Sorry 'bout the wait, hee is the second chapter of Reincarnated, it use to be called Menhit Reincanated, but I changed it!

Seshat reincarnated:

The library doors blew open, and pages ruffled everywhere. I jumped up, and ran to the doors. My fingers brushed the door, and slammed it shut. I sighed, and looked at the mess. Papers were shrewn everywhere, and books were laying on the floor. Weird, the door was only open for about 20 seconds.

I moved into the mythology section, looking for knocked over books. Only one was on the floor. The Egyptian deties reincarnated. It was opened up to a page about Seshat, my favorite goddess, from the lands of which my ancestors ruled. I leaned down and grabbed it, not changing the page. My feet led me to a pluch leather chair, and I sat down on it.

It was once predicted that the reincarnation of Seshat, goddess of writing, astronomy, astrology, architecture, and mathematics; would have a reincarnation named Anippe Cart

I yelped, and dropped the book.