Gibbs Bucket List

Everyone had left for the day and I was getting ready to leave as well, until I remembered a file I needed from DiNozzo, going over to his desk to retrieve the file I see this Bucket List he was making such a big deal out of today. Picking the sheets of paper up, I start reading them hmm I thought some of these sounds pretty good. But, I don't think I want to ride a Ferris wheel naked. Now catching a shark sounds like fun, wouldn't mind catching a great white. Maybe I should do my own list. Nah, deciding it was silly. I think as I pick up the file and decide to leave it for tomorrow.

In my basement working on my latest wood project a new kitchen table, I start thinking of Tony's list again and what type of list I would want do. Grabby a piece of paper I start listing some things I would like to do.

Catch a shark. (I like that one, wonder if DiNozzo will go with me.)

Finally tell them how I got the boat out of the basement

Find a little piece of paradise

Tell them I do care

Restore a 1966 Pontiac GTO from the frame up with original parts

Rebuild relationship with Dad

Drive cross country just to do it.

Sail around the world

Fall in love again

Tell him he is the son I always wanted

Try not to be such a bastard

Let friends get close (Well Tony all I can say is we are cut from the same clothe there)

Climb Mt. Everest

Remember to live life to its fullest

Get out of the basement more

Yeah this looks like good list, putting it down on my work bench I head off to bed.

Six months later:

Tony and I are out on a boat looking for sharks. We are part of a scientific expedition with Dr. Francis Brondon and his students from the National Aquarium. The Doctors group mission is to tag the sharks with radio markers so they can track them.

About two hours into our voyage off the western Caribbean coast we spot our first pod of sharks swimming around. There look to be three great whites. "WOW! They are huge" Tony exclaimed and I say "I think we need a bigger boat" he looked stunned at first at the movie reference from Jaws. Then I smirked at him laughing "Remember I did watch Jaws with you Tony before we did this." Yeah you did boss." He is surprised I can do a movie reference and smiled back at me. "Good one Gibbs."

We gather around as the doctor setups up the cages to capture the sharks to tag them and then let them go. Tony and I put on our scuba gear to join the rest of the team to be lowered into two cages where we will capture the sharks after they are tranquilized. Dr. Francis, Tony and I will be in one cage and Lawerance Lewis, and his assistants will be in the other.

Dr. Francis gives me one of the tranquilizer guns with a smile and says to everyone "ready" we all give thumbs up and are lowered by the boat crew into the water. I am nervous at first, going up against one of natures' greatest predators and I can see Tony is nervous to, but he smiles and lets me know he is ready to go. WE are both excited as the cage is slowly being lowered into the crystal clear waters watching as the sharks approach our steel cages.

After about 20 minutes of swimming with sharks. We have tranquilized all three sharks, tagged them and released them back into the wild.

"Wow Gibbs" Tony looking all excited like a little kid. His eyes all bright with excitement of the moment."That was amazing! Did you see how big they were and we were up close and personal. WOW!"

"Yeah it was amazing son guess we both can cross this off the old bucket list"

"Yes we can" he stops "hey wait you have a bucket list?" Stunned, he looks at me, confused.

"You got a problem with that"

"No, I don't, just never thought you would do one." He stammered "can I see it"

"Sure when we get back."

"Cool! Maybe we can you know, do something else together" he asked shyly, all of sudden.

"Sure I'd like that.