When little, seven-year old Harry Potter heard his uncle shout "BOY! GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT HERE BEFORE I COUNT TO THREE!" he knew that it meant trouble for him. Lately his uncle had been in business talks with some people in the states. Someone called Wayne Enterprises. He didn't know what they did, but it was apparently very important. He swallowed hard as he came out of his cupboard. When he walked out, Uncle Vernon's fat, meaty hand reached out and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt. Harry was pulled to where his face was only inches away from his uncles. "Listen here boy." His uncle growled out in a deathly undertone. "Were going on a trip to the states. The people at Wayne Enterprises want to meet with me in person. You're going to go with us because no one else wants to take care of you while we're gone." He looked particularly pissed about that. He bent down to where his face was even closer to Harry's. "If you so much as make one noise at any time during the trip, I'll beat you black and blue." Harry was relieved until he saw his uncle grab the metal rod from the corner of the room.

"Now, just so you don't get any ideas. I'll go ahead and give you an example/reminder of what will happen if you don't do exactly as we say." With that said, Vernon started beating the poor boy until he fell unconscious.

The day that they were to leave came. With everyone packed and ready to go, the bags were put into the boot. As they left the house, Vernon fixed Harry with a glare." Remember what I said boy." Harry nodded and got into the car. It would take a good while to get to the airport. The warm morning sun, and the noise of the car did its magic on the boy, and he was soon fast asleep. As they pulled up to a parking spot, Harry felt the car jerk to a stop and woke up. They got out, grabbed the bags, and rushed to the terminal. As they walked through the doors, Harry saw an airport for the first time. He couldn't believe how crowded, or how big, it was. They had to hurry because they were running a tad late, as Dudley absolutely had to have his fifth breakfast. The lady at the entrance told them to hurry and go find their seats. When they finally got seated, Harry thought' This is going to be a LONG trip.' Harry gazed out of the window at the scenery as the plane took off toward America. Then, lost in his own thoughts, he fell asleep not realizing exactly how long it would be before he ever saw Britain again.