Breakout by Silent Hero 13

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Chapter 1:

A few months have passed since the winter war ended when Ichigo Kurosaki defeated the traitor to the Seireitei: Sousuke Aizen. Using his ultimate technique "The Final Getsuga Tensho", Ichigo defeated Aizen, but in doing so he sacrificed all his spiritual pressure, thus him losing all his Shinigami powers. He had been cut off from the Seireitei, no one visited him. Not even his friends there, he was lonely without them. Especially Rukia, all because he lost his powers ...That is until Kisuke Urahara found a way to bring them back.

"SERIOUSLY!" Ichigo said with his eyes wide and mouth open, "C-can you really do that?"

"Of course." Said Urahara with a grin, "Please no applause, I'm just genius hard at work."

Ichigo felt the urge to punch Kisuke in that arrogant face of his, but he allowed that moment to pass and the feeling of surprise quickly returned to him.

"That's freaking awesome! When do we get started?" Ichigo asked eagerly and impatiently.

"Impatient as always aren't you Ichigo? Right now if you like, I've already set up things in my underground training facility."

"Hell yeah, let's get started."

As Ichigo and Urahara made their way down to the underground training grounds; Urahara was staring at ichigo with concern.

"What? What's wrong? Ichigo asked

"Ichigo, I know you feel abandoned by everyone in the Seireitei." Urahara said in a more serious tone.

"I got over that a while, everyone's just probably- "He was cut off by Urahara quickly.

"Listen, it's not their fault, Central 46 has ruled out that the Seireitei cannot afford to be in contact with a human, even one who saved their all their asses. It's unfair I know but don't blame the Seireitei. They really wanted to visit, Rukia, Renji hell even Byakuya stood up for you, but Central 46 says no, they mean no. "

"Thank you Kisuke. I needed to hear that." Ichigo said with relief in his voice.

They finally reached the end of the tunnel and what appeared before them was a device that looked very similar to a gas station fuel machine with an empty dome on top. Ichigo looked at it very sceptically, wondering if this was some kind of joke, because he wasn't laughing. Urahara interrupted him before could continue on with thoughts.

"It doesn't look like much, but what matters is that it does its job." Urahara said.

"I guess that's true", responded Ichigo, "so how is this thing supposed to work Kisuke?"

"In theory, if I place an item with some of your old spiritual pressure in it inside this dome and a few chemicals and I activate this device, I can pump your old spiritual pressure back into you, thus returning you Shinigami powers." Urahara explained.

"In THEORY! You mean you haven't tested it yet!" Ichigo said aggressively, "What if it doesn't work or I grow an extra arm or something!

"An extra arm? Hmmm not a bad idea."


"Relax", Urahara said chuckling, "I'm positive it will work."

Urahara grabbed hold of the pump, screwing off the lid and checked that everything was functional. He then motioned to Ichigo to take off his shirt. "This will only hurt for a second." Urahara said before inserting the pump into Ichigo's chest. There was a small jerk when the pump latched itself firmly on Ichigo's chest.

"Hey Kisuke, you mention that only an item with my spiritual pressure could help bring back my Shinigami powers. What exactly is that item?" Ichigo asked curiously.

Ichigo watched as Urahara reached into his robes searching for the item that could possibly bring back his Shinigami powers. He watched in horror as Urahara pulled out the item he was talking about, and the item he was talking about was…

His mask...

"No way…" Ichigo breathed out, "Where the hell did you get that?" anger started to rise in his voice.

"Yoruichi." Urahara calmly responded.


"If you recall, Yoruichi confiscated it from you while you were still trying to rescue Rukia and stop her execution. After the whole thing she wanted to get rid of it, but I implored her to give it to me and that's how I ended up with it."

"I see."

"Do you still want to go through with it?" Urahara asked.

Ichigo smirked

"Tsh. Why do you ask stupid questions? I have no time for them."

Urahara smiled, then he placed Ichigo's old hollow mask inside the dome over the machine, he then entered the command codes and pressed what looked like to Ichigo was a start button.

The reiatsu from the mask shot right into Ichigo, he could feel his power returning, he was growing stronger. Ichigo had thought there would have been some sort of pain when the process happened, but it was like that feeling you get when you drink an energy drink, it felt good.

"This is freaking awesome, I feel my powers of a Shinigami returning to me" Ichigo thought.

His whole body was engulfed in a blue reiatsu, Ichigo's reiatsu. He also felt like his reiatsu missed him too, like it had missed fighting by his side and like it also missed its King.

Suddenly black evil reiatsu outlined with red snuffed out the pure blue one, Ichigo knew who had just entered his mind, the Hollow.

"NGGGGAAAAAARRRRGHHH!" Ichigo screamed as the he felt the mask appearing on his face. The mask that was in the dome disappeared and now reformed on Ichigo with the two red streaks running down vertically. Ichigo felt the world getting dimmer and the last thing he saw was Urahara walk away.

"Carrot-top. Hello?" a voice said.


"OUCH!" Ichigo wailed as he sat up, "What the hell!" He saw who the culprit was who had hit him; it was the red-headed boy, who works for Urahara, now what was his name?

"Hey boss, he's awake!" the red-headed yelled.

"Hey! You looking for a death wish kid? Ichigo shouted.

Ichigo realised he wasn't in the underground training room anymore he was in one of Urahara's spare guest rooms.

"If I was, I would ask you to breathe on me, Pee-Yew." Jinta said mockingly and quickly left the room.

"Why you-" Ichigo was abruptly cut off by Urahara.

"Thanks Jinta." Urahara said as he stepped out from behind the store room. "How are you feeling Ichigo?" The man said in his cheerful but untrusting voice.

Ichigo scowled.


"Good, that means you're spiritual pressure has returned. Why don't you go out and give those powers of yours a test drive, I'll keep your body safe till you return."

Ichigo smirked, "Alright then."

Urahara whipped out his cane and pushed Ichigo out his body and he came out in his Shinigami form. Ichigo observed his person and everything looked the same, his sword, and his shihakusho, everything. He strode towards the door, before stepping out he shot a smile to Urahara as if he was saying "thank you" and used flash step.

After an hour of prowling around the town and killing the occasional hollow, he felt ready to return to Urahara's; he decided to walk the rest of the way. As Ichigo walked he felt a weird sensation in his stomach, like he was going throw up, but it was far worse than that.

"Hello King."

He heard the hollow cackle its mad laugh, Ichigo felt dizzy, again he the world got dimmer. The laugh was getting louder and louder, Ichigo couldn't think with the volume in his head, then the pounding in his temple's came. It was too much, Ichigo couldn't handle it, he dropped to his knees, hands on the ground, but he didn't pass out, he wasn't going to pass out, he was to determined. He took a long blink, and then it was over. He let out a sigh of relief, still looking at the ground, he the heard a dark voice.

"Long time no see, King."

Ichigo raised his head wishing this had been a bad dream, to his horror, what stood before him was a living nightmare, what stood before him

Was his Hollow.

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