"Now let's try this again, who were you hiding?"

The white cave encircled me, erasing any hope I had of escaping. Alive at least. The titanium restraints on my arms and legs dug into my pale skin, strapping me to the chair. She circled around me, staring at me, disgusted. Her raven hair violently cut, skin medicated to perfection. She was the definition of fake. There was no way in hell I was talking to her. I'd rather go to purgatory.

I spat at her white dress, dampening it. Her face scrunched up tightly, thin brows furrowed.

"You. Little. Brat!" Her disinfected fist collided with my chest, knocking out my low supply of oxygen. My shriveled lungs prayed for air. I forced them to be patient. I swung my head up at her, staring daggers. I fucking hated this woman. I hope she goes to hell for what she's done.

Steady foot steps echoed throughout the hallway. I sighed, thanking whoever was up there. It was time for her to leave. The figure came into the doorway, their mask concealing their identity. I pitied them. They've been brainwashed to believe all the crap the headquarters told them. Fuck the company. They were too cowardly to even tell me their name.

"Miss, it is time for all to sleep." His monotone voice bothered me to no end. I cringed.

The woman swore, turning to the child in the chair. She grinned. "Well, I guess we'll have to try this again tomorrow." Her voice sugar coated with kindness. Disgusted, I turned my eyes to the blank floor. I was never going to tell her anything. She could beat me all she wanted and I'd never speak a word. They may have broken my family in this chair, but I was stronger.

The masked assistant motioned the woman out the door, her shoes clicking against the bleached floor. She waved to me from the door, chuckling darkly. I wouldn't acknowledge her. I refused to.


The only thing I feared was darkness.

The darkness.

It engulfed me, taunting me. Showing me things that were not there. Creating shapes and colors unreal, unloving. My eyes searched wildly for synthesized signs of movement. The monsters, I thought. They were back. Their white suits stained red, the red dye dripping onto the carpet.. No, no!


Please, no.

I closed my eyes, swollen and wet. The moisture dripped onto my sunken cheeks, washing away the dirt and blood. I think she really gave it her all when she hit me. I didn't usually cry when she hit me. I'd stopped caring months ago. That's when I was brought into this hellhole.

I shut my eyes tightly, preparing for a sleep filled with exhaustion.

I sat in the middle of the living room, listening to the noises surrounding me. My parents laughing, my baby sister cooed in my father's arms. I smiled, playing with my tiny doll. I had named her Rosie.

The brown walls of our home seemed to create a dome over the little family. I held my doll to my chest, copying my father's actions. Noticing, he smiled. My mother giggled.

I brought my knees to my chest, and stood. I waddled over to the large window, taking up an entire wall. I smiled at the outside.

The skies were sunny, and the grass on our lawns was emerald colored. Now that I'd noticed, everyone's was. Our section in the city had been turned into a peaceful suburb, for those who disliked city life. The weather here was great too, always a lovely 70 degrees. I smiled at my surroundings, glancing around the neighborhood, trying to see if anyone was outside. As usually, nobody was outside. Most people stayed inside to play with their BL/IND registered gadgets. I didn't see the point in it. I preferred to play with my Rosie.

I ignored the outside and returned to my spot on the floor, dressing and redressing Rosie. A supermodel, an astronaut or a ballerina, I could make Rosie go wherever I wanted using my head. I imagined her in a spaceship, putting on a fashion show for her ballerina friends. They all clapped for her, cheering on her violet gown .I pushed her plastic legs, resembling a walking motion. I pretended her hair was up in a bun, blonde locks shining. Sadly my interchangeable doll hair had not come in the mail yet.

I bushed out her silky yellow locks, counting the number of strokes.



The window taking up the whole wall exploded, sending fragments of glass flying across the enclosure. My parents shielded Claudia, my sister. Leaving me to fend for myself. I protected Rosie meekly.

The coffee colored room was soon filled with white suits, faces unclear. They surrounded my parents, grabbing my sister.

"NO!" My mother shrieked, piercing the ears of the suit beside her. Her face turned red at the force of his palm. Before my father could protest, the suit's monotone voice pronounced clearly:

"By the command of BL/IND, you are under arrest." He grabbed my father's wrists, tugging them behind him, the sparkling clean cuffs clicked shut. My father screamed.

"Why? What have we done wrong?" I agreed with him, we didn't do anything wrong. Unless…

Uh oh.

"You're under arrest for the possession and hiding of wanted felons." His voice stripped of emotion, he proceeded to load my parents into the back of their white, sleek car.

I began to protest. "No! Mommy, daddy!" I began to sob. A suit grabbed hold of me, gripping my wrist.

"NO!" I shrieked. I tossed Rosie into his face. Rosie was made of thick plastic. While he moaned in pain, I kicked his kneecaps, hearing a distinct "CRACK". He fell to the ground, releasing my wrists. I skidded across the tan rug towards the narrow staircase. I wasn't being followed, for now.

I bolted up the stairs, my small feet clomping across the wooded step. I reached the top of the staircase.

I began to search eagerly for the small, metal key beneath the rug. Grabbing hold of the cold metal, I jammed it into the door hidden behind the bookcase. With a swish, I opened to door to reveal the tiny hidden room, filled with Killjoys.

The leader of the group grinned at me, turning away from the meeting within his crew. I must've had a frightened expression on, for his eyes widened .I shouted.

"Run, keep running! They've come. They found us out! We're being taken away!" My voice shook as I jumped up and down on the dusty floor.

The red head's eyes turned dim. He dashed over to my place in front of the door, locking it. He squatted down to my height. The others joined him, the tattooed one placing his arm around me.

"Naomi, I'm sorry." He sniffled. "This is all my fault, I should never have come to Battery City." He brushed my brown hair from my eyes. "We're leaving now. If This is all my fault, I should never have come to Battery City." He brushed my brown hair from my eyes. "We're leaving now. If you can escape BL/IND, steal a map of the sectors and find the diner in sector 5. Even if we're not there right then, do not leave. We'll return soon." He hugged my small frame. I didn't want them to go, I loved them all. They were my only friends. He released me, turning to his group. The man with the large hair opened the escape window, and motioned all to follow through it. Before the red head could leave, he turned to me.

"Coming?" He said quietly. I shook my head. I had to stay with my family, no matter what. I waved to him, he retuning with a salute. He dropped out of the window, his boots leaving clouds of dust in the desert around us.

The door slammed open, revealing another masked man. I drooped my head, unwillingly walking towards him. He opened his silver cuffs, clasping my wrists.I sighed. What more did I have to lose?