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Chapter 2: Out of the Blue

Somewhere in the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan

It was a quiet peaceful day deep within the forest, deep within a world seemingly trapped in time.

The entire area itself was a scene of splendid rustic beauty that looked like it belonged in a painting. In the bright blue skies above the sun shone bright over an endless valley of impressive oak trees covered in a shade of green that put even the South American rainforests to shame. Several streams flowed freely through the vast forest, providing fresh water for hundreds of different animal species residing within. Numerous open hills and ancient rock formations also dotted the landscape, adding variety to the endless green and blue.

A great tranquility resided within the forest away from the noise pollution and other environmental scourges of the modern world outside. The only sounds heard here were the blowing of the gentle breezes, the trickling of the streams and the roar of a mighty waterfall in the distance, along with the barks and calls of numerous species of wildlife dotting the forest floor and the chirping of the birds from the trees, their melodic songs adding to the fairytale ambiance of an environment left untouched by technology.

Not a single human being could be found in sight on a normal day in these woods. This land was owned by the animals who resided within; people were viewed as uninvited guests. A person always stood out even amongst the mass of large trees and bushes.

Today would be one of those days.

"Just the way I like it," Ryu thought to himself as he sat cross-legged, meditating within the shadow of a mighty oak tree, thin shafts of bright sunlight peeking through the canopy above. The contrast of light and darkness created a unique aura that seemed to feed his power.

A gentle breeze blew against his face, ruffling his short black hair and making his bright red headband flutter as the serenade of birdsongs drifted him into a concentrated mindset. The tranquility within allowed him to build his chi, his muscles relaxing as he felt the inner fire.

"I have to focus and feel it escape me," he told himself, recalling the very words Master Gouken had spoken to him many years ago as his breathing slowed and he began playing mental images within his mind of the maneuver he was about to perform.

Blue bolts of electricity began to crackle around the warrior and the once gentle breeze began picking up speed, ruffing his hair and gi even harder to where his trademark headband looked like it was ready to fly off.

"This is it," he told himself as a near windstorm enveloped him and the bolts now turned into flames as he began waving his hands in a circular motion. The buildup was reaching its climax and he would soon need to release the energy as the breeze morphed into a violent tearing wave, blowing leaves, twigs and stones in all directions like a passing tempest.

Within seconds he was rising to his feet and burying his foot into the ground behind him, focusing the flames into a small orb. The burning cerulean orb continued growing until it reached the size of a basketball.


Ryu thrust his palms outward.


A bright blue fireball shot from the warrior's cupped hands at a lightning-quick speed, connecting with a dead oak tree with the force of a wrecking ball and reducing it into a million tiny splinters. The loud explosion from the blast echoed throughout the countryside, shattering the peaceful tranquility and sending animals scattering everywhere.

The vagabond exhaled deeply as he stared at the smoking stump left behind and then looked down to his gloved hands.

"It has been far too long since I have enjoyed a worthy challenge," he thought as he stared off to the mountains in the distance.

His mind was plagued by some of the most important battles of his life: when he felled Sagat to claim the title of champion, his first encounter with Akuma, his numerous battles with Bison, his first meeting with Gouken in years, which resulted in the Satsui no Hadou finally being exorcised from his body, even his sparring matches with Ken.

"I have fought some of the most powerful warriors in existence, yet I feel like I've only managed to scratch the tip of the iceberg," he thought closing his eyes as his fists clenched. "There has to be something out there…a new challenge awaiting me…but where?" he asked himself opening his eyes and looking towards his white travel bag, his only 'companion' that had seen the world alongside him.

The metallic 'shink' of a sword being unsheathed snapped the martial artist out of his reverie and he whirled around with his fists raised ready for a confrontation.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" he demanded.

Out of the bushes emerged a slightly older man clad in red and black armor that appeared to be straight out of the Samurai era, causing the vagabond to cock an eyebrow, considered an odd occurrence for a man who had already crossed paths with green-skinned man beasts from the jungle and levitating mystics from India.

The man was visibly exhausted and in his hands he held a katana covered in fresh blood, which he raised above his head.

"Genma!" he cried leaping forth, only to halt himself when he found he was within the presence of another human being, but it was too late as Ryu had already caught him with a backward thrust kick and sent him flying backwards into a massive tree trunk.

