Just a little pre-information before reading this. The cullens are not vampires, but do have some of their same abilities. You will find out later the differences. And if any of you are familiar with the movie or book, I Am Number Four, you will see I have taken some aspects from there too. I am changing some things though to fit the idea in my story. So sorry in advance if you're a die hard Number Four fan. My last day of class is tomorrow, until the beginning of the year, so hopefully I can update enough on this story. If you guys have ideas that you would like too see, I will consider if you leave me some reviews. All Twilight and I Am Number Four aspects remain with their rightful owners, Im just manipulating them! ;) I also have not come up with an official title yet, so if you have a better idea for a title, leave me a review about it please?


Humans are a very interesting race. They are forever changing and evolving, slowly, but still changing. Some humans though have seemed to learn how to evolve much quicker. They have been able to access this part of the brain that is in all humans. Most could care less to learn how to better evolve, as long as they are happy with how they are now. But the humans that have been changing faster have gained this, unique quirks, or as humans would categorize them, powers.

All humans have this other ability too. It's a deep connection to your one true soul mate, or in a basic term, the ability to imprint. With humans that don't have powers, they have just a sense of belonging with the person they are with. It's what normal humans would call true love. But when a human unlocks their power, they also unlock the ability to find their imprint, true love and happiness. The human who unlocks their power and the imprint gene, they don't have to wait for their imprint to unlock their power either. If the imprint is there, it will unlock their power instantly when you look at the person. Too find true love would be an amazing experience, but with me, it's just a tinsy bit more complicated.

You may be wondering why it seems like I just gave you a lesson on human genes. Well you see, I learned about humans on my home planet in school before it was destroyed and I landed here on earth. I am from a planet called Lorien. There are only a few of us that escaped as kids. We have these amazing abilities when we get older, and become immortal at the age of 21. Forever at the age of 21, ah what a dream, right? I only know of me so far that has escaped and lived to the age of 21, well almost 21. There are 8 of us that escaped as kids. We were all like 3-5 years old though. We were known as the Garde. Certain people that gain these powers called legacies. We as kids were each given a number and with this number, they knew which legacies we would have. And the eight of us were also each other destiny's. There were 4 girls and 4 boys. Each one of the girls belonged to, in a sense, to one of the guys. We would be unclear who until we reached our immortal age. That was when we were supposed to be "complete".

I am right now 20, my birthday is September 13th. And that's only a couple months away. And as of right now, I am headed to a place in Washington, called Forks. I've always loved the cold and the ocean. Why not get both in one.

I forgot to mention a few things about me. Guess I might as well introduce myself. I am number Four, or as my human name is, Isabella Swan. My legacy is Lumen. I can produce heat and light from my hands. I have made a tree and a car catch on fire before. That was kind of fun.

All Garde also have the power of telekinesis and enhanced senses. We can move objects with our minds, and run faster, see better, hear better and smell better than normal humans.

Now, let's see where this adventure in the name of Forks leads me…shall we?

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