How could someone wake up to realize that their body no longer belonged to them? Seeing yourself in the mirror only to see a face that is similar to yours but so different, like another version of you were staring back at you from the glass... Kuchiki Rukia was living through that as she stared at her body, or what used to be it, in the mirror of Ichigo's bathroom.

'I think I'm going to be sick!'

The unusually lovely face reflected in the glass grimaced in pain and distaste. She couldn't even stand the sight of it. Most of her black hair kept falling over her eyes since it had become limper and more unmanegable since the 'change' in her body. She could tell she had become at least ten inches taller than she originally was. Her slender body, though she had always been small for a female her age, was longer and leanly muscled, not as much as Ichigo's but, enough to be elegantly masculine.

Her trembling indigo eyes, which were now slightly narrower than they originally were, looked down at her now hard chest.

'Oh, God!' a wave of nausea hit the bottom of her presently hardened lean belly as she immediately brought her hand to her mouth in shock of seeing how much she had changed.

For two days she had kept shifting back and forth between the real her and the 'new' her. During the day, she would be in her normal body. A female body. However during the night, she would be raked by an intense pain as her body would shift and morph into the abomination she was now staring at in hateful shock in the mirror.

A male version of her. Ichigo had been just as shocked as her after she had been attacked by a Hollow that had been giving the Soul Society problems in capturing. Now she knew why the thing had been so difficult to exterminate.

It transformed things through contanting cuts. It was an unusual new breed that the Soul Society was understandibly concerned with due to its efficiency. Weeks earlier, it had attacked a group of high-ranking shinigami only leaving behind a group of doves that Squad twelve was desperately trying to change back.

While with Rukia... She was cursed to change into a male whenever the sun went down. So far in the last two days, the only thing Urahara Kisuke had managed to do to help her in her new problem was make a drug that dulled the pain of transformation.

'I don't like to be seen like this. I can't stand it when Ichigo...'

"Rukia! Don't make such a big deal out of this and come out already! Urahara said he's working on it!" she closed her eyes at hearing Ichigo pounding on the bathroom door.

Removing her shaky hand from her mouth, she spoke sharply in a male voice that she despised intensely, "Go away, Ichigo! I'll come out when I'm good and ready! If you need to use the bathroom, use the one downstairs!"

"Shit! You know that's not what I'm talking about! I told you that it's no big deal! C'mon, we've dealt with worser things than this! Just come out!" noting that her best friend was obviously worried, Rukia sighed and closed the shirt Ichigo had lended her, before turning to open the door.

Ichigo straightened his posture outside the door and gave her the look that she dreaded. That look of shock and pity. With her new body, she was tall enough to reach the tip of his nose.

"You know that we're all here for you, Rukia..." just hearing those words come out so sincere, had her eyes stinging with tears she refused to cry.

"I know that... It'll be a while before I can get used to this," she spoke lowly, just to soften her deeper voice at least to her own ears. She doubted she would ever get used to it. Ever since she had changed, she took to showering during the day because her male body disgusted her too much. She couldn't even bear to touch it.

Her disgust with it even kept her from leaving the Kurosaki household during the nighttime inspite of the nightly Hollow attacks. Ichigo, understanding this, told her to sit tight in the house while he took care of everything. So far the only ones that knew of her problem were Urahara, Tessai, Ururu, Ginta and Ichigo himself since they had been with her when that evil creature, the one that had infected her, had attacked the parking-lot at Ichigo's high school.

None of the other shinigami knew about it and neither did the humans that aided them. If it were up to her, no one would know at least until she had returned back to normal.

'What if... There's no return?'

"Rukia, you can't shut us out. Everybody is starting to ask questions about why you won't come out during night duty."

"I won't come out until I'm...,"she swallowed hard at having to admit it, "I won't come out until I'm me again."

She stiffened when Ichigo put his hand on her shoulder in a display of comfort. Even such a gesture felt uncomfortable to her because instead of the soft pliant female skin she herself was used to, what Ichigo was feeling was a hard male shoulder.

"Just know that we're here for you until its over and we'll get rid of this Hollow once and for all."

Blame Skelle for this! As you guys may have noticed, this story is in-verse. Not your typical gender-bender fic, because Rukia is STILL Rukia. This will be het with yuri undertones in the sense that its a Ruki/Hime. It will be dramatic at first, because Rukia is having a hard time with her 'illness'.

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