Harry tried to shush his new little sister, but it was too late. They'd been heard and so he just took her hand and walked into the green-house. Inside their "house" they found two women and a man. One of the woman had green-tinted skin, long red hair, was tallish (probably around 5, 7), and had bright green eyes. The second girl was a little shorter than the first, had medium length blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. The man, who looked kind of like a clown, had green hair, green eyes, white face paint on, red lipstick, and black eye-shadow all over his eyes.

When Harrison and Amy entered the room, they found three sets of eyes directed at them. Harry looked around quickly then spoke directly to the red-haired girl who looked like the one who liked plants the best. "Who are you? Also, while I'm asking questions, what are you doing here?" Harry asked the people in his 'home'. They stared at him in shock before the woman with the green-tinted skin answered him.

"Hello, my name is Poison Ivy, but my friends here just call me Ivy. This lady here is Harley Quinn and this man is called The Joker. As for what we're doing here, this was my green-house before the three of us got sent to Prison. However, I see that it has a couple of caring new hosts. What are your names?"

"Ah, so you're the three that were causing such uproar. I'd been wondering who you were, but that is neither here nor there. My name is Harrison, and this is my sister Amethyst. However, most of the town knows me by different names." "What would those other names be?" Harley asked curiously.

"Well, I'm also known as Ace-of-Spades or Ace for short, People have called me the Angel of Death, the Angel of Mercy, or, one of my favorites, Shadow. They call me Shadow because no one has ever seen me unless I wanted to be seen, and not even Batman can figure me out." Harry replied with a face set in stone.

The three criminals stared at him, and each-other, in shock. Of course they'd heard of all of those names, and, like most people, had assumed that they were all different people. Some of the things they'd heard had terrified even them, so they knew they wouldn't want to get on Harrison's bad side. On the other hand, no one had expected him to be a kid, but he is.

"So what about the girl, does she have any terrifying criminal names?" Joker asked uneasily. Harrison's expression darkened. "No, not yet. I have to train her to protect herself first." "Why would you need to teach her to do that?" Ivy asked with a tone of curiousness, so Harry told them what had happened that afternoon. They all felt sick after because while yes they were criminals, they hated rape and would never sink down to that level.

"Well, I guess I'll just go say good-bye to the plants real quick and then we'll leave." Harry told Joker, Ivy, and Harley. "LEAVE!" They all shouted together, but then Ivy spoke calmer and softer. "You don't have to leave; this place is your home now too. We can all stay here, there is plenty of room. Please stay!" She almost begged them. They both smiled at her and agreed.

~Time Skip 3 years~

Three years ago Harry and Amy, who had officially gotten their names changed to Harrison and Amethyst thanks to the goblins of Gringotts, found a family in three criminals of Gotham City. Ivy had become a sort-of maternal figure while Harley and Joker were more of siblings than anything else. However, today both Harry and Amy got there Hogwarts acceptance letters and decided to go.

Harry made sure his and his sister's stuff was all packed and then they said good-bye to their family. Harry then grabbed hold of his sister's hand and they both grabbed all of their stuff as Harry transported them to an alley beside the Hog's Head Inn, where they would be staying. They walked into the Hog's Head and went up to the owner, Tom, to get their room key.

The two children walked into their room and put their stuff in a corner of the room. "What do we do now Harrison?" Amethyst asked her brother curiously. "Well, Amy, I don't think anyone is going to recognize me, and no one knows about you so I think we're safe for now. After all, I don't think anyone imagined Harry Potter to have really long hair down to nearly the center of his back. No one would have expected him to have the classic pure-blood aristocratic features, and no one would have expected him to have already taken up his title as Lord of House Potter, and quite a few other houses."

"That still doesn't answer my question Harry." "Right, well we're about to go get all of our school supplies and everything else, and then we'll probably go stay at Peverell Manor until school starts back up." Harrison told his sister.

They went into Diagon Alley and over to Gringotts to get some money. When Harrison walked up to one of the goblins, they immediately dropped what they were doing and bowed to him. Harrison smirked but bowed back and then he was personally shown down to his vault by the goblin. Harry went in and filled his bottomless-pit bag (feather-light) with galleons, sickles, and knuts (gold, silver, and bronze). Harry and Amy walked out of there and over to Madam Malkin's Robe shop where they ordered a whole new wardrobe, the school robes, shoes, and lord robes with the Potter crest on them.

