Hermione Granger turned slowly from Fred's mutilated body.

There were hundreds of bodies lying around the great hall, but one in particular caught her eye.

It was a man, early thirties but older in the face. Lupin.

How long had it been since the two first met and broke down the walls of conformity between student and teacher?

Of course Hermione's feelings were stronger than Remus' but he did feel something too. But then he met Tonks and started thinking for the first time that maybe Hermione was too young for him. So he ended the affair to start a relationship with Tonks.

There was still hope, for Hermione, even after the two married. Maybe, she thought, he'd come to his senses and realize age was just a mere number used to measure the time before death.

Had he known his time was running out maybe he'd have stayed with the young girl who, at one time, he loved so dearly.

Of course then the baby came along and Hermione knew her chances were slipping, which was why she had begun to persue Ron.

She watched the couple lying lifeless on the floor and felt her heart break.

Of course she felt bad for Teddy, the newly orphaned child, but her heart reached out more to her own misfortunes.

Turning back she slipped her hand into Ron's as a tear cascaded her pale cheek.