"Harry?" A small voice came from behind him, one that Harry immediately recognized as his sister's voice. He whirled around quickly and went to sit down with her on one of the couches. Their other dorm mates gave them strange looks but just walked up to their dorms.

"What's wrong Amy? You're all white and you look as though you're close to tears." Harrison said, concern for his sister lacing his tone. He could see that something was obviously worrying his sister and their House-Head probably hadn't helped much. She was never comfortable around men unless they were Harrison or Joker. She couldn't go on the missions that involve a large group of fully grown men because they still scare her. Amethyst still sometimes has nightmares about being raped, considering it had happened again twice since that night.


"Amy? Amy where are you?" Harrison called out for his sister, she was supposed to stand there and wait for him while he went inside to use the loo. He now couldn't find her anywhere. Harrison started walking calmly down the street searching for his sister and heard the noise of several men laughing and someone grunting. There was also the faint sound of a girl crying.

Harrison started running and finally skids to a halt at the entrance to the alley. What he saw made him see red everywhere (both figuratively and literally). There, lying on the ground surrounded by men, blood, and cum was his sister, Amethyst, a gag in her mouth and her hands tied up. She had cuts and scrapes everywhere on her. She was crying and her clothes had been ripped from her body harshly, as he could tell from how they were torn and ripped off to the side. Harrison was furious, however he didn't want to scare his baby sister and so just whacked all the men upside their heads, knocking them out and giving some concussions.

Harry picked his little sister up and carried her home, her crying into his shirt. He lied down with her and rubbed soothing circles into her back while telling her stories he made up off the top of his head to calm her down. It worked after a while and she fell asleep. Harrison then went back and dropped those men off in the police station.

~End Flashback~

Harrison stared at his little sister who looked so incredibly small and innocent right there and then. He grabbed hold of her and pulled her smaller body into his lap and hugged her tight. He needed her to know that she could tell him whatever it was. He also needed to be sure that she was really there with him, and wanted to make sure she knew he wasn't going anywhere. He would always be there for her no matter what.

"I'm scared," she admitted sheepishly, looking at the floor. "That guy kind of scares me first of all, but more importantly what will we do if they somehow find any of our injuries during these medical scans? They would stick us in an orphanage or something! What if we got separated? I don't think I could survive it if they took you away from me." Amethyst murmured the last part, trying to make sure that no one heard her, also probably hoping Harry wouldn't. No such luck on her part however.

"Amy, don't talk like that. Even if we were separated, you know I would always be there to protect you. However, if it truly worries you then I will find a way to ensure that what you spoke of does not happen, for you. No one will ever take you away from me, I promise you that. I won't let them." Harrison promised her seriously. Amy hugged him tighter and curled up on his lap, not wanting to get up.

They sat there like that for quite a few minutes before Harry decided that they should probably go to bed. However, when Harry was about to tell his sister he realized that she had fallen asleep on him. Harrison smiled down at his little sister happily. He then shifted them so they were both lying on the couch and grabbed a blanket. He covered his sister and himself up, kissed her on the head, and then he closed his eyes and fell asleep as well, mind already made that he would contact the goblins tomorrow to see if anything could be done.

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