Drake's Story Challenges


Title: Fran's Sanctuary (Title can be changed.)

Category: Sanctuary and Franken Fran crossover.

Summary: After the events of 'Eulogy' Helen Magnus gets a call from the Japanese head of house asking her to look into an odd increase in abnormals and strange deaths. (Summary can be changed.)

Story rules: Now as for events that should happen I would like to see happen. First Helen and her team are called to Japan as mentioned in the summary and upon arrival are briefed by Japan's head of house. Next after the briefing Magnus and team are lead to one of the abnormal murder scenes and meet Fran on scene. After meeting Fran they head to the Madaraki estate where Fran and Helen get to know each other, Fran has several copies of Helen's work and frequently references her work. As they continue there discussion Fran brings up one of Professor Madaraki's journals where he rights the he thinks Helen is a sanctimonious bitch and has no right to say he can't preform his experiments. Later on Fran follows the Sanctuary team back and joins them. Well those are the events I would like to see happen once Fran joins the Sanctuary things proceed normally for them. Later on Veronica shows up at the Sanctuary as well as Gavrill. So other than that go nuts with it.

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