Gibbs Bucket List #10

#10 – Tell him he is the son I always wanted.

Gibbs POV

Here I am sitting beside his bed again this isn't the first time I have sat vigil at the hospital watching him sleep, seeing all the various tubes coming out of him everywhere I look. He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. I just wish he would wakeup already.

I have been sitting here for what seems like an eternity but has actually been only three long days, and nights Three days and nights since Tony was in a car accident, a drunk driver ran a red light while Tony was driving home from work. He had been trapped in his car for almost three hours while the rescue crews cut him out and then he was taken directly to Bethesda. His injuries are very serious, the most concerning was the back where his car was slammed from behind according Tony's car. The head injuring he suffered was minor but still serious enough for the doctors to be concerned since he has not woken up yet. Tony had other injuries including cuts, bruises and two cracked ribs. The doctors are hopeful he will wake up in the next day or two so they can access better his back injuries.

Looking down at my Tony it is hard for me to see him so still. He is my son and all I want to do is wrap him up in bubble wrap from the rest of the world. I hate seeing him hurt. Taking one of his hands "come on Tony it's time to wake up. Come on son, you can do it, you've been sleeping on the job long enough DiNozzo." Sighing "You know I'm not good at his Tony, but I wanted you to know, that you're the son I always wanted. You're bright, intelligent and a complete goof-ball, a pain in the ass, but, I would not have you any other way. So come on son, it's time to get up." Sighing again and not getting any response I let go of his hand to find some coffee telling his sleeping form, "I'll be back so son, just going to find some decent coffee."

Returning from getting coffee about an hour later, I noticed a stirring on the bed I noticed Tony's hand moving and his eyes moving. Taking his hand in mine, I start talking to him "Come son, open your eyes, you can do it. Come" I say as I see his eyes now partially open, I press the button for the nurse. "That's it Tony, come on son, you can do, just a little more, open your eyes." After a few more moments he opens his eyes and starts to panic when he feels the tube down his throat. "Hey, Tony, calm down, it's ok, that is helping you breathe, son" I say as the Doctor and two nurses are now swarming the room, now that he is waking up. "Welcome back Agent DiNozzo" says his doctor, Dr. Jonah Fredricks. "You want that tube out" Tony nods yes emphatically. "Ok, ready" the doctor says as he takes hold of the tubing, after removing the tape holding it in place, "now cough, that's it, one more" and the tube is out. "Nurse get him some ice and then will put the masks on" handing Gibbs some ice for Tony he sucks on a few chips before the doctor puts the oxygen mask to put on Tony.

Two weeks later Tony is home and in my house. He is almost back to normal, he will still need physical therapy for a few months, given the damage to his back, but the doctors are confident he will make a full recovery. I am just glad my son is home and in one piece.

"Hey dad" he calls from the living room "pizza's here"

"Coming son."