The second chapter. JOY.

Yes. Enjoy.


*in blue ink*

2nd Sept

12:00 AM

Dear Diary



my step-father's daughter]

HIS name is Edan by the way.

and HERS is Karen

she's 19 like me

and she's COMING

12:37 AM

She is here


Let me explain.

*in purple ink*

She came at 12:14. She came in, sat on MY couch, turned on MY TV, and talked with ME. Edansends her to MY apartment every week and she's sitting there and being nice to me. He and Dr. What's-his-name think she's helping me. They think that if someone visits me and is nice with me, I'll want to communicate eventually. But I WON'T.

And I hate Karen.

*in blue ink*



"Hey, what's up? Wanna watch some TV? Will ya nod or somethin'? Hey, ain't ya gonna throw a book at me or somethin', as always? No?"

So – we're spending time – Karen watching a stupid TV show, and me hating her.

I couldn't care less.



"What? Oh, not her AGAIN! Do something, Navy, throw a book at her!"

(so I did)

(I mean I threw a book at her)


She's gone

And now I'm going OUTSIDE.


I'm outside. I haven't been here for a long time, because

The world is miserable, it is depressing me, and I feel really bad. The air is fresh and cold, but I feel it's filthy because people around me are thinking filthy thoughts. I can feel these things. Their hate, anger, their annoyance. Look at those girls – they're talking, and smiling, sure, but actually – they're acting, actually, they hate each other. I can feel that, and it's horrible. It's like some awful smell. I can't breath. I'm choking. I'm dying.

I'm hungry.

4:47 PM


I like my home. It's a nice place. Yes, very small. But it has a couch, a fridge, a TV, my books, and other stuff – so it's nice.

Nice, but pretty boring.

Really, even if I talked, I wouldn't have any friends. Cause I'm boring. All I do is eat, watch TV and sleep all day, and writing in this DIARY, yes. I wish I could draw.

11:23 PM

I've got an injury.

I don't remember why the hell, but now, I have a very big bruise on my right hand. It hurts to write. Hurts so much.

I need to sleep, but I refuse. It's full moon. I will stare at it all night and wish I was a werewolf or a witch or something.

*in black ink*

What's wrong with me? Why am I so miserable? I feel like I'm… drowning…

*in blue ink*

3rd Sept

3:37 PM

Dear Diary

TODAAAAAY *scratched out*


I went to Dr. What's-his-name.


(with Edan)

Edan: [*annoyed*]

Dr.: [*ANNOYED*]

What the hell? Why don't they like me?

*in purple ink*

I am an introvert, I have my own little realm, invisible to others, I'm silent as a grave, I never talk, and therefore I listen. I hear what they say, and I remember everything. Everything. My head is spinning. I hear them, but I don't understand them – ignorant idiots. They are dumb, and they don't hear me. I live by myself, in my realm.

Or I'm just plain crazy, as Dr. What's-his-name says.

What's his name, actually?

Why do I care?

I feel strange.

I sleep a lot, and when I don't, I feel like I'm sleeping. My life is hazy, blurry, and I'm tired. So tired, even though I don't do anything. I'm tired, and sleepy, and I'm just curios, what the fuck is wrong with me?


"Wrong? WRONG? No, dear, the whole world's wrong, and you're okay. You are different, no, you're unique, so shut up and go to sleep".

Shut up? Did I SAY anything?

*in black ink*

And I wonder, I just wonder, what makes me different?


Yay. Done! Sorry it's short.