"Stand down at once! I mean you no harm!" the man pleaded raising his now empty hand as fresh waves of pain shot through his back.

Whoever this mysterious man was, he didn't appear to be interested in fighting. Ryu remained suspicious of the sudden change in the man's demeanor and remained in his fighting stance in case the people he had been fighting weren't far behind. Still, he felt he should hear the man out knowing there was no honor in attacking a helpless man.

"Kaede!" the man called out darting his eyes back and forth, "Where is she?"

"Who?" Ryu asked only to be cut off as the man rose to his feet looking around in confusion.

"Where am I?" he demanded, "I was fighting the Genma and then I recall being knocked to the ground…and now I'm in a forest?"

"Relax, you are someplace safe," Ryu said lowering his fists and cautiously approaching the disoriented man, "My name is Ryu. Who are you?"

"Samanosuke," the man replied backing away to retrieve his sword and using a cloth to wipe the blood away before returning it to its scabbard.

Ryu could have sworn he heard that name from somewhere, but for now he would focus on helping the man in any way he could.

"It is a pleasure to meet you. You appear to be tired and I'm sure you are hungry too. My master's dojo is not far away from here. Come with me," Ryu said making his way over to his travel bag.

Samanosuke nodded warily as he followed after the white-clad warrior, "You must get me back to my friends at once. They are in grave danger-"

The roar of thunder sounded overhead and before the samurai could continue a bolt of lightning shot down to the earth and within a flash the man had vanished.

"What on…" Ryu muttered rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating and looked towards the smoking crater where the man had stood.

There was another sudden flash and with it the Ansatsuken warrior would disappear as well.

Unknown to both men there was another figure present in the forest, one with a deep seated interest in Ryu.

The mysterious man was a little under six feet tall with fiery red hair worn in a ponytail atop his head and had bronze skin that made him look as if he had been burnt. He was dressed in a pitch black karate gi and had brown prayer beads around his neck, a frayed rope tied around his waist where a belt should have been and worn sandals upon his callused feet. His face was almost demonic with his bushy black eyebrows slanting downward, a flat noise emitting an eerie smoke and fang-like teeth giving off a shark's grin.

"What a shame," Akuma thought to himself, his demonic blood red eyes glowing, "I was hoping for a worthy challenge and then put the pitiful whelp down for good."

No longer was it fun to keep the younger man around, largely in part due to his refusal to tap into the 'Satsui no Hadou,' which Akuma thought would prevent him from tapping into his true potential. The knowledge made him burn with an even greater hatred for his older brother for holding him back.

Feeling the malicious energy gathering into his fist, with a mighty 'oomph' Akuma punched the ground, resulting in a massive explosion.

When the smoke cleared there was nothing but scorched earth and the splintered carcasses of once beautiful trees as Akuma's sadistic laughter echoed throughout the mountains, his body surrounded by a flaming aura and a mysterious symbol burning brightly on his back, the kanji of 'Heaven.'

"I will find you boy! You can't run forever!" The Supreme Master of the Fist declared.


Somewhere deep within the Canadian wilderness

Wolverine grunted loudly as he hit the ground with a sickening thud, blood pouring through fresh rends in his yellow and black spandex uniform.

"Damn it…" the mutant grunted rolling onto his side and spitting out more blood.

"You've gotten soft Logan!" a gruff voice called out from above.

Blinking his eyes rapidly to ward off the red spots clouding his vision he eventually focused on a figure standing above the rocky ledge he had just been sent rolling down, a tall blond-haired man in a yellow and brown bodysuit with bushy sideburns, elongated canines and claws at the tips of his fingers and toes. It was none other than his arch nemesis Sabretooth.

"Where is that crazy bastard from the old days?" the feral giant called out, "Running around with Charlie's boys has tamed you!" he shouted before leaping high into the air and coming down with his talons extended.

Before his talons could slice into his adversary's flesh, the smaller man gracefully rolled backwards and the savage's feet impacted with the earth.

"You've always been one to jump to conclusions Creed," Wolverine spat as his wounds miraculously healed themselves, "Now shut up and die…BERSERKER BARRAGE!" he called out slashing away furiously with his adamantium claws and netting several punishing blows to the larger man. With his opponent wide open he then drove both claws into the man's chest.

