Breakout by Silent Hero 13

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Chapter 3: Seireitei compromised

After the Hollow escaped, Uryu, Chad, Orihime and Ichigo returned with Urahara to his shop so Ichigo could explain what was going on, they left the park, completely forgetting about the destroyed park, not thinking about the reaction people would get when they woke up the next morning to see their precious park demolished. Back at Urahara's shop, they gathered around Ichigo while Orihime was still healing the severed area where Ichigo's am had been blast off by the Hollow. After Ichigo had finished explaining the story, he wasn't surprised at the stunned faces he got from his friends, except from Urahara. Ichigo just scowled at the gawking faces around him until someone eventually spoke up.

"So, he's your inner hollow. I can sort of relate to that." Chad calmly said.

"How?" Ichigo asked very curiously.

"Well, I don't have an inner hollow or anything, but I do have hollow powers."

Suddenly all the attention was off Ichigo and directed at the tall, tan Mexican man.

"When I was in Hueco Mundo, my powers felt more alive there, like they had returned home. I truly confirmed this when I had fought an Arrancar and unlocked my potential."

"Wow Chad." Ichigo said grinning, "Who would have guessed that we would both end up having hollow powers."

"Not to interrupt your brotherly bonding session, but how does this help us stop that hollow?" Uryu said pushing up his glasses.

Ichigo glared at the Quincy, but knew he was right; he and Chad were going off topic. He sighed.

"You're right, so what do we do four-eyes?" Ichigo asked smugly.

Before Uryu could respond, Urahara spoke up quickly.

"We need to alert the Seireitei on what the situation is, with their help we can bring down the loose hollow."

Ichigo's face lit up. He was going to be able to see his friends from the Seireitei again, despite the situation. He was going to see Rukia again. Ichigo turned to face Orihime who was lost in thought, healing an arm she had already finished healing.

"Hey, Orihime, are you okay?"

Orihime quickly snapped out of thought with her sunny dispositional attitude.

"Hmmm, yeah I'm fine. In fact better than fine, I was just thinking about what cake I should bake after we defeat that hollow. I was thinking I should bake a chocolate caramel cake with chilli sauce icing around it, sprinkled with chopped fish and liver." She said smiling obliviously.

Everybody in the room besides Orihime was thinking the same thing:

"That recipe could kill someone."

But deep inside, Orihime was really thinking about Ichigo's hollow. It had reminded her of Ichigo with his mask on and how she felt about seeing him for the first time with it on. She felt as if Ichigo wasn't looking at her at all, she remembered those eyes well. She was wondered what it must have felt like to have that thing on, but what it reminded her of most, was that night when she was attacked by a hollow who was her dead brother, Sora.

Ichigo closed and opened his hand to see if felt any different, it didn't. It felt the same as it was before it was destroyed by the hollow. Ichigo's brain lurched at the memory of that and quickly shut it out. Urahara led them to the underground training area where he was about to open the Senkaimon.

"Okay, I'm going to open the Senkaimon so it is especially going to lead you into the Seireitei and not the districts Now remember you still have to run from the sweeper." Urahara said.

They all nodded. As Urahara opened the gate to the Seireitei from his high perch, a reiatsu flared up and was darting through the tunnel fast, heading to the training grounds. The person was heading towards the group. It was the Hollow, still in Bankai.

The men took their stance. Chad's right arm was now absorbed by his "Brazo Derecho del gigante", Uryu's Quincy bow had appeared, Urahara took out his Zanpukuto and Ichigo removed the bandages of Zangetsu.

"Awaken, Benihime." Urahara called out to his sword and it had gone into Shikai. The hollow was in range of attack now and everyone opened fire on him.

"Licht Regen!"

"Sing, Benihime!"

"El Diercto!"

"Getsuga Tensho!"

The four attacks were more than enough to at least seriously injure the hollow. The Hollow kept darting towards them, not stopping and fired two unsaid Getsuga Tensho beams which collided with the oncoming attacks causing dust to fly. Ichigo used his reiatsu to quickly disperse the dust, but when he did, the hollow was right in front of them. The group prepared themselves for attack and Orihime braced herself by putting up her Santen Keshun shield. The hollow was upon them still travelling at a high speed, he was going to crash into them, but he just leaped over them, and into the already opened gate leading into the Seireitei.

"Damn it. Come on, we have to catch up to him!" Ichigo yelled.

Now they were in a chase, the hollow was creating distance with his incredible speed. As Ichigo, Chad, Uryu and Orihime were chasing the Hollow, they heard a loud, deafening sound. Uryu turned his head slightly to see what it was.

"Cleaner!" Uryu cried. The Cleaner's day had unfortunately been today to clean out the precipice world. Uryu was sprinting like no tomorrow and was ahead of the group, he didn't want to be caught by the restrictive current or the Cleaner.

"Damn it!" Ichigo thought, "How could we be so careless, that bastard was right under our noses and we didn't see him coming. He could hide his spiritual pressure unlike me, how does he know how to do that? What is he planning? It doesn't make any sense. I have to catch up to him, but I can't risk using Bankai in here, my power will skyrocket and the restrictive current could trap my friends. Damn it!"

The Hollow could see the Seireitei now; he leaped through the portal and emerged into the Seireitei. He carved something into the building he landed on and quickly use sonido to disappear before anyone spotted him.

Ichigo and the others emerged from the precipice world a few seconds after the Hollow had gotten away, again. It was really early in the morning and the sun was just peaking its head out. They realized that the building they had landed on had some writing on it, they took a step back to read the writing and it read:


The group was a little freaked out and didn't know what the hollow meant, especially Ichigo. The hollow was free from Ichigo, he was his own guy. He was already "king". So what did he mean by "I will be King"?

"Hey guys, let's make our way to Squad 13, we should tell Ukitake about this first." Ichigo told the others.

"Right, you just want to see Rukia again." The Quincy teased.

"Sh-shut up!" Ichigo blurted, "You don't know what you're talking about."

"I think its sweet you missed Rukia." Orihime said smiling.

"See Ichigo, there's nothing wrong with missing Rukia." Uryu said pushing up his glasses.

"Shut up, everyone shut up!" Ichigo shouted.

"Ichigo..." Chad said.


"Your face is red."

Ichigo stopped in his tracks and went silent. After that he just led on, even though he could hear Orihime and Uryu giggling quietly. They reached the Squad 13 barracks and approached Ukitake's door. They knocked and the opened and out came the drowsy captain who was soon wide awake seeing Ichigo in a Shihakusho.

"My word, is that you Ichigo Kurosaki?" Ukitake said surprised.

"Yes, but I have urgent news to report." Ichigo said with a guilty and at the same time serious tone.

Ukitake could tell Ichigo was serious.

"Come right in then."

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