"Have a good weekend, fag?" He heard Azimo say, high fiving someone who was probably Karofsky.

The bell rang and everyone scampered off to class, leaving Kurt leaning against the wall beside the door to the courtyard.

Suddenly, the door swung open and a hand grabbed Kurt's and pulled him outside.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay?"

He stumbled the few feet out of the door and into the courtyard, eyes cast downward.

The first thing that had come to Kurt's mind when his hand was grabbed was that he was going to get beat up. But, hearing the oh my gosh are you okay made everything a lot better.

But it was weird. Really weird. The only people that have ever asked Kurt if he was okay were the Glee club, and he knew they were all in class.

So, he looked up.

He was met with the familiar mop of curly hair and the bright hazel eyes he had only ever seen on his computer screen. Blaine Anderson was standing in front of him and asking him if he was okay and holding his hand and oh my gosh, what-

"I've been better." Kurt word vomited. When he was nervous he tended to spill out slightly witty/slightly sarcastic remarks, and this wasn't an exception. "But I'm okay, thanks." Kurt gave Blaine a small smile that Blaine returned. Blaine eyes casted downwards slightly and lingered on their hands cupped together.

He looked back up and into Kurt's eyes, letting out a small chuckle and casting his ohmygoshsocute smile. Kurt was pretty much putty in Blaine's hands. Speaking of which...

"I would introduce myself and offer you a handshake, but I think we kind of are already at that point." Blaine smiled. Kurt looked down at their hands.

"Oh!" Kurt exclaimed. He let go of Blaine's hand and dropped it at his side, realizing that he was still sticky with slushie.

"I'm Kurt Hummel, and I wish we had met under better circumstances." He laughed, gesturing to the sticky mess that was his clothing.

Blaine's smile fell at this. "I'm Blaine Anderson, and I wish I didn't have to see that happen." Kurt was slightly confused at this and it must've shown on his face, because Blaine automatically responded.

"No! I didn't mean it like that! I mean I wish that it didn't happen in the first place, I mean, like, I'm glad I saw it happen. But, like, because I wanted to help! Not because I like, feed off the pain of others or anything sick like that I just-"

Kurt noticed how nervous Blaine got (Hm, he thought. Something in common?) and cut him off. "It's cool. I understand. You're glad you saw it so you could step in, but you also wish you didn't because bullying is a horrible thing to do?" Kurt questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. Yes. That, yeah." Blaine said.

"Damn," Kurt said. "your tune is quite different than most people around here." Blaine quirked a small smile. "And that pun was totally intended."

Kurt really needed to stop with the flirting and he tried so hard to stop himself. But when Blaine Anderson just so happened to be standing in front of him and laughing at his jokes and being a genuinely decent human being, well, he couldn't help himself.

"So," Blaine stated. "I'll offer you a deal."

"Do tell."

"I'll let you get cleaned up on my tour bus if you walk me to all of my classes today?" Blaine asked.


When Blaine let Kurt run back to his locker to grab a new shirt, he noticed his surroundings.

He noticed two very large, burly men (body guards, he assumed) a few steps behind Blaine, and he could see the tour bus visible in the parking lot.

After he quickly retrieved his new shirt (a simple white button-up shirt) and gray polka-dot bow tie to match, he walked out of the doors to find Blaine leaning against the wall waiting. He kept his shirt a fair distance away from his body so he wouldn't stain it as he walked up to the hazel eyed singer. Blaine noticed his arrival and gave a slight flick of his head as an invitation to migrate toward the bus.

"So, uh," Blaine said, breaking the silence. "What did you mean earlier? About my tune being different and stuff?"

"Well," Kurt started. "As you earlier saw, people are particularly vicious at McKinley. If they find anything about you that they could qualify as different, they'll taunt you for it." His voice cracked slightly at the end. "Also, singing is usually associated with the losers of the school. Which is funny, considering the amount of girls with your t-shirt on this morning..."

"Wait, singing is associated with 'the losers'?" Blaine asked as they ended up in front of the tour bus steps.

"Well, the losers of our school are the Glee Club. Which, shocker, I'm in." He said with a small chuckle.

"Really? Wow." Blaine said, mostly to himself.

The bodyguards cut in front of the two to open the doors to the tour bus. They swiftly unlocked the doors and held them open as Blaine and Kurt walked up the few short steps to the bus level. Kurt looked ahead to see a couch area with a TV, a kitchen area with a small table, and a few doors, which most likely lead to beds and bathrooms.

"So," Blaine said. "You can clean up in the bathroom, which is the first door on the right, and I can put your clothes in the washing machine if you'd like." He offered Kurt a genuine smile, and damn it made Kurt feel nice.

"That would be lovely, thank you." Kurt smiled back, and shuffled off to the bathroom. He walked in and shut the door softly behind him, only to lean up against it shortly after because oh my gosh he needed to process this. He was in Blaine's tour bus his washroom cleaning up the slushie that Blaine wanted to help him with.

No, Kurt's inner voice scolded. He's no doubt going to be attacked by people soon enough, so be cool about this. You promised.

He got off of the door and quickly stripped of his shirt and put on his fresh, clean one, tied together with the bow tie. He exited the bathroom after rinsing most of the dye out of his shirt and noticed Blaine sitting at the small table.

"Thank you for your kindness," Kurt said, approaching the table and dropping his shirt onto it. "But I don't think that walking to class with the biggest outcast in school is going to do you any good on the first day, so I think I'll just-." He had started to walk to the door when he was cut off by a hand grasping at his. He turned to find Blaine staring intently at him.

"Kurt, I've known you for about twenty minutes, but I can safely say that you're the most genuine person I've had the pleasure to be in contact with. And, while I do need help finding my classes, having a friend to walk with would be lovely." Blaine offered him a soft smile and squeezed his hand.

This was, well, new to Kurt. And he'd be damned if he passed this opportunity up. He can be a friend and not a screaming fan. This was good.

"Okay." Kurt said. "Let's go then."


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