"I've been waiting a long time for this you bastard!" Wolverine growled staring hatefully into his enemy's amber-colored eyes, trying to push the man down to his knees, "Now you pay for what you did to Silverfox!"

With a lion-like roar Sabretooth managed to shove his smaller opponent backward and head butt him right between the eyes, pinning him to the ground and beginning to slice away at his chest and face with a savage ferocity that had made him one of the X-Men's most feared opponents.

"Not…like this!" Wolverine called out as he was being sliced up like he was being shoved through a blender, summoning his strength to flip the big man off of him and kipping back to his feet, fresh torrents of crimson cascading down his bared chest.

With a savage roar of his own, the veteran X-Man went airborne and slashed the menace across his face, temporarily stunning him and leaving him swiping away at the air before him as fresh blood obscured his sight. Jamming his claw into the dirt Wolverine followed with an upward spring kick, launching the big man several feet off the ground before executing another special attack.

"TORNADO CLAW," he announced charging towards Sabretooth and propelling himself upward with one of his claws extended, leaving a deep gash in the man's chest.

"Who's the soft one now, bub?" Wolverine taunted before delivering a flying kick that caught his long-time enemy in the chin and sent him stumbling backward onto a rickety wooden bridge over a raging stream.

Out of desperation Sabretooth shot himself forward and impaled his claw right into Wolverine's stomach, hoisting the smaller man above his head and tossing him onto the ancient bridge, which rattled violently beneath his weight.

"Only one of us walks away at the end day old friend," the giant mockingly called out raising his clawed hand and licking away some of his opponent's blood, "A shame you wasted the rest of your life trying to play the Boy Scout."

Wolverine grunted as he looked down to his bloodied hands and the large globules dripping from his claws, a mixture of Creed's and his own blood. The ravenous beast had done a number with that last attack and the fresh wound in his stomach was taking longer than normal to heal. He had to think fast.

"You're right, only one of us is walking away today!" the diminutive brute growled shooting his clawed hands out and slicing through the wooden supports at his sides, causing the weathered bridge to shake violently. Bringing his claws up he cut through the hand railings and rest of the chipped wood fell away, causing his opponent to wobble on one foot with nothing there to grab onto.

With a loud snap the bridge finally gave way and collapsed into the water below, forcing both men to dig their claws into the section the currently stood on to keep themselves from being swept away as the rapids washed over them, both men gagging violently as they spat the water out.

Not giving his opponent a chance to collect his bearings, Wolverine went for another special attack.

"DRILL CLAW," he shouted while launching himself towards the bigger man like a torpedo, returning the favor as his claws plowed through Sabretooth's gut and left him vomiting a torrent of blood.

"There's more where that came from!" Wolverine grunted twisting the claws, yet his opponent wouldn't give him the satisfaction of hearing any cries of pain.

"Looks like I won't be going down alone," Sabretooth smiled through bloody teeth.

Turning his head to the right Wolverine's eyes widened as he saw the stream was coming to an end at a waterfall and they were being drawn in at a breakneck pace.

Waiting until they were nearing the ledge Wolverine kicked off of his opponent and flipped himself backwards, digging his claws into the nearby rock wall as the splintered remnants plunged down the waterfall taking his nemesis along with.

"See you in Hell!" Wolverine called out.

With his hated adversary finished off now he could focus on getting out of there. Grunting in exertion he dug his other claw into the cliff side and began to pull himself up, stepping on jutted rocks as he continued his ascension. It would take several minutes before he would finally stab his claws into the tall grass and he climbed over the edge and onto solid ground, rolling over onto his back and finally able to relax, exhausted from a battle that had carried on for well over four hours.

Unfortunately for Logan, the sense of security would not last.

He knew how Victor Creed was and given his powers he would probably come back one day or another. Knowing him, he would most likely hide in the shadows and lick his wounds for now, waiting for an opportune time to strike. He could only continue to train his body in preparation for their next confrontation.

A low rumble of thunder interrupted the mutant's thoughts and he shot his eyes open, "What…the…"

All he saw was a flash of light and then nothing more.

Victor Creed, the madman known to his foes as Sabretooth, gagged violently as he washed up along a nearby shore, digging his claws into the soggy sand to pull himself out.

