of you business, but… no."

Inuyasha had his arms crossed and his back turned, holding himself with ill-founded conviction. "Hah! I knew it! You just want to get the money to- Wait. No?" He turned slowly, eyes wide. "What do you mean, 'no'?"

"It was a causal date. He seemed like a nice guy so I said yes when he asked me out. I'm not in love with him or anything," Kagome answered matter-of-factly while examining her nails.

"Oh," he breathed, "Good." Realizing the implications of his statement he bristled. "I- I- I mean, that guy isn't worthy of you, Kagome! I mean, not that you're all that, he's just a moron, and I-" he was saved from digging his hole any deeper by a heady scent drifting in on the wind. "Blood. Human blood. A lot of it, coming from the North."