Gibbs Bucket List

Well two down off the old buck let.

Finally tell them how I got the boat out of the basement

Well I didn't say I would tell everyone, just my son, and Tony definitely counts as a son in all ways that count. Once we got the boat out and picked up Amira we were on our way. We had a wonderful time taking the boat to Amira. She enjoyed our weekend trip on the boat as did Tony, while Lelya has a great time at a nearby spa with some of her friends. The three of us caught some fish and much to our surprise and Amira's surprise she caught the biggest of the group and prance around the boat shouting her joy, that see beat the boys.

Tony and I laughed at her antics and promised that we would get the biggest fish next time. The weekend was over way too soon for me. I enjoyed the peace of the trip and the water. As well as the company of my two favorite people my son and god daughter, we need to do this again soon and bring Lelya with us.

Now what to do next, reading down the list as I cross off number two, I decide not to go in order. Looking at the numbers I decide on Number 6

Rebuild relationship with Dad

This is a hard one because we are both stubborn old men. However, over the past few years we have gotten closer, especially after the Paloma incident. We had to spend weeks, heck, months together and we did a lot of talking, well a lot for me since I am a man of few words.

After the Paloma incident was over, we spent about a month getting the store back up and running as well as making some necessary repairs to the old homestead. At the store expanded the isles to include more electronic gadgets dad thought the kids would go for. He added in a whole area of these IPod thingies and cell phones. At the house we upgraded the kitchen, fixed the den, and built a four seasons room to close in the back porch.

During this time, I realized how much I loved the old man when I thought that I could have lost him, the day Paloma shot up the store. Finally had the courage to tell him how much me means to me. Of course he just gave a little smirk and said "Love you to son." After that we went back to work and he mentioned that a few friends of his were planning a trip to Mt. Everest and much to his surprise and delight I asked if I could come.

We schedule our trip for the summer since the conditions for climbing would be best.

Climb Mt. Everest

It's now June 5th and we just arrive in Nepal to start our journey towards Mount Everest. Today we would rest from our long trip and tomorrow we would start out towards the mountain. It would take us about a day to reach the mountain and about five to seven days to climb depending on the weather conditions to go up and back down again. We are not in a rush to do this given the age of our travelers. Most are around my father's age since four of his friends joined in Ned, Jeffery, Sean and Josephine, being the youngest of days group of friends. Most of the others thought they were crazy to go with two younger college students from England and two married couples from Austria.

Our group totals 12 which our guides tell us is a typical group to do this journey. They show us how to check our equipment, what do in an emergency and how deal with thin air as we climb up.

Once our packs are distribute amount the group we all pile in an old VW bus and head toward the mountain which takes up nearly the who skyline it is so big. I am in awe of the sight.

Starting our assent we reach one of the first landings where we can all take a breather from the climb. It took us three hours to get there. Dad is a bit winded and I remind him to take it easy and he just smiled obviously tired but enjoying the view. I hand him some food and water.

As our journey continues we reach the third landing and camp for the night just before dark. I can't help but stand in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. Looking over as my dad walks in my direction. "Have you ever seen so many stars the sky is so clear here, you can almost reach out and touch them all can't you?"

"Yeah it is quite the view son. I wanted to thank you for coming with me."

"Your welcome dad" giving him a warm hug, "this is great, never thought I would do it."

"Now you have something to tell my grandkid" looking at him for a moment I was not sure who he meant until he said "Tony is probably really jealous that he couldn't come." Remember that Tony tended to call Jack grandpa when they were together. They got on well and Tony enjoyed all dad's stories, the same way he loves listening to Ducky. He gets that little kid look of rapt attention and dad of course eats it up as he embellishes his tale.

"No not really dad, he said we needed some father son time together and he would just be a third wheel. But, next time he said he will come as long as Brad clears him, he would love to come."

"Good, I like having that boy around, reminds me of you."

""Yeah he does" I smile as we turn back to head to our tent to sleep it is going to an early start.

It took us three days to reach the summit and what a beautiful site it was. Dad and I took pictures with our group and the guides who lead us up.

All I can say is WOW! There are no other words to describe the beauty that surrounds me. You can almost touch the sky from here.

Dad comes over and just agreed with me when I repeated "WOW dad, this is just amazing.

"Yes it is son"

We spent about a day and a half at the summit before our descent of the mountain. When we reach bottom we had some great memories to share with friends and family. Dad and I spent another week in Nepal and crossed one of the boarders to visit Tibet and see the various temples.

Returning home three weeks later after spending another week with dad in Stillwater, the first person I call is Tony. Picking up the phone I dial his number, hearing the phone ring, after the second ring I hear the familiar.


"Hey son"

"Hey dad, your back how was the trip?

"For more information on Mount Everest see the below link

http(colon) wiki/Mount_Everest