It was just after midnight on a crisp October night when Mercedes called a fast asleep Kurt.

Kurt was dreaming, and having a very good dream at that. Just as he was about to receive his Tony award from Patti LuPone and Lady GaGa, he was sadly brought back to reality by the soft sound of his phone vibrating beside him. He groggily opened his eyes and reached for his phone.

"What?" He ground out from his tired throat.

"Blaine! He's coming to McKinley! Oh my gosh, Kurt! Can you believe it?" Mercedes squealed on the other end of the line.

Kurt let out a deep breath. "Whoa. Mercedes. Take a moment, just breath, honey. What's going on?" Kurt questioned, only really have heard McKinley and Kurt amongst the squeaky and jumbled mess of words.

"Kurt, Blaine freaking Anderson is coming to McKinley starting Monday. Kurt, it's Blaine freaking Anderson. You have to know who that is!" Mercedes demanded.

Kurt's ears perked up at this. Of course, he knew who Blaine Anderson was. He was like Justin Bieber, only more attractive and talented. Blaine started putting videos of him singing on YouTube near the end of Kurt's freshman year. He had a soft, smooth, sexy voice and a body to match. His hazel eyes captivated the Internet with his version of Teenage Dream and he got signed for a record deal almost instantly. Every girl in America and wherever the hell else people are adored Blaine. Kurt found Blaine after he posted his first video- a rendition of Your Song that Blaine sung for his mom on her birthday- to show his relatives in Florida, back when he was only getting a few views. Kurt had fallen headoverfreakingheels in love with Blaine, his voice, his personality, his nerdy-sexy-sweetheart look and feel... and not to mention his voice.

But Mercedes didn't need to know that. Nobody did, for that matter.

"Oh, yeah, I've heard of him. I saw him on Ellen once."

"Well, he just uploaded a video on his channel saying he wants to finish high school and he's going to do it at McKinley!" Mercedes squealed, again.

"That's awesome. I'll check it out in the morning." After you shut up and I run to my laptop. "But, I've had a long week and I need my sleep. Goodnight, Cedes."

"Okay, 'night, white boy."

Kurt almost cut her off when he slammed his finger on the end call button, but he couldn't care less because he needed to see this video now.

He raced out of bed and scrambled to hit the power button on his laptop, quickly racing to log onto his desktop and open the YouTube link. He quickly typed in Blaine's username- blaineea92- and clicked on his most recent video. Kurt plugged in his earphones and began to watch.

The video started with Blaine leaning in to start his camera. He backed down into his chair, and gave a small smile and a wave. Adorable.

"When I first put up that video over a year ago, I wasn't expecting this. The fame, the record deal, the touring... It still shocks me. But, I've been home schooled for the past year, and I've recently realized how much I miss my old life. So, that's why on Monday, I'll be starting high school again."

He leaned back in a bit to turn off the camera before ducking his head a bit to stare back into the camera.

"Oh, and to everyone at William McKinley High School in Lima, I'll see you Monday."

Bright and early on Monday morning, Kurt came to a decision.

Blaine wanted to get back into his old life a bit. He wanted to live his life, go to school, play sports, etc. So Kurt decided to give him that, and not be a crazed fan.

Well, in public, at least.

Kurt pulled into the school parking lot, quickly parked and walked into the school. Groups of girls and boys alike were everywhere. A ton of girls were wearing Blaine Anderson t-shirts, some were holding notebooks to be signed and every single girl he saw had a slip of paper with what looked like a phone number written on it.

Kurt scoffed at this, deciding to head to his locker as to not be late for his first period class. He walked down pass the halls of crazed fans and whispering people to find his locker at the very back of the main floor.

When he reached his locker, he was greeted with Mercedes against it, suddenly grabbing Kurt's arm and talking quite fast.

"Kurt, what do I do? I don't want to scare him! Do you think he'll let me have an autograph or would he think that's creepy? Oh my gosh, he's our age! What if he's in my classes? Do you think he'll sit next to me? Oh my goodness, Kurt, what if-" Kurt clamped a hand over her mouth before she went on any longer.

"Mercedes, let him settle. He'll have enough girls after him and he wants things to be normal. Wait a few weeks, and then calmly ask him for an autograph after telling him how great he sings. And if he's in your class, help him if he needs it. Okay?" Kurt said calmly.

Mercedes took a deep breath. "Thanks Kurt, you're the greatest." She said, giving him a quick hug before darting off to her locker.

Kurt gathered his books out of his locker, shutting the door and giving him just enough time to get to class. After taking his first step, he was hit by a cold and blue spray and a hand pushing him into back wall, causing his books to fall.

"Have a good weekend, fag?" He heard Azimo say, high fiving someone who was probably Karofsky.

The bell rang and everyone scampered off to class, leaving Kurt leaning against the wall beside the door to the courtyard.

Suddenly, the door swung open and a hand grabbed Kurt's and pulled him outside.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay?"

(And yes, High School Rock Out as in Darren's High School Rock Out.)