"Damn that little runt!" he spat as his wounds closed up, "I'm gonna get you one of these days…better enjoy your time while it lasts."

"Hey, look over there! I see somebody!" he heard a voice call out and looked up to see a group of hunters approaching, five of them to be exact. The group's apparent leader motioned for them to halt, his eyes widening as the beast rose to his full height.

"What the hell is he?" one of the men gasped holding onto his rifle for dear life.

"Sh-Sh-Shoot him!" the leader cried out raising his rifle with jittery hands.

"Guess these chumps will have to do for now," Sabretooth thought to himself licking his lips as he charged towards the group on all fours, setting his sights on the leader.

With a lion-like roar the savage mutant leapt into the air with his claws raised, ready to slice the hapless hunter into ribbons…

…and then in a flash of lightning he was gone, leaving the bewildered hunters to wonder what the hell just happened.


New Orleans, Louisiana

With a loud clack the 8 ball was sunk into the corner pocket.

"Heh, looks like I win this one," spoke the victor, a young-looking man with snow white hair and wearing a red trench coat with no shirt underneath.

"I thought a true gentleman always let the lady win," scoffed the woman across from him, her green hair falling to her lower back, wearing a white button up dress shirt that had a few buttons undone to expose her ample cleavage, red leather pants and black high-heeled boots.

"Who says I only wanted to play one game?" Dante winked before taking a sip of his beer.

The devil hunter had decided to enjoy a night on the town, far away from the long hours, far away from the demons and far away from Trish's pestering.

He happened across the 'Seduction' jazz club, where the atmosphere had been lively all night long. People were eating and drinking, socializing and joking around, playing pool or darts, or dancing to the in-house jazz band.

Out of all the faces, she stood out the most, the very woman he was playing pool with at the moment. There was a seductive allure to her that had him going up and buying her a drink the second he saw her.

She had introduced herself as Morrigan and said that she was a tourist from Scotland who wanted to experience what the famous New Orleans was all about.

"That's not a very common name," he had remarked.

"I'm not a very common kind of woman," the green-haired woman seductively cooed as she sipped her red wine.

What had started as some back and forth conversation at the bar (in heavily coded language by Dante so that he would not end up giving out his true occupation and risk scaring yet another lady away) soon turned into a game of pool, one which had left many males (and some of the ladies) ogling the foreign vixen's curvaceous figure as she bent down to shoot, but they would quickly back away as they saw the white-haired man's intense gaze, his way of silently saying "Back off, this is my catch!"

"So what do you do for a living?" Dante asked as he placed some quarters in the table's slots, "I mean, you don't have to answer if you think I'm sounding more like a reporter than a random stud who just bought you a drink and is willing to give you a fairer shot in the next game."

Morrigan giggled playfully, "I come from a prominent family that is very involved with the 'local politics' you could say," she said offering a coy smile which showed off the perfect pearly white teeth paired well with her full luscious pink lips.

"Speaking in riddles, eh? I like a woman with a little mystery to her," Dante chuckled as he grabbed the rack and started organizing the balls.

"Mystery is what makes your world a more interesting place…you never know what kind of adventures it could lead to," she said with a wink.

"Yeah...I know that all too well," Dante said getting in position to take the first shot.

Unknown to both of them they were being watched closely from a distance.

"Hey, isn't it past your bedtime? Beat it kid!" the bouncer spoke approaching the small figure, only to be halted as the individual pulled out a wad of fresh hundred dollar bills.

"Uh…carry on!" the brute said walking away while counting through the stack.

Dante could sense something was up and pulled himself across the pool table to throw himself in front of Morrigan, just in time to receive a barrage of submachine gun fire to the chest.

The devil hunter barely felt anything as his wounds quickly mended and he withdrew two enchanted handguns known as 'Ebony' and 'Ivory.'

"Stay back!" he shouted to Morrigan as he attempted to pinpoint the source of the gunfire, struggling to see over the frightened patrons fleeing towards the nearest available exit while others threw themselves to the floor with their hands over their heads or took cover behind whatever was available.

"Damn it!" he heard a woman's voice call out, "Oh well, looks like I'll be taking an extra head tonight. A few extra bucks wouldn't hurt."

Dante finally managed to spot a young girl who was dressed like Little Red Riding Hood and holding two smoking mini Uzis.

