Neon Violence's POV

We huddled together, the cold floor not even heating up from our body heat. Busboy buried his face in my shoulder as he wept. I stroked his dark hair, planting a kiss on his head. He was trying to be strong, trying to not let anyone know he was crying. But it was too hard to stay strong when your best friend was being forced into the one thing she swore she would never do. He shook as I held him closer. I pulled him into my lap, placing my chin on his head. I hummed softly, a song he knew from his childhood.

Party sat left of us, his hazel eyes rimming with red. He had been defeated. He was our leader. He was supposed to lead us to victory, help us find the light in the dark. But no…instead he sat motionless, staring at the floor. He hadn't spoken since Cola...but I understood why he couldn't give any inspirational words. He'd lost one of his own. His family. And there was no hope of her ever coming back. Ghoul was the only sound in the room, he shook Party, trying to convince him that the battle was not over. That we could still win if we could get out of here. But Party was far too broken. That spark of hope that had once been in his eye had fled, replaced with hopelessness.

"Party, we can still do this!" Ghoul spoke through his tears.

"We've only lost one man! We're down, but we're not out! We can fight this! We c-"

"Save it Ghoul." I spoke coldly. He looked at me with grey eyes, hot tears streaming down his cheeks.

"It's too late. We've been caught. Hoping is just going to make it worse." I hated talking like this, but it was true. Busboy sobbed heavier. I wish I hadn't said that…but I had to. He'd been sheltered. Nobody ever spoke about what would happen if we got captured. We'd always been so hopeful…but we all knew there was a voice inside of us that was wary of our capture, or our death. Apparently Busboy had never had that voice. And that was why I loved him.

Ghoul ignored my advice and continued to give Party a pep talk. But Party's mind was somewhere else. Probably somewhere safe, warm. Maybe his old home, surrounded by family..his sister running through the house in her little white dress..picturing her rosy cheeks, her warm least that was what I was thinking of.

Melody sat to my right, her eyes not visible because of her messy hair. But I knew she was concerned because her hand fiddled with her dark hair. She did that when she was nervous, she did it when she woke up in the bar to find 3 strangely dressed, gun wielding killjoys. I chuckled inwardly at the memory. Busboy heard me, and looked up at me. His baby blues twinkled in the harsh light. His pale skin damp with tears. I kissed his forehead softly, maybe he could sleep…forget about all of this. He spoke softly, his voice cracking.

"w…what?" He wanted to be a part of the laughter. I sighed.

"Nothing, just reminiscing."


I sighed as I smiled.

"Re-remember when Cola rescued Melody from here?..remember how freaked out she was when she woke up?" He giggled lightly, wiping his cheeks with the hem of his shirt. I smiled at him. Melody chuckled too.

"Well you'd be freaked out too if you woke up to find someone dressed like you." She smirked. I stuck out my tongue playfully. Maybe we could spend our last moments…happy.

Even Party lifted his head. He seemed to leave the other world he'd been in and scooted closer to us, Ghoul trailing behind him.

Melody spoke. "You know…I wouldn't want to die with anyone else but you guys." We all smiled. As we stood, for we wanted to have a group hug, a loud noise sounded from the hallway.

"What the hell?" Ghoul walked over to the steel door, peering through the tiny window. His face lit up!

"GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM!" He said with a hint of happiness in his voice.