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Dinner was amazing. Esme really knew how to cook. Hopefully she can teach me how one of these nights. Everyone seemed to be off in their own little worlds. It was actually very fascinating to watch. You could tell that they are very much in love with their significant others.

The only that seemed to be an exception to this, is Edward. I wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend or anything like the rest of them do.

I was pretty much done with dinner, but I didn't want to be rude on my first night here, and just get up and leave. I think Esme noticed that I was finished too because she took that moment to nod at me that I could leave.

I took my plate into the kitchen and rinsed it off and sat it in the dish washer, hoping that I was doing the right thing. I almost jumped when someone spoke from behind me.

"You know you didn't have to do that, you could have just sat it in the sink. That's what we kids usually do." Edward chuckled.

"Well, I am trying to be the nice new kid and be helpful; hopefully Esme will like me better." And I playfully stuck my tongue out at him and skipped out of the kitchen, listening to Edward let out a loud laugh.

I retreaded back to my room, and walked straight over to the window. I noticed there was a nice place to sit on the roof right outside the window. I knew where I would be spending my sleepless nights now.

I went to my dresser where I had put my clothes away earlier, and decided that I would go and explore the lands a little, once everyone is asleep of course.

I changed into some black yoga pants and long sleeve black shirt. With my black running shoes. I tied up my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head so it wouldn't get in my way.

I took my time doing this, hoping some time would go by. I glanced at the digital clock that was by my bed and it read 8:00. They are not asleep yet, that's for sure. I sat on my floor and listened quietly for any movement, but forgot that the rooms were sound proof. I could only hear slight movements that could be anything.

I decided that I would just relax and stretch for a couple more hours.

*time skip*

It's about 10:30 now, so I thought it would be safe enough to sneak out. They would assume that I was sleeping after my trip here and wouldn't bother me. I hope.

I opened up my window and jumped out gracefully and quietly. I looked over the edge and figure that it would be a piece of cake to jump off of.

I took a deep breath and swan dived off the ledge, and fell gracefully down until I landed on my feet on the ground. I look back up and figured I could get back into my window pretty easily.

I started off with a slight jog till I got warmed up then started pushing off trees and fallen logs, and swinging on low tree limbs. I knew I had already gone pretty far into the forest, so I figured I could laugh without worrying about being too quiet.

I found my way to a small clearing, nothing special and started to do back flips and front flips and all kinds of crazy stunts. I loved this feeling, until I felt like I was being watched or someone was in the general area. I quickly jumped over to the edge of the clearing and couldn't see anyone. I didn't want to use my lumen incase it was someone after my kind, or just a crazy human. I mean what human would walk out this far into the woods at night.

I figured it was probably time to head back to the house. My mood was killed anyway. I began running back and could faintly see the house because of my enhanced eyesight, when I saw a black figure cross across the yard, and leaped up the side of the house to the window next to mine.

Edwards and my room both are at the end of the hallway, and our windows both are on the same side. That couldn't have been Edward…could it? That jump was something that I could have done, but not a normal human. Is Edward not human? That would be cool, but is kind of worrisome too.

I was now at the edge of the tree line in the yard, and was watching the figure more closely. It was definitely a male. They guy stopped before he went into the other window, and slowly peeked into mine. WHAT THEY HECK!

I sprinted across the yard, and scaled the house and slammed into the guy pretty hard. He retaliated and we went tumbling back toward the ground off the roof. I kicked away from him, and landed on my feet, with my hands up in front of me like I was going to give double high fives, prepared to either throw the person or give him a good dose of lumen. The guy landed on his feet and whipped out a short blade, which looked awfully familiar.

"Who are you?" he yelled. I froze, it was Edward.

"Edward?" I relaxed my pose. "How the hell did you survive that fall and land on your feet?"

He seemed just as stunned as me; he relaxed his blade, and fired the same question back at me.

"I don't know if I can tell you, I just met you Edward, and you are not really offering up information to me either you know!" I said stubbornly.

Edward went to speak again, but something must have caught his attention because he was suddenly frozen.

"Bella…Wh-where did you g-get th-that necklace that you are wearing?" Oh, he saw my necklace.

"Ummm… I have had it since I was very young, why?" wondering what is with them. First Alice, now Edward?

He didn't respond, he just slowly reached for his own neck and pulled out a necklace that is of our kind. But that is not what made me stand there stalk still. It was an identical match to mine.

"Bella, I have been searching for you forever…and you just happen upon the same place I happen to be staying. I can't believe I have found you!" he looked like he was about to cry. He dropped the blade quickly, and ran over to me and enveloped me into a huge. I still have not recovered yet. I thought it had probably been killed.

Then I just broke down crying while wrapping my arms around Edward, my mate.

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