"I hope you do realize guns are dangerous, little girl," the devil hunter quipped, struggling not to break into a fit of laughter at what stood before him.

"I'm no ordinary 'little girl' mister! I am B.B. Hood, Darkhunter extraordinaire and you are going to pay for your interference Frosty!" the girl spat, a maniacal glint in her big blue eyes. "First I'll take the succubus and then I'll have some fun with you!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dante asked dumbfounded.

"Looks like my secret's outta the bag," Morrigan spoke up and her entire body flashed pink. Within the blink of an eye her civilian clothes were gone and she was now clad in what almost resembled a black one-piece bathing suit with purple leggings and black high-heeled boots going up to her knees. Strangely, she also now had large bat wings coming out of her back and smaller ones that seemed to be growing out of her head.

"How come I never meet any nice girls?" Dante lamented.

The brewing confrontation was interrupted by a crash coming from above and the trio turned their attention towards the front of the club, where a Tyrannosaurus-like beast with ram-like horns growing out of its head crashed through the wall.

"I thought dinosaurs were extinct!" Dante called out now focusing his guns on the beast.

"I don't think it's a dinosaur Dante, now help me out!" another woman's voice called out.

"Trish, how did you know where to find me?" the devil hunter asked the blonde-haired demon, who had just arrived on her motorcycle and withdrawing her massive 'Sparda' demon blade.

"You had an off day. Where else would you be?" Trish shouted back as she charged towards the demon.

"Oh goody I'm gonna be rolling in cold hard cash when this is over with!" B.B. Hood cackled maniacally.

"You wish!" Morrigan laughed before launching a 'Soul Fist' towards the dark hunter, who quickly rolled underneath the projectile and raised her picnic basket to fire a missile towards her opponent.

Dante raised his guns and fired upon the lizard-like demon before it could snap at Trish, giving his partner a much needed distraction so she could execute a 'Round Trip,' charging Sparda and throwing it onto the beast causing it to spin around before the sword struck it on the way back.

While the enraged beast focused its attention on his partner, Dante ran along its back firing his dual pistols the entire way before stopping to withdraw an enchanted claymore which he called 'Rebellion,' and slicing into the back of its neck.

The monster roared in pain and tried to buck the devil hunter off, but he managed to grab onto the fin growing out of its neck and held on.

"Looks like we're having fun now," Dante shouted holding onto the fin with one hand and his sword with the other, "Ride 'em cowboy! Yee haw!"

Morrigan barely managed to dodge another rocket fired in her direction before B.B. Hood again raised her dual submachine guns, blocking the salvo of hot lead with her wings before wrapping one of them around her arm.

"SHADOW BLADE" she called out, delivering a rising uppercut which netted multiple hits on the dark hunter and sent her crashing into a nearby rack lined with wine bottles.

"Give it up child. Your pitiful toys are no match for one of my powers," Morrigan taunted as she walked over towards the bar and grabbed an untouched glass of wine, downing the red liquid in one gulp.

Before she knew it, the succubus found herself blasted in the face by a wall of flame.

"You were saying?" B.B. Hood shot back raising a bottle of champagne and shooting an arc of fire towards her opponent, engulfing the Darkstalker whole.

"You'll pay for that!" Morrigan called back as the flames dissipated.

Dante barely managed to dodge the gust of fire spewed from the creature's mouth before drawing his guitar-like Devil Arm called Nevan and strumming it to launch a pillar of lightning towards the beast, knocking it backwards into another trap set up by Trish, which fired another column of electricity as the dragon-like monster stumbled onto it.

"Grr…feel…my awesome…power…" the monster growled before spitting a giant ball of fire towards the devil hunting duo.

"Too slow there, Chief," Dante taunted as he bounced off the wall of a nearby apartment complex, withdrawing Nevan and firing another ball of lightning while airborne.

The monster fell over and landed atop a taxi cab that had swerved to a halt, struggling back to its feet until it was blinded by a bright spotlight.

Dante and Trish looked up to see a police helicopter hovering overhead and could hear the sirens of a convoy of squad cars fast approaching.

"Looks like we've got company," Trish said raising a hand to shield her eyes from the flashing red and blue lights.

"New Orleans Police Department," a voice boomed over the chopper's loudspeaker, "Throw down your weapons and surrender at once!"

