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"I'm getting late!" I chanted to myself. Jessica was so going to kill me. We were supposed to meet up early in school. Damn the stupid alarm.

"Annie, Melanie, you ready!"

They were my twin cousins. Their dad left before they were born and their mum died when they were 2; leaving them with their only uncle; my dad, Chief Charlie Swan.

"We're ready." Annie called.

Grabbing a granola bar, I rushed to my car; my baby. Sitting outside my house was my red Saleen Raptor. The best car ever, although being a bit ostentatious; this was the car I had to buy.

"Bella, why did we have to get up this early today?" Annie asked.

"Jess wanted to meet up to talk about something."

"Why not after school?"

I had been wandering the same thing. Why before school. I hope it wasn't another gossip chat. Don't get me wrong. I love Jessica but everyone knew she was the school's gossip queen but luckily she was my best friend so I didn't have to worry about being her next target.

"I really don't know. Must be important though" I mused

"Hope Lauren isn't with her" Melanie spoke finally.

Although being twins, Annie and Melanie were nothing alike. Annie is boisterous, joker type. She's very loud and doesn't take crap from anyone. She is very protective over Melanie and is very bright. Melanie on the other hand, although being bright is very shy. She likes to keep to herself and wouldn't be able to defend herself if she was verbally attacked which is why she stick with Annie a lot.

Melanie has never liked Lauren; without saying anything, it was pretty obvious.

'Finally at school' There were still 30 minute before school started but a few students had already started arriving. We headed towards the homeroom and just as I was about to open the door; Annie grabbed my shoulder causing me to flinch. I turned to Annie who held her finger to her lips.

"Sshh!" she whispered "Listen!"

After being told by Annie, I realised I could hear Jessica's voice.

"Yeah, you're right Lauren but do you really think this is going to work."

Oh fish! Who were they talking about now?

"Of course it's going to work, trust me! She needs to get laid sooner than later and Mikes willing to do the job. He's been chasing after her for a while now like a lost littler puppy." Lauren sneered

"Hmm, yeah I think everyone has noticed how much he likes her. It'll release all that tension she has going on" Jessica replied.

Who were they talking about?

"Alright Jess, tell me everything you know about her, it'll make things a lot easier if I know more about her."

"Hmm, apart from what I told you, she's a virgin and she's hasn't had her first kiss yet." They couldn't be talking about me. Jess wouldn't do that to me. She's my best friend and we've through everything together.

"Okay before Bella..." I had had enough, they were talking about me. How could she. She was supposed to be my best friend. How could she do this to me...?

I walked in!


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