Madam Malkin told them it would be a three hours until their robes were ready. They left the store and went to a wand shop in Knockturn Alley to get hand-made wands. They picked out their cores and the wood and then left after being told it would take three hours. They then made their way to Olivander's Wand Shop and bought wands suited to them that were already registered. They went and got their trunks next (ones that are password locked, only allow those in the family entrance, have passwords to shrink them and make them grow large again, have several compartments, and two rooms in them, a training room and a library that you have to fill yourself. It is also feather-light) and then went to Flourish and Blotts to get their books, quills, and parchment.

They left the book store only when it was time to get their robes and they left with Harrison's library full (His trunk was the only one with a library). They went over and got all of their clothes and then went and got their hand-made wands.

Their last stop of the day was to two different pet shops. One was in Knockturn Alley where Harrison bought a large, shape-shifting snake which he named Celestial. He had her morph into an owl and then bought her. The other pet shop was in Diagon Alley where Amy found a cat that she absolutely loved and Harry bought for her. It was a small kitten, black with a few white stripes on her tail, legs, and feet. She was adorable and Amy named her Muffy.

They went back to the Inn and stayed there for the night, and then went to Peverell Manor the next morning. Harrison got the Master bedroom while Amy got the Heir suite. They walked around, met their house-elves, met every single one of their pets, including their dragons in their dragon enclosure. They had a lot of room on their grounds and they had a lot of animals, including thestrals which they knew because they have seen death before and could therefore see the thestrals.

They stayed there until September 1st when they left to get on the train. They were the first ones there and found themselves an empty compartment at the back of the train where they put all of their stuff and sat down to read a book. Amy was reading a book on Warding, seeing as how they both had already read and memorized all of their school books from years 1-7, and Harry was reading a book on the Dark Arts disguised as a book on Defense Against the Dark Arts. They continued reading until the train started moving which is when both of them finished the books they'd been reading and were trading books when their compartment was opened by a tall gangly red-haired boy with freckles. He also appeared to have dirt on his nose.

"Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full." The boy asked. Harrison really doubted that everywhere else was full, as this was a large train, and concluded that the boy was just lazy and didn't look anywhere else. Regardless, he allowed the boy to sit with them as he and his sister started reading their books.

"My names Ron, Ron Weasley. What are your names?" The boy asked them. "Harrison and this is my sister Amethyst." Harrison said coolly as he continued reading. The red-haired boy started twitching in his seat at the silence in the compartment, only broken by the sound of turning pages. "So," he tried again, "do either of you know what house you'll be in?" "Of course not, you never know what house you'll be in until you are sorted into one." Amy told him while she turned a page.

Just as Ron was about to speak again, the compartment door was opened by twins who were clearly Ron's older brothers. Harry looked up at the sound of the door opening and just stared at them for a couple of seconds as they did him until all three coughed at the same time and looked away from each-other. Hey Ron, we're going to be down the train in Lee's compartment, he's got a tarantula down there." Hey then glanced back at Harry and Amy and smiled. "So sorry, my name is Fred and this is my twin brother George."

"My name is Harrison, but you can call me Harry, and this is my twin sister Amethyst, but I just call her Amy." Harry told the twins nicely. They smiled wider. "Well, Harry, if and your sister get tired of Ronald, feel free to tell him to bugger off, or you can come join us in our compartment." They then left and Harry held his book up to his face again as he continued reading while trying to slow his heart rate. Amy was trying, and succeeding, to hide her giggles at Harrison's expense.

A little while later Ron was starting to bug Harry when the compartment opened again and a blond, aristocratic boy came in. "Boys, here are the people who bought out nearly the whole cart." The boy said to his goons who were standing behind him. Harrison stood up and approached the blond.

"So sorry, my sister here didn't have much breakfast this morning and was absolutely starving. However, we have plenty left if you wish to have some. May I ask your name?" The blond stared at Harry a moment before holding his hand out and saying importantly, "I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. May I ask your name?" "I'm Harrison, and this is my sister Amethyst." Harry said even more importantly than Draco had and they shook hands. Draco and his goons then left and Harrison shut the door.

The rest of the train ride was quiet except for bushy-haired girl and a small, nervous boy coming in to ask about the boy's toad which he lost. They made it to the Train Stop where a giant named Hagrid came to take the first years to the castle. Harry and Amy sat in a boat with Draco and a boy called Blaise. They got up to the castle and after a few moments wait were led into the Great Hall to be sorted by the Sorting Hat.