By now the dragon-like beast had risen back to its feet and spat a wave of fire at the chopper, incinerating all of the crew aboard.

The monster again turned its attention to the devil hunters and was preparing to launch another large fireball, when it was again knocked from its feet.

"HYPER CANNON," a girl's voice called out and the beast was again knocked from its feet by a large fireball and fell against a nearby theater being electrocuted by the neon marquee sign before hitting the ground. When it didn't rise again the hunters breathed a collective sigh of relief.

They turned to find what appeared to be a teenaged girl standing before them, dressed like a stereotypical witch.

"Uh…thanks for the assist…from that dinosaur thing," Dante laughed nervously staring at the prone beast.

"Hauzer," the girl spoke.

"What?" Dante asked scratching his head.

"That beast was called Hauzer. It's an earth dragon resurrected by Scion," she explained.

"Who is Scion?" Trish demanded.

"He's an evil wizard responsible for monsters invading our countries, including mine. He wants to find humans who were strong enough to help him conquer the world," the witch explained.

"Sure thing, you're the expert," Dante replied staring at the approaching police officers, "but I think we have more pressing matters right now."

"Drop your weapon and put your hands in the air," a cop decked out in full riot gear ordered pointing an MP5 at the white-haired man. "I will not repeat myself! Do it now!" the officer shouted as more S.W.A.T. members appeared behind him.

Before any weapons could hit the ground there was a rumble of thunder that drew everybody's attention to the nighttime sky as a portal suddenly appeared.

"Could this be Scion's doing?" the witch asked.

There was no time for answers as bolts of lightning began to crackle across the sky and many of the police officers were sent rushing for cover not knowing what to expect while the three warriors just stared ready for a fight.

"I hope you know what you're talking about, little girl," Dante said keeping Rebellion rose above his head.

"The name is Tessa and I'm no ordinary 'little girl.' I am a sorcererologist who has battled plenty of monsters. Fighting that Hauzer freak was no different for me," the redhead shouted back over the mighty roars from above.

Before Dante could make a smart remark there was a huge flash of lightning and when it faded the three fighters and the earth dragon Hauzer were nowhere to be found.

Morrigan used her flexibility to aim a blade-like kick at B.B. Hood's head, but the crafty hunter ducked the attack and kicked her foot out, launching a land mine towards the succubus and forcing her to fly backward to avoid the blast.

"Ain't nothing gonna stop me from the big prize," B.B. Hood declared as she swung her basket towards the succubus like a nunchuk.

"No amount of toys will help you bring down the Head of the Aensland House," Morrigan spat as her wings absorbed the cluster of strikes and she then retaliated by shooting a wall of spears from the appendages, sending her opponent tumbling to the floor.

"Grrr…help me damn it!" the hunter shouted as she pushed herself back to her feet.

On cue two large men materialized from out of thin air, one a woodsman and the other a World War 2-era soldier, both of them armed with big guns. "Time to die," B.B. Hood called out as the trio opened fire.

"Spoken too soon," Morrigan replied before attempting her next attack, "FINISHING SHOWER," she called out firing a barrage of black missiles from her wings.

Both super attacks connected, resulting in a massive explosion that sent both women flying backwards and threatening to bring the roof down onto them.

"This isn't over yet, Succubus!" B.B. Hood defiantly groaned as she struggled to pull herself out of the splintered pile of wooden she had become trapped in after being sent through a table and chairs.

Morrigan grunted loudly as she pushed herself to her hands and knees, using her wings to guard her from falling debris as she rose to her feet.

"Heh, you gave me more of a workout than I bargained for. I'm impressed, mortal," the succubus said walking over to the downed hunter, "but I'm afraid I won't be able to let you walk out of here alive," she added, her wing taking an axe-like shape as she stood over her prone form. "Time to say goodnight forever, dear little sweetheart."

A nearly unconscious B.B. Hood was suddenly jarred awake by the crash of lightning and looked to find a smoking black pock mark on the wooden floor where the succubus had been standing, no sign of her target anywhere.

"There goes…a couple…hundred grand…" the young lady slurred crawling out from beneath the pile of broken wood and reaching out for one of her Uzis. "Goddamn it…"

Within another flash of lightning the girl herself